Thursday, October 19, 2017

Week One Show Results

Hi Everyone!

I'm sure you are all wondering with bated breath what the results were of our first weekend at "Christmas in the Woods."  To keep you in suspense just a bit longer, I'd like to share some photos taken last weekend inside our cabin.  By the way, we had fantastic weather all day Saturday in the 70's and again on Sunday in the 70's.  It was to rain on Sunday afternoon around 2 PM and you could just see the thickening of the clouds, but it held off until 4:30!  The last half hour was more of straightening up your cabin as people scurried by running from the rain.  It wasn't a shower, it was a torrential downpour.  At 5:00 I closed up and got ready to dash to the truck to bring it a bit closer as the marine battery that I demo my lamp with is very heavy to lug too, too far.  So, I got wet, very wet!

So here are some photos!

This is the right side of the cabin when you come in the doors.  As you can see I had nothing but decorations on the shelving as the lamp didn't fit on there.  Funniest thing though, those three black candlesticks on the right side of shelf, we could have sold them about a 100 times.  Had to keep telling everyone they weren't for sale, just decorations.  We joked that we should have made a few hundred of those!

This is the center front of the cabin above.  Could have sold my quilted table topper a few times as well. 

This is the left side of the cabin, people wanted to buy my tree in the corner with the rag garland on it.  Geez!!! 

This is the back exit door on the right side, you can see the moose wall hanging??  Yep, you guessed it, they wanted to purchase that as well!!


Another shot of the front of the booth.  Outside the window is a Welcome Sign, I even had someone wanting that!!

On the table are the three color stains we have available as well as the two different kinds of stones and also various lamp shades.

This was the display demo lamp right in the middle on the checkered table.  You can see it is lit and sitting higher on the box that holds the battery.  This was our checkout area.

And out the back door again.

Here is my helper taking a much needed break!  Lookin good, Bryan!!  The wind was refreshing outside as it got pretty warm inside especially with wool pants on!! 

Here is my helper on duty!  A busy person he was all day Saturday and most of Sunday as well.

And here I am, Bernie took this picture before Bryan came on Saturday.   

And here we both are.  Eileen and her husband came to visit at our cabin and Art took this picture of us!
We already look tired and it was just Saturday!  No!  I didn't cut my hair, I have it pulled back in sort of a bun as the early settlers wore it.  I like this picture!!!

OK, so with all that being said, we did extremely well!  We exceeded out goal of selling ten lamps each day.  We already have about that already sold for this Saturday, so we are way ahead of the game.  I'm just hoping that we don't sell out on Saturday as I already have a room booked that night that I won't be able to cancel.  Either way, I'm staying!!  This was a very good show for us and the music at the nearby stage was wonderful and I hope that we are able to do it again next year!

It was so nice to see Eileen and Art and Ei looked fantastic!  You've got this thing licked, Ei!!  Love ya!!!

I'll take a few more pictures this weekend, if I'm not too busy, and maybe a video of Vanessa Campagna singing some wonderful Christmas Songs!!  She was selling CD's at the show in between her performances.  She was originally from Beaver Falls PA, but now lives in Nashville TN!!

Tonight is the Baked Potato Buffet at the Senior Center, a huge baked potato, chili, all the fixin's for the potato, dessert and drink for $5.00.  Gonna take Bernie out tonight!!  :) 

Take care everyone and wish us luck this weekend!  I'll have some other things to blog about next week besides the finale of the show.


Thursday, October 12, 2017

It's Showtime!!

Hello Everyone,

The next post I'll be talking about hopefully how well we did at the "Christmas in the Woods' first weekend!  The weather is supposed to be spectacular, so the crowds should be coming out.

All the lamps are ready, my costume is ready, my helper is ready, the booth is semi-ready, I'll be there bright and early on Saturday AM to put the finishing touches on it and then at 10:00 am it is GO TIME!!!

I'm excited and nervous, seeing some familiar faces should help ease that nervousness!  I know I'll be seeing some of you one of the days we are there.

Wish us luck!!!

Besides getting ready for the show, I have some other things that are going on or went on this past week.

