Friday, September 15, 2017

One Month Away from Showtime!!

Hello everyone,

It has been crunch time here at the ole homestead!  I've been working each and every day on lamps.  Already did one today, but need to do a little more this evening after dinner.

Since I finished up that afghan last week, I had some yarn left over so I made Macy Kate a little afghan of her own.  She was gracious enough to let me take a photo of her with it on.  He He!!  One thing about Macy is she loves all the creature comforts!  She has more blankies than we do!!

So while I'm watching TV in the evening, and since I still had some leftover yarn, I saw that my friend, Ann, whom I do the craft shows with, had on her blog post yesterday, a crocheted star and she gave the site where she got the instructions.  So, last night I tried to make one.  Not so good, so I ripped it out and tried again today, well.....................  I'm not so sure they look like stars, maybe flowers would be better, but they aren't perfect, so Ann, maybe when we get together next week you can give me a hands on tutorial of yours!!  Paleez.............  So, as to not be defeated at stars, I googled crochet stars and found a pattern that said EASY!  OK, I'm all about that as I'm not a strong crocheter.  Only problem is that the stitches were written for the UK, but luckily I was able to figure out what it meant in USA type stitches.  It's never easy with me, that's for sure.  So, here are a couple pictures of my stars?????

First picture is of the one's using Ann's tutorial.  Pretty sad looking, maybe the top one is good, the little puffy's in the middle ring is what threw me off.

This next pic is of the easy ones I found on the internet.  Still think they look like flowers more than stars.  They had theirs pinned down, so I'm assuming that they starched them at the points.  Maybe I'll try that. They look a little more uniform than the ones above.

Maybe I should find a snowflake crochet pattern, since snowflakes are meant to be imperfect!  I think I'll do that.  Aunt Ann had made me quite a few of the crocheted snowflakes years ago and I still have them.  They are done in thin crochet thread and they are white.  I just laundered them and they need to be starched again and I think they will hang on one of our trees this year.

Bernie brought me home a baker's dozen of corn on the cob from our favorite farmer and I blanched, iced, and froze seven bags yesterday.  We like to have the fresh corn on Thanksgiving!    I was also able to finally make a blackberry cobbler from our blackberries on Tuesday this week.  It was so good warmed up with some vanilla ice cream!!  YUMMY!!!

I quilted yesterday at the center, working on a Christmas Quilt for the Octoberfest show which is the week after next.  Here is a picture of that, also a little panel that was semi-made up that the center had in their stash and all it needed was a binding, so I volunteered to complete that.  It has an apple on the panel and since the center raffles what we call and apple crate, I thought it should go in there and they agreed.  I'm always rooting through things there to she what can be used for this or that!  The quilt center needs a cleaning up for sure.  Drives me insane!!   I brought them home to finish up as the machines at the center need to be serviced.  Spent half my time there trying to get them to stitch correctly.

I just put the red binding on this one.  Someone else had it all together and hand-stitched, very impressive.  We get a lot of things donated to the center by others when their loved ones pass, so I am happy to complete these projects and then the center can sell or use them in some way, that way someone's hard work can be appreciated by someone else and enjoyed!

This quilt centers were done by another gal.  She likes to make the blocks, but doesn't like putting them together apparently.  So I just squared them up, and put the green sashing in and around the edges.  It is ready now for the batting and backing and long-arm quilting that Joannie does so eloquently!  Can't wait to see what she does to this one.  

So that is it for my crafting this week.  I've noticed all week that our leaves are changing.  I'm still hanging on to summer, myself.  My neighbor across the street already has her fall decor out, but I try to wait until the actual first day of fall even though it is my favorite season.  Here are a few pictures I just ran outside and took so you can see the beginning of fall foliage in NW PA!

Our flag and a tree which is always the first to turn across the street.  I'll try to remember to take this exact picture in the weeks to come and this is usually the most beautiful foliage here.

Looking out from our deck behind our home.  Our shed with some fall foliage right behind it.  I can look out our sliding glass doors from the living room and watch this changing a little more each day.

One more looking out the front of the house.

 And last but not least, each day, Bernie and I look to the tree straight ahead, no! not for the little bit of red foliage, but way up top there is a drone hung up there.  Hard to see, but it's there.  It is Bryan's!
He brought it up on Bernie's birthday to play with it, and yep, it flew right into the biggest tree we have and it's near the top.  The wind has blown quite a bit, but it still stays.  One of the little propellers has attached itself to a little branch and it's hanging on for dear life!!  Someday soon it will come down, hopefully, I just hope it's not in the dead of winter with a foot of snow in the ground, although that would make for a cushiony landing!!

