Sunday, October 3, 2021

October is Here, so very fast!!!

October is here!  Where did summer go!  The older I get the faster it goes by.  I'm not too, too sad about summer leaving, because we are now in my favorite time of year, Autumn!  The trees have just begun to show a little changing of the colors.  As this month progresses, they will hopefully become a brilliant shade of reds and oranges and it will be time for a "leaf ride."

I'm also excited to begin the new Autumn Jubilee 2021 event over at From My Carolina Home.  I have pinned a picture to the right of this post that you can click on to see what it's all about.  I have participated in this event at Carole's blog for quite a few years and have made some wonderful fall quilts, table toppers,  table runners, tablescapes, felt items, and much more.  Gosh!  So much to tell you, so I think you should visit yourself.  There are giveaways galore from some very wonderful sponsors!  Take a look, you won't be disappointed.

The Autumn Jubilee project from last year is finally finished.  I put it on the backburner and when I realized it was time for the Jubilee 2021, I knew I had to finish the 2020 project.  So here it is:

This was a really fun one to make.  It had trees, maple leaves, pumpkins, and stars.  

Here is my front door.  This is a swag from years ago from Home Interiors.  I put some sunflowers in it and just stuck the fall leaves around.  None of these are glued into the swag, and it stays put.  I like to do it this way because I like to change the look each year.

Here is just a photo of the front porch.  I didn't get crazy this year with cornstalks and Halloween stuff as we don't have Halloween where I live anyway.  This is just a simple grapevine wreath I've been using for years outside, a light-up plastic pumpkin/jack-o-lantern which I turn around to the face side when it gets closer to Halloween.  A cute little wooden scarecrow cutout, a metal cornstalk,  and a beautiful orange mum.  I usually put up, around the door and on the bale of straw, candy corn looking lights as well as purple lights together.  Then I plug in just the orange lights first day of fall, then unplug those and plug in the purple right before Halloween, then switch back again through Thanksgiving.  This way I only put up lights once and take them down once.  Unfortunately, the purple lights didn't work this year so they were trashed and I only have the orange out there.  We read long ago that you can hang lights very easily using spring clothespins.  They clip right on the siding.  We use this method to hang our Christmas lights to the gutters as well. 

I did have a second finish.  If you recall, this is the paper-piecing topper we learned how to do in a class I took at Kimberly's Fabric Stash.
I used a few of the many decorative stitches that my machine has and finished it up.  I think it turned out pretty good.  I'm going to use this method to make the same design using Christmas fabric.

Another class I took at Kimberly's was to make these cupcake or acorn looking potholders/warm mat.  I made a few for Halloween and a few for Fall.  They are made with Insul-bright to protect your counters or your hands.  They are not microwaveable though.

Bryan and Jess were here back in August and since their anniversary is in Sept, and I just know how they love Halloween, I made them a few items.  This was a wall hanging/door hanging of a black cat since they have two of them at home, Peppsi and Mocha.

They also got the matching table placemats...

as well as matching coasters!  That was the extent of my quilting.

We were in Pittsburgh back in August for a mass at St. Paul's Cathedral and these were taken in the gardens.

You can see the University of Pittsburgh Cathedral of Learning in the sky of left photo and the right photo was the Holy Family garden.  Those are Koi and Goldfish in the pond.  It was so beautiful there!

So what is coming up next weekend and the following weekend??????

Christmas in the Woods!  We have 133 lamps done and ready to sell. We've been working feverishly to get that many done as earlier shows have proved to be crazy busy at the woods.  People are out this year from being cooped up during Covid and they are buying I've been told.  The gal I rent the cabin from there told me to be ready as she was selling out of many items each day.  Yikes!!  We will head over there one day this week, to clean the cabin, hang curtains and get things all set-up and ready to go for next Saturday.

I'll try to post monthly again after this show is over.  I may even do two blog posts this month to make up for August and Sept.  

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Enjoy the fall season.  



  1. Lots of lovely October goodness going on at your place! Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures for inspiration! xx


October is Here, so very fast!!!

October is here!  Where did summer go!  The older I get the faster it goes by.  I'm not too, too sad about summer leaving, because we ar...