Yesterday was a Senior Center outing to the Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad, where you ask?  Titusville PA, From the Valley that Changed the World!! It was to be a nice foliage tour, but it poured down rain!  To say it was fun is really stretching it!  Our lunches got wet, the ticketing was a fiasco from the get go as we were told to board at one place and our tickets were at another.  Instead of just sending the tickets to that station for boarding, they made all three buses, 72 people, move to the other station.  When we got to the end of the 13 mile line, with nothing to see but rain, green leaves, and oil creek, with no wildlife or anything happening in the rain, we stopped for a 20 minute break.  They had 4 porta-johns, 2 women, 2 men, for let's see, our 72 people, plus about 5 other cars with the same amount of people.  Ridiculous!!  Worst thing that happened was that when the engineer was moving the engine to the opposite end of the train, he bumped the car so hard that people fell, thankfully not from our group, nor was anyone hurt very badly, but we had more than an hour delay at the stop so they could fill out accident reports for like 18 people who fell in the open air car.  They did have two ambulances waiting at the station when we returned.  Not sure what happened then.

We didn't get to see the railroad museum, or walk around the grounds of Drake's Well.  Told Bernie I'd go again, not for the train ride, but to visit the museum.  I was more interested in the history than the scenery!

The most interesting thing for me on the train was we could walk around to the other cars and I visited the Railway Post Office (RPO) it is the only one of its kind still operating in the US!  It was built by Pullman Car Co in 1924 for the Chesapeake & OH Railroad.  The care is steel construction, wooden floor, 75 feet long and weighs 708 tons.  It is the only railroad car anywhere in America where mail is still hand cancelled.  Of course, they sell snacks and post cards that you can mail right there in the car.  It was a good thing there were interesting things to see inside the train, because outside was a bust!!!

Entrance at Perry Station

Mailbox inside the RPO car where you could mail post cards!

Forgot to mention the Wabash Cannonball car!!  It is the first-class car for anyone wanting a smoother ride and pay more $$$$.

Here is the Railway Post Office - My favorite car!!  

These were the seats, interestingly is that the seat back moves forward and back so they could change it for the direction that you were traveling.  One of the volunteers told us that the engine always faces north.  Not sure that this is a fact.  I remember living near the railroad tracks, that engines were facing every which way.  Hmmm!!  Will have to Google that one!!

 I'll show you  our porch decorations for fall and Halloween.  Although we don't get any Trick-or-Treaters, I still love to decorate.

Front Door - Love those Stick-ees!  Have had them for years!!

Front Porch

Front Porch lit up at dusk!

Front Porch at night.  Hard to see put I have purple lights all around the top of the porch roof and a spider web in purple lights to the right side behind the cornstock.  I have these set up that when Halloween is over, I remove the purple lights and the orange candy corn lights remain until Thanksgiving or whenever the Christmas Lights are put up.

Well, I did have a couple finishes this past week, some more crocheted snowflakes and a tablerunner that I made for Eileen.

Blurry picture, OUCH!!  I have 72 of these made. For what?  Who knows!!!

Tablerunner for Fall for Eileen!!

Take care everyone!  Until next post, which may be sooner then next Thursday if all goes well!! 


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

This and That

Hello Everyone!

I begin with a tribute to one of my favorite musicians, RIP - Tom Petty.  Click on one of the highlighted links to listen to "Free Fallin" or "Refugee"  while viewing my blog.  You just have to click back on my blog to listen and read. 

Once again, I'm late in the posting!  Missed last week all together.  To say I've been busy is an understatement. 

The Christmas in the Woods show is now only 11 days away, and am I ready?  NOPE!!!
I'm getting there though. I have only three more lamps to finish at this point.  Will have those done this week for sure.  The signs are already to go.  I used my concoction of steel wool and vinegar to distress the wood.  I made one that says Welcome, one that says No Photos, Please, one that says Hearthwood Lamps, I still need to put some wooden sticks on this one, and one that says Thanks for Visiting Us at Hearthwood Lamps!

I dug through my Christmas decorations and found some rag garland I made years ago that I still use on our trees.  Also, some pine boughs, and I'm going to make a couple pinecone swags. Thanks, Peg.   I just want it to look like a cabin inside, not too much, but not empty either.

Went to quilting last Wed.  Worked on some Christmas quilts for the center.  I found a beautiful quilted tree skirt on Craftsy, and I have a Christmas themed jelly roll, for those that don't know what that is, it is a roll of fabric, pre-cut into 2-1/2" strips.  You basically sew them together long wise in whatever order appeals to you and then you cut it on the horizontal.  In then gives you a strip of all the different fabric.  This will be my next project.  I still have two bed size quilts in my UFO pile, Unfinished Fabric Objects!!  Ha Ha!!  Not sure if that is correct, but that is what I call them.  I also cleaned three sewing machines at the center a few weeks ago, so now they are all running beautifully.  I think I'll work on my tree skirt tomorrow.

Last Friday, I worked at the Oktoberfest at the Meadville Senior Center.  I sold raffles on a fall quilt, an apple crate, and the lamp we donated.  The lamp brought in the most money!  I was happy about that. 