Well, that is all for this week and I thought that I had nothing to post about!  Everyone that knows me can attest that I'm never at a loss for words!!!!  So until next week, have a wonderful weekend.  Prayers to everyone!  Also, safe travels to Bryan and Jess as they come home from North Carolina tomorrow.  I'm sure they had a wonderful vacation!  I love NC!!


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Two Weeks Ago...................

Hello Everyone,

It's been two weeks ago..............since my last post!  Been a really busy time here for me!  I'm getting ready for the big show next month, still have some lamps that I am working on each day, today I'm going to focus on some quilting though.

I missed quilting for two weeks at the center, so not much happening there.  The center did have a pizza and ice cream social last Thursday evening that we attended.  We got 2 large pieces of pizza, like a quarter of a large pie, and one trip to the ice cream bar where we got a hefty scoop of ice cream and all the toppings you could ask for all for $5.  Bernie and I enjoyed our time there.

I've been working on my afghan each evening, with the weather cooling way down, it was nice working on that.  Here is the finished product!  Already a finish for the month of Sept.   My Mom used to make pillows too from yarn, so I may try to make at at least a pillow or two for the couch to coordinate with this with the leftover yarn.   The colors are buff, hunter green and claret.  I did it in Christmas colors as it can accompany me to the Woods for the show.

I've also made two more quilts for the display at the show.  These are totally rustic in nature and match.  I am trying to learn how to free-motion quilt, so although these are not perfect, they will suit my needs.

 I quilted around the edges as well as each different strip around the squares.

 Then I free-motioned around the moose ears and along the house, free-motion takes a lot of practice.  I'll be learning this for quite a while!

The backing is just a plain off-white and I put a temporary fabric hanger strip on the back that you can see here.

I spoke with Natalie, who is the person who owns the booth that I am renting for this show and she is a really, nice person!  She has helped me so much!  I am able to use my Square credit card taker there at the show using the hotspot that Bryan helped me with! Thanks to him for lending me his IPad so people don't have to strain to sign my little IPhone!   I am so electronically challenged.  :)
So, I'll be able to take credit card payments for the lamps which really helps out!

Natalie also sent me four pictures of the inside of the booth when it was emptied out.  Just shown is some tables that she is letting me use in there. Thank goodness, that really helps me out a bunch.  If I don't want to use them all, I can remove them to the side porch or out back.

The top left you can see the two doors coming into the cabin.  It has an old vanity there which can hold probably three lamps.  The top right picture is the left door and side.  She has a few tables there that I can utilize.

The bottom left is back.  She has a shelf above all the windows which I won't be using for lamps, but perhaps some Christmas decor items.  The drop leaf table will be perfect and above it is another window that I can remove the covering and open up if need be.  The last picture again is the outside.

Thanks again to all the people that have given me ideas for the booth.  It has really helped me.

Natalie also sent me a video which I have found to be useful as well.  I'm attaching it below.  I'm hoping you all can view it.  If not, sorry.  :(


She has lots of nails as she does floral design, so I'll be covering up those nails with my wall hangings or decorations.  I just got a text from her yesterday and she said she may go down there and fill in holes and repaint the inside before my show.  I wasn't really concerned about that at all.  I can make do with what I have to work with.  I love a good challenge.

I still have to make my skirt for the show.  I have my Garibaldi blouse ready.  The skirt is just a drawstring around fabric or even elastic if necessary and then I'll sash it.  Should be fun!

Well, that is it for this week.  Prayers going out to all our friends and family and also to those that have had to deal with Hurricane Harvey and now Hurricane Irma.

Til next week, take care, everyone!


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Another week - come and gone in a flash I might add!!

Hi everyone,

Another week has gone by.  My last post was only five days ago, but now I'm back on track again for this week with my Thursday post.

Sunday was Bernie's birthday and Bryan and Jess came for a visit.  We included Jess' name on the cake as we jipped her of a cake on her birthday and it was Macy's birthday right before Bernie's.  So, I thought I was being creative and got all three of their names on one of those "delicious" TOPs Market cakes.  It was half and half and we waited in great anticipation for the cake with butter-cream icing.  We cut some slices, put with our chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and were all set.  Except when we dug into the cake, it was awful!  I mean terrible.  The cake tasted stale, a slight bit hard and not very raised up.  So, the crows enjoyed it and I went after TOPs and got my money back.  I could have made one of my Betty Crocker cakes with Butter Cream Icing that would have been good.  Lesson learned-------no more store-bought cakes.  Seems that the cake which we thought was baked in-store, is actually shipped into them already baked and frozen.  My friend, Ann, is a bakery manager at another local store and she told me that her cakes were this way as well.   What ever happened to a real bakery?   Guess they are only in Pittsburgh!!!  We had a great grilled dinner of burgers and hot dogs along with my homemade potato salad and green beans.

