Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Autumn Leaves - Goodbye to Summer - and A Dedication

Hello Everyone,

Looking back on this summer, I'm actually happy to say goodbye.  This summer is not something that I want to relive again.  Worries, Heartache, Sadness, and COVID.  Let's let it be gone and look at one of my favorite seasons of the year:  AUTUMN/FALL

I began this blogpost on Sept 25, this would have been my Mom's and Dad's 79th Wedding Anniversary and as I looked outside our front door, I saw the beginnings of what looks to be a beautiful, colorful Autumn.

Our tree, just turning for Autumn.

The tree above, in our front yard, is beginning to show signs of Autumn and it made me think of a song, Autumn Leaves.  Funny how it came to mind and I began to sing it in my head and realized I remembered most of the song.  I knew that I must have heard it a million times and it dawned on me that it was Nat King Cole, and who did I listen to that with?  None other than my parents who had a few of his vinyl albums.

I hope you can listen to the song above and view the video, but I'm not sure it will work as this new Bloglovin, has been changed and I'm not sure how to do things as yet.  Learning experience!!!

Having been thinking of Autumn Leaves, I, crazy as it may seem, decided that since I had all my Fall decorations about our home, I would walk around, take photos, just to see how many of them have Autumn Leaves on them.  I was very surprised by how many there actually was.

So let's begin this tour:  Welcome to the Meyer Home

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Come inside for a visit!


On the Front Door you'll find this hanging.  We have so many squirrels here that it's only appropriate to show them on the front door along with their acorns that we seem to find buried all over the yard, and in my flowerpots.  We had two squirrels that frequented the bird feeder this year, one had a very thin tail and I called him Bucky.  He came everyday along with his friend Buster!  They were there every morning for a while and now and then Blackie would visit.  We didn't see too many black squirrels this year at our feeder.  I didn't make this felted wall hanging, it was made by a friend who blogs under the name of "The Raspberry Rabbits."  She is a folk artist and she is from Wilmington NC. 

 Here's a photo of our door, you can see the squirrel hanger, and the fall leaves surrounding it and the door glass.  Hey!  I'm even seen in the glass, I'm not a leaf although if it were snowing I might consider myself a "flake."  Ha Ha!!

Let's move on to the living room!

This is a wall hanging I just completed.  Sorry for the light in the pic, it was a gloomy day when this was taken so I needed the lamp turned on.  This was a fabric panel with the fall leaves and little bird.  I purchased a curtain rod and little clip hangers to hang it by and put a few on the bottom to help it hang straight, still not 100% straight yet.  This was my first attempt at free-motion quilting.  I outlined each leaf with red thread, each maple whirleyjigs in gold along with the bird.  It turned out better than I thought it would.  My friend, Eileen, sent me a panel for Christmas, so I'm hoping that it will fit in this same area and I can switch these out for every season or holiday.  You'll see the Christmas one coming up next, as soon as I begin and finish it!

A few more fall leaves on these pillows as well as the quilt behind it.  This quilt was from a few years ago during a blog hop I participated in, called Autumn Jubilee.  Autumn Jubilee will be beginning again on Oct 1st and I can't wait to sew and see what Carole "From My Carolina Home" has in store for us this year.  You can view her blog by clicking on the link above and see what the Autumn Jubilee is all about.  Carole is from the mountains of North Carolina.  She has some beautiful scenery on her blog as well as her gardens and wildlife visitors.  I enjoy reading her blog very much and think you would to.  Take a look, see!!

More leaves on the mantle.

The puffed, fabric pumpkins with raffia is something that I've had for years and years.  

Moving throughout the house, let's visit the Master Bedroom
Here you will find a few Autumn Leaves

This is just a little arrangement that is on the corner shelf which is a slab of wood from our tree that Bernie made into a shelf.  Who are those youngins in that photo!  circa.  1977

Here is a table runner that I made last year.  I try to do something for fall every year.  I like the subtle colors of this and it matches perfectly with the sage green walls.  You can also see one of our little hardwood lamps with fireplace that we make.  

Another pillow cover for fall with leaves.

And this vintage Home Interior picture of deer in an Autumn meadow graces our wall in the hallway all year long!

Working our way into the kitchen......

These magnets are just the cutest things.  I find them at the local pharmacy in Ohio.  I have quite a few of them that live on the refrig during the seasons.

Kitchen towel of Autumn Leaves.

Another item that I love is this wax burner.  It was from a Party Lite party years ago of a co-worker.

This wreath was made by me probably about 8 years ago.  I saw one just like it at Joann Fabrics, but they wanted some ridiculous amount of money for it, so I made it myself for a lot less!  

This is another item from the local pharmacy.  I see these light up canvas pictures for lots more than the pharmacy charges.  It is so very pretty and look at those leaves!

What is fall without all the words of the season!  More leaves!!

Here is a crocheted maple leaf in of course, my favorite color, green.  This wasn't something I did, but I found it at a craft show and fell in love with it.  Wish it was something I could make, but I'm not the greatest crocheter.