This week, thus far, I've been working on fall type things.  I chopped down all the hostas yesterday.  Once they get yellow they are ugly.  Also, picked up some big mums for the front and side porches for only 5 bucks.

Side porch

Front Porch - the log was one of our cut downs that I polyurethaned a gizzillion times and then put a multi-colored solar light in the top.

Also, my cornflower is blooming so pretty as well as the new guinea impadiens!


The other day where I got my mums, I also bought quite a few Gala apples.  So, my first attempt at making applesauce.  I only made a little just to see if it merited me making more or just making Apple Crisp or an Apple Pie instead.    Well, Bernie and I sampled last night at dinner and it's a go!  I made one bag and froze, so today I plan on making more once I get the cornstalks up on the front porch, lights put out there and totally decorated for Fall, my favorite time of year.

Here's the sauce!


Done!  Yum!!
That's it for this week, guess I'll leave you with a few more of fall decorations.

Wreath I made years ago on front porch.

Flower Arrangement I did on the hearth of fireplace.

Prayer list this week for Eileen, Danny, and Barb! 

Happy Fall Y'All!!!


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Nestled Beneath the Pines

Hello again everyone!  I'm once again am entering the 2017 Blogger's Quilt Festival over at Amy's Creative Side.

My second entry is actually the very first quilt I ever did!  I made one little log cabin block as a trivet and then this was the second thing I did.................I didn't start off small, I jumped right in and made a log cabin king-size quilt.  This was done entirely by machine.  I stitched-in-the-ditch and it seemed to take me forever.  Actually, I kept track and from start to finish it took me 52 hours!!

I've entitled it "Nestled Beneath the Pines."  I love rustic decor and I chose these fabrics since they had pinecones, and boughs of pin in the print.  The reason I named it this is that I had a yorkie terrier at the time called Dixie.  She sat right by my side when I was quilting.  At one point during the quilting process, I tried to move the quilt and it wouldn't move, I grabbed it with both hands and it began to move a little, but was still too hard to do.  I finally got up, got down and pulled it at the bottom and out flew Dixie!  She had been laying on the quilt the entire time.  So, the name became Nestled Beneath the Pines.

Began with yardage and cut them into 2-1/2" strips.  This was before I ever heard of a jelly roll!!

 Primarily in golds, greens and my quilting friend told me the center has to be red!! So I chose a burgundy red.  I no longer follow this rule.  I use what I like best.

Here are some of the partial blocks.

 Here it is with the sashing between.  This was long before I knew how to measure for sashing too!

I basically just winged it!

Here it is on the bed.

Here you can see all the borders.  I just kept adding until I had it long enough all around the top, bottom and sides.  I used all fabric that was already incorporated in the log cabin blocks.

This quilt was done some seven years ago!  I still use it today and it's as beautiful as ever!!

Dixie did get to enjoy this quilt for many years!  Not beneath it, but on top of it!

Thank you for stopping by!  Stop by and visit me at

Blogger's Quilt Festival Going On Now!!

I've never entered into a Blogger's Quilt Festival before, but I have one quilt in particular that I'd like to enter.  This Bloggers Quilt Festival is going on right now at Amy's Creative Side Blog.  There is no voting on quilts, just a bunch of us that love to quilt, sharing what we have done recently.  Each person can enter two quilts.

There are many sponsors and some great prizes that will be awarded by random generation.  You can read all about it over at Amy's Blog at the link above.  Hop on over and check out the many entries.

My first entry is a quilt that I made for my brother, Bill, who served in the US Navy during Vietnam.  He was on the aircraft carrier, Bon Homme Richard, CVA-31, located in the Gulf of Tonkin.

Here it is:

 As you can see this is a fairly large quilt fitting a queen size bed here but I'm sure it will be a lap quilt.  I chose the Explosion Block on this quilt, one of my favorites to do.  The center block is The Sailor's Creed poem.

 I chose to embroider by my machine a few things in a few of the solid colored blocks.  This one has his name and rank.

This second one has the ship he was on...............

The third says US Navy................

And last, the war he served in...............

I enjoyed doing this quilt so much.  Since my brother no longer lives near me and I didn't get to visit this year, I mailed it to my niece who presented it to him on his birthday, August 30th.  I think he was surprised!!  He had no idea that it was from me until he opened it up and saw the inscription.

Here are a couple photos of him with his Quilt!  

I hope that everyone enjoyed seeing the quilt!  You can visit me at for more of my quilting and weekly activities.

Thanks for visiting!!