Went to quilting yesterday, worked on sewing together some squares that were made by someone else.  I had a devil of a time lining them up.  This gal, even after I squared them up, still had mistakes like not pressing the seams out all the way, and un-straight lines everywhere.  I told myself that I will never work again on something that was partially done by someone else who hurriedly put pieces together.  No pictures taken of this.

I instead came home and worked on a Christmas covering that I will use with my display for the lamp show.  This is not a perfect piece, I got it together quickly as I'm getting pressed for time now.  It turned out OK and is something that I can use here at the house during the holidays.  I stopped at a garage sale down the street last Sunday, looking for quilting material and found only a green tablecloth for $1.00.  Couldn't pass it up and cut it in half and used it on the back of this topper.  I like how it turned out.

Two of the ladies at the center also crochet.  They showed me a few weeks ago a pattern for a very loose crochet for a blanket or afghan.  I decided to have them show me again and began last night doing this.  I only have the two skeins of yarn, so I'll either have to get more, or make this for Macy!!
I have a long way to go, but it goes fast especially when I was watching the Pirate game last night and they actually beat the Dodgers!!  Let's Go Bucs!!  Well, the season is pretty much over for the ole buccos, but there is always next year!  
 I made it pretty long as to cover one person up nicely.  Definitely going to need more yarn!!

The other thing I did last night and finished this morning was putting a piece of fabric on those four skater/caroler panels from last post.  I put a fabric strip, which is removable, sewed it on by hand so I can put a rod through it to hang it in the cabin if I want.

I spoke with the owner of the cabin yesterday and she will be sending me pictures of the inside, all emptied out.  This weekend is her last week of the show and she will take pictures either Monday or Tuesday after she removes her wares.  She has some tables and such that she wants me to see if I can utilize and if so, she will leave them there for me to use.  I can't wait to see it inside.  Hopefully, I'll some pics to show you next week.

Well, that is it for this week.  The weather is cooling down around here and I welcome that.  This is my kind of weather, low humidity and temps in the 60s and 70s!  If you are in Texas gulf area, I pray that Hurricane Harvey doesn't hit too hard and that everyone remains safe.  I hope that everyone has a nice weekend and I'll check back with you next week!

Prayers for all our friends and family!


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Saturday, August 19th Post - Quilting Mostly

Hello Everyone,

Not too much going on in my neck of the woods this past week.

Speaking of Woods, I want to thank everyone who gave me some really great ideas on how to decorate our cabin at Christmas in the Woods.  I'll be sure to take pictures there once it is all set-up.  We are actually allowed to set up the entire week before the weekend show.  So this will give us plenty of time to do so.  Will probably make one trip over to the show grounds before the weekend, thus making it so much easier for me the day of the show.

I emailed the show sponsor with some questions, and my booth number will NOT be 130 the day of our show.  She got the 130 because there is actually a show going on right now and that is the number of the booth in this show.  Guess she just told us in case we wanted to go to the present show and then we'd find our booth easier.  So, the number will be changed for the Christmas in the Woods show which is the one I'm doing.  Those numbers will be given to us in September.    I'll share that once I know it.

There was no quilting this past week as they were having a county-wide picnic, which I didn't attend.

So I did some quilting on my own this week.  I showed you the finished deer and duck last week and this week decided that since this is a Christmas show, that I need to be doing some Christmas runners.

Here are four that I just completed this week.

 I saw these panels at Goodwill in Andover a while back and I thought, I can do something with them at some point and here it is.  I don't necessarily plan on putting these under the lamps, but what I do plan on doing is to put a temporary strip across the back and put a spring-tension curtain rod through them to hand in the back, hopefully, of our cabin, for some color and old world charm.  These panels were only 25 cents each!!

 The ice skaters are my favorite since that is one thing I used to do and truly loved.
I simply just put a fabric border of holly and berries around each of the four panels.  These first two I bound in the same fabric as the border and the backing is red/green stripes, which are really hard on the eyes, that is why I decided to use it up on the backs.  Just a little quilting on the piece to give it some puff, and done.