Can you believe we even eat off of Autumn Leaves plates.  Yep, Avon had them one year so I had to get the set of 4.  Good thing I'm an Avon Rep and got these very cheap after the season.

Here is a cute little guy, I think it is Bucky again!  This time I know just where he is hiding his acorn.  This little magnet was made gosh, when we lived in Pittsburgh.  I bet it is at least 20 years old.

This cute little sign was handpainted by a Penpal of mine named Chris and her husband, Tom back in 2000.  More Autumn Leaves!!

Here is another quilt on the quilt rack that was made by me in 2018.  It was another Autumn one that was made from Carole's blog, I believe.  I love this one.  The rusty star with sunflower and raffia was put together by me back in 2009.

And what about this darling candy dish, this was a gift from a friend many years ago and it's filled with my favorite fall candy!!

And how about this?  Mrs. Meyer's Dish Soap has Autumn Leaves and Acorns on it!  This is not a company that I own, but love their products.

This is another from Autumn Jubilee from a few years back.  This quilt I put on my diningroom table and of course, there is leaf fabric.  Look at that center square.

Moving over to the office, here is a little arrangement that I did a few years ago.  I just put it away the way it is here, fluff it up and it's ready to go.  Quick and easy decorating 101!

This quilt is probably a full size bed quilt, but I have it folded over our living room rocking chair. It's perfect for those chilly Fall evening when watching TV or in my case, reading a good book or magazine.  It was made by a friend of mine at the Senior Center and a raffle was held and I was the winner.  I think I won about three quilts over there.  I haven't been there in a few years, of course, COVID stopped the gatherings at the center and I don't think they are back yet except for pickups of lunches is what I heard.

This charger holding an apple flavored candle was a gift from my daughter-in-law a few years back.  I admired hers and she bought me one.  I have a pumpkin ring that goes around the candle, but I took it off so you could see the Autumn Leaves.

This little fabric candy dish was a find at the Ashtabula Craft Show on the Lake.  I have to figure out how to make these.  It is just the cutest thing.

And this about sums up our little visit.  I LOVE FALL!!!  There are little leaves below that pumpkin!  The teapot was a Wedding present from my Mom!  One of the last things she gave to us.

*****I did want to tell you all that we are doing the Christmas In the Woods show at Shakerwoods in Columbiana OH on Oct 10-11 and 17-18.  They are following CDC guidelines as well as the OHio Restart Regulations.  So, if you are just itching to get out in the fresh air and shop for Christmas or just come out for the most fantastic donuts on the planet, make sure you stop by our booth #131, right inside gate B.  Hope to see you there.******

I hope you all enjoyed visiting our home for the Autumn Season, how many Autumn Leaf items are in our home, I quit counting at 39, so who knows.  I'm just foolish enough to do something for October, like count pumpkins, so......................................

Let's do something fun, send me an email telling me just how many pumpkins you think I have displayed inside our home, and the winner will receive a prize.  Write me before October 15th!  Prize will be announced next blogpost.

I would like to close this blogpost by dedicating this post to my mother-in-law, Joan, who passed away on August 7th.  She loved reading my blog each time I posted and loved seeing photos of all my decorations for each holiday that I'd send her.  She will be missed by all that knew and loved her, and that included me!  RIP to My Other Mother I was proud to call Mom.

Til next time,
Stay safe and healthy. 
I'll be back here in October!

Don't forget to send me your pumpkin count by Oct. 15th!


Saturday, August 1, 2020

July Wrap-Up

Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is well.  Can't believe that July is gone and today begins another new month.  Gosh, even though I've been retired for four years now, it seems that the days are much, much shorter than when I worked.  Maybe it is because I'm enjoying my days much more now, so I guess I must not have really loved  liked my job much!

It looks like blogger has changed their format a bit, supposedly it is to create ease of use when trying to post from another type of device like iPhone or iPad, but since I've been doing it on our desktop for so long I'll have to see if it benefits me to try posting any other way.

I told you last month that I'd try to get some pics of birds, well, that was easier said than done.  To the right is a red-breasted grosbeak.  These birds are just beautiful when they take flight as their underwings are black-white striped. 
To the left on the suet looks to be a Downy Woodpecker.  We have some yellow-bellied sapsuckers and red-headed woodpeckers that frequent the suet as well.  You can see the thistle bag for the finches and it is only half full, so they have been here quite a bit, but not for this picture.  

The other thing I have is a hummingbird feeder hung to the left of the thistle sack.  I have not been able to keep it full for very long.  There are so many hummingbirds that they hit it continuously all day long, one right after the other and sometimes three at a time.  I had a woodpecker trying to get into one of the rubber flowers on the hummingbird feeder and now it is missing and no where to be found on the ground.  I hope he's not flying around with it on his nose!!!  I ended up covering the hole with duct tape, you know, it fixes everything!  Ha Ha!!  Now there is a hole in the duct tape where the hummingbirds have been hitting it through the tape!  Gosh!  These birds are really hungry!  Anyway, Bernie and I both enjoy sitting on the veranda watching them and the other critters that come and go.