Sunday, July 11, 2021

July Happenings on the Homefront

 Hello Everyone,

Just another monthly post from me.  

Let's start out by saying that "It's Officially Summertime."  Hooray!!!  Nothing beats the summer days, as opposed to winter here in the Northeast.  We did have quite a few above 90 degree days according to our thermometer, and on those days it's nice to have A/C in the house.  I was able to get outside in the AM to enjoy a cuppa java on the deck and head out in the evening once the sun went down a bit and the temps lowered.

"Smell the sea and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly." - Van Morrison


Into the Mystic - Van Morrison - Click here to hear the song associated with the above July-August lyrics.  Once you start the video, you can come back to the blog and enjoy reading to the song.  Warning, it starts out with a few ads!  Just hang in there and the music will start.  After his song, more music, but it's random!  Enjoy!

Let's begin with a July 4th mention.  Bernie had a few fireworks so after grilling a couple burgers and hot dogs that was our evening fun!  No loud bangs, just a showering of sparkly, colored illumination in our back yard.

We made a quick trip to the Burgh on July 3rd!  Look at that Pittsburgh Sky and a few boats on the Allegheny River.

Reminiscing my childhood years, I had been telling Bernie for many years about this Strawberry Coconut Cake that my Mom made us just once a year when fresh strawberries came into season.  He kept asking me when I was going to make one, minus the coconut though.  I didn't have a recipe so I asked my sister, Peg, if she might have had it or remembered what Mom used.  I remembered it was a very dense white cake and Peg remembered that Mom had used Softasilk Cake Flour, yes!, they do still make it!  I knew the taste of the icing and how it formed like peaks, I knew it had to be a meringue and was cooked and Peg remembered Mom boiling it and using Cream of Tartar.  So, we both searched the web and came up with what we thought was a recipe.  I made the cake and it was just like what Mom had made.  I know why it was a once-a-year cake, it took me all day just to make it.  It was delicious!!!  I, of course, had to buy a bag of Baker's Coconut, that's what Mom used, and I sprinkled it all over my piece of cake, or should I say pieces of cake.  Here is what it looked like inside and out.

My recollection is that the coconut was all around the sides of the cake with just a little sprinkled on top under the strawberries.  Strawberries in between the layers too!

With no visitors that weekend, we devoured the entire cake!  YUMMY!!!

In the garden this past month, daylilies are in full bloom.  Just gorgeous in yellows, red/yellow, yellow/red, and of course, orange.

And then these ornamental type lilies in the front yard are always a showstopper.

Next up was quilting, if you recall last blog I told you about the quilted table runner that I entered into the Kimberly's Fabric Stash contest on Facebook.  I was wrong in that you had to be a member of Kimberly's VIP Club to vote on your favorite.  Rules seemed to either change mid-stream, or just are not clearly indicated at the beginning.  Anyway, my Halloween Runner and another were neck-in-neck going into the last day.  No one else was even close to the two of us. I ended up the second place winner, or first loser, I like to say, but I was awarded $25 in store credit, which made me very happy.   Now I have a goal to reach for.  Next contest, I'll do my best to come up on top.  Those that know me well know how very competitive I am in whatever I do.  Don't get me wrong, I was happy to win, but I have a mission now to be better at the next contest.

Here is the first place winner:

And my second place winner.

I'm working on another quilt right now.  It is something new I am learning, a Dresden Plate Quilt.  I'm doing it in a patriotic theme and I hope to have it ready to debut next post.  Stay tuned for that........

Yesterday, Bernie's sisters and his Dad came for a visit and we decided to go blueberry picking.  While waiting to checkout with our oodles of berries, they had this beehive mounted and hung up.  When we get these in the trees, we usually burn them up!  Was interesting to see though.

This was a few that I took from the 5 plus pounds of berries we picked.  We had them on our cereal this morning and they are so good.

I think in another week or so, they will be more plentiful and better picking off of a couple bushes.  I plan to go back then to get some for blueberry cake or cobbler and of course, some to freeze for later on.

Well,  (that's a deep subject) , was that a Mom or Dad saying? Think I heard that a time or two!

That is all I have to report this month.  It's raining right now, so much for yardwork today.  Guess I'll have to work on lamps and quilt a bit.   The Christmas in the Woods show is on schedule for October.  I'm thinking this is going to be a huge show this year now that we are opened up finally.  Hoping for lots of big sales!

I would like to thank all my friends and relatives who prayed for my brother, Bill's, surgery last week and for placing him on your prayer lists.  He is home recuperating and he sounds great.  Keep those prayers coming.

Please pray for your family and friends and don't forget yourself!  God Bless America!  Our country needs the prayers!

Hugs everyone!  Til Next Time!!!


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July Happenings on the Homefront

 Hello Everyone, Just another monthly post from me.   Let's start out by saying that "It's Officially Summertime."  Hooray...