These next two have a different binding and the back is striped again in reds only.

I think I like these ones better with the white binding, gives it a little more pop!!

Now that these are done, I came across some squares that were already pre-cut that I won in a giveaway a few years back from another quilting blogger friend.   These are MY colors, what I mean by that is, these colors would fit well in our home so chances are whatever I make will be coming back home with me.  So any time that I post, MY colors, you know that it is something that I'm keeping.  I was going to make two runners, but I don't think I'll have enough, so I'm just going to put it all into one covering and see how big it will become.  I can use it under lamps for display.

Now you see what I mean by MY colors.  It has different greens in the holly squares.  The deep greens are my favorite.  Pretty much anything with green is for me.  The red, although pretty bright, matches the holly berries perfectly.  Below I have a few just sitting side-by-side, but what I think I may end up doing is to put the same white that I have around the skaters, carolers above, in the middle between these 4-squares.  I'm kicking it around at this point.

OK, so that is all that I'm up to this week.

So many birthdays this month for our family, sister-in-law, Tess was the 8th,  brother-in-law, Tom, 11th, my sister Peg, the 14th, Macy Kate, our little girl, the 17th, my cousin, Merle, the 18th, Bernie's is tomorrow the 20th, Niece, Angela, 23rd, my brother Bill's is the 30th, and my second cousin and childhood friend, Donna, is the 31st.  Gosh, did I miss anyone????  All I can figure is that there have been a lot of cold November's over the years!!!  Ha Ha!!!

Prayers to all our family and friends in need!!  Til Next Week.....................................

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and don't forget your NASA approved safety glasses on Monday for the eclipse, I will watch it on TV, there is no way I'm looking at it!!!!

Take care and HUGS!!


Saturday, August 12, 2017

Quilts, Show and Sayings!!

Hello Everyone!

 Hope you had a great week and the weekend is here!  I struggled this week trying to figure out what to blog about.  I even went so far as to think that there was no quilting done to write about, so I took pictures in our home of some sayings  Seems I didn't do much at all this week except for watching westerns on TV with Bernie and working on lamps a bit!  After much contemplating, I finally came to realize that I did do enough this week beginning last weekend to blog about, but I'll share my sayings at the end anyway, so here goes.

Last Saturday and Sunday was the Pymatuning Lake Festival at Andover Beach.  It is a long two days usually, but this year they went fairly quickly.  Ann and I set up the booth on Saturday morning and for just the two of us beginning at around 7:15, we had the canopy up, tables up, dressed and ready to sell by 9:22!    Usually we have Bernie's help setting up, but this year he wasn't able to do so, so we were on our own.  Saturday was a great selling day.  Probably the best day we have ever had there.  Lots and lots of people and we had a new location across from our old space, which was under a huge oak tree.  Shade and cooler temps made it a nice weekend to be outside.  How did we do, you ask?  I sold four lamps, which is really good for a show this size and Ann sold most of her items at a discounted price to liquidate and between the two of us, we did $600!  Not too shabby at all.  We were happy and signed up for next year at the discounted rate you receive if you sign up at the show.

The weekdays were pretty much a blur!  I brought in all my wares from the show on Monday and got my sewing/craft area put back together.  Watched lots of TV with Bernie, Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater, Bonanza, Laramie and even a Matlock, Bryan would be proud!!  Bernie is still recuperating from his hand surgery.

Wednesday I went to quilting.  I worked on squaring probably 80 blocks that someone else made, this was a huge job!  Wasn't many of them that were even close to being square.  These will all be made into Christmas quilts that the center will sell.  Guess this coming week, I'll be putting them together.  I'll try to take some pictures.

On Thursday, I got notified that our booth number for the Christmas in the Woods is #130.  It is near the entrance of the show, which is great because we should get business from people coming and going back to their cars, and with the lamps, they are heavier so people can pick them up on their way out of the show.  We received pictures of the outside of the booth, but none of the inside which is what I need to see. So here these pictures are:

I love it!  We have the two doors so people can get in and out after viewing and hopefully purchasing our lamps!  You can see the fence behind the cabin and that is one of the entrances to the show!!

After getting these pictures, I was in the mood to do more lamping and quilting of some more runners.  I now have four runners made. Next I will be doing some Christmas themed ones.  Our booth has to be a Christmas theme.  So, I need to incorporate some greens and reds.  Any ideas out there how to decorate our booth?  Must be of the colonial nature, with no junking up too bad.

I actually finished two runners yesterday.  They aren't as big as the other two, but more square and I actually like them a lot.  They are wildlife themed.  Here is a deer and some ducks................

I love how the quilting on the back of these came out!  I primarily do "Stitch in the Ditch," having not tried free motion as of yet.  I'm not a huge fan of blue, but I really do like this deer one!  Which one do you like best?

So, now on with the sayings!!  I don't know if many people like to have sayings hung or placed in their homes, but it is one of my favorite things. Words spoken are so different than actually seeing them each day.  Some are motivational, inspirational, some are of life in general, or love, or simply, SIMPLE!!  Anyway, here are a few that I have around our home.

 This one is a favorite of mine!
I'd like to think that I'm still young at heart!
 Live as though heaven is on earth!  Live each day as if it were your last!  I love this saying!
 Sing as though no one can hear you!!  I really don't care if anyone likes my singing or not, I'm going to belt it out whenever I want.  It's funny, because I have always loved music.  I tend to crank it up in the car when I'm alone driving.  Funny thing is that I forget to turn it back down and when Bernie gets in to drive and starts the engine, he is blasted out and usually just shakes his head at me.  Doesn't stop me though, Music makes me Happy!!!
 Another nice saying!!
 This was from a little exercise we did at work, each person got a name of a person and they were their secret pal for a month.  They were to do three nice things for the person during the month, anything they wanted, regardless if they liked the person's name they got.  It was to make the workplace a nicer place to be.  Well, this was given to me by one of my carriers who had my name.  I absolutely love it.  It looks to be hand-sewn on fabric and in a primitive frame. Something I cherish!
 This was from Christmas in the Woods one year I attended.  I tend to love all sayings of this nature.  I have it hung in our hallway for all to read,
 My recent addition when we remodeled our bedroom.  I had it saved for a few years waiting on just the right place to put it!
 This was one of the first items we got when we were married.  The Art of Marriage poem.  We've had it for 40 years now.
And where would we be without the Prayer of Serenity!    Words to live by!

Well, enough sayings and I hope that at least one of these made you stop, think, make you happy and enjoy your day!

Please continue your prayers for our friends and family in need of them, and Hey!  Everyone can use a prayer now and then!!

Take care, have a great weekend and I'll be back again next week, if God is willing..(My Dad always said this saying).


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Thursday Again! and now it is August!

Hello everyone,

Another week went by, Wow!!  time sure flies after you retire.

I wanted to show you from last week what I worked on at the center.  I explained how the one lady made the tops for the cushion and pillows and I had to put it together, stuff it, and hand stitch to finish.  Anyway, here is what they look like.

As you can see they are really scrappy.  These are not something that I would have made.  I'm not into the really bright colors and this lady, loves red and hates green.  Notice all the red and lack of green.  I would be the complete opposite.  Ha Ha!

The weekend was full of getting things done around here, we worked on lamps getting more ready for the Oct show.  Bernie did a lot of chores as he knew he wouldn't be able to do much after the surgery on his hand on Tuesday.  He is fine and recuperating and I'm playing Nurse Nancy!!

Yesterday, Wed, I decided to not go to the center for all-day quilting, I did run over and pick up the Christmas quilt I was working on.  It had been quilted by the long-arm lady, Joanie, and I had to bind it.  Here is what it looks like:

These are the colors that I like.  The hunter green and deep red.  Wish I could keep this one, but they will sell it to make money for the center.  I don't want to have to buy my own quilt.  Now I just have to find all these fabrics to make another one for me!!!

I've been getting ready for the two-day Pymatuning Lake Festival which is going on this coming Saturday and Sunday over at Andover Beach.  This is a show that I've been doing for probably 5 years or so with my friend, Ann.  I take some lamps and some other crafty things that I've had a while and Ann does some interesting crafts like quilling, and using unusual items to make primitive or country items.  It's a fun two days and this year I requested a different spot under a large tree and we got it!!  Yay!!  No more afternoon sun hitting us in the face.  Morning sun I can deal with, but afternoon is brutal inside a booth.  Ann and I will be setting up bright and early Saturday morning.  Here is a picture of our booth from last year.  I'll have to take some pictures of this year.  We never know what our setup may look like.  That's Ann to the left of me and Macy came to visit with us!

That's about all there is going on here.  Please continue to pray for my girlfriend, Eileen, as she has just finished her fifth chemo with only one more to go!!  Yay, Ei!!!!  "Let's Kick This."  That's her motto!!  Prayers for Danny as well.

Until next week,
Everyone take care.