Friday, June 16, 2017

We've hit 90 degrees this week - Whew!!!!

Hello everyone,

I'm a little late posting this week, but really not much going on here in NW PA, my neck of the woods!!

We have finally hit the 90s, temps this week were in the 90s most days and today was no exception.  One day we were at 98 degrees!!  It is hot, but at least the humidity hasn't kicked in yet like it does in the dog days of August.

This week really hasn't been a busy one relatively speaking.  I have primarily been working on lamps this week.  I have four that need to have stones put on and I've been working on that.  I did four sides today and that takes me a good while.

On Tuesday, I went to the center for the Father's Day lunch!  It wasn't any good this time.  I swear it is the first time I had a bad lunch.  They were serving Roast beef sandwich with gravy, mashed potatoes and gravy, carrots, German chocolate cake, milk and coffee.  Our meals come from Meadville via New York somewhere, anyway whoever was responsible for cutting the roast beef cut it wrong and it was as tough as shoe leather.  Needless to say, I didn't eat it!  Glad we had mashed potatoes, because those were good.  Mashed potatoes is one of my favorite side dishes!!  When I moved up here before Bernie came and the house was built, I lived in that little motel in Linesville for six months.  Since I only had a microwave, once a week I would go to the Spillway Inn to get mashed potatoes and gravy to go!  They used to see me coming and knew what I wanted.  Ha Ha!!
Anyway, they had a local radio DJ there for a stand-up comedy show and he was terrible.  Just about as terrible as his radio show!!  I did win a $20 gift certificate for Lakeside Beer Distributor in Conneaut Lake, so we'll have to go over there to see what we can get!

On Wednesday, I went back to the center for quilting and this time the meal was great!!  No complaints.  We told the director that we should have had that meal the day before.  I was going to work on some tablerunners for the Oct. craft show, but ended up helping Joannie work on some quilts for the Octoberfest!  So, I began working on some Christmas explosion blocks and these will be sold at the fest in Meadville.  No pictures of any of it though.  Didn't even think about it.  I didn't take my big quilt because it is actually too big for me to work on there now.  I noticed on the board at the center that I have been nominated for the Senior Center Council.  Not sure what that means exactly, and not sure who nominated me.  They are voting on the 19th, so who knows what will happen.  I'm not voting!!!

Yesterday I went to Greenville to Wal-Mart, Tractor Supply, Aldi's and to the vet to pick up more of Macy's flea and tick meds.

Today, I worked on lamps some more and I also got the first border put on the quilt.  I also went outside and saw the first Baltimore Oriole of the season!  I don't think we saw any the past couple years, but tonight it was flying all over the place outside.  You can see him there in the tree!!  So beautiful!!  The bluebird was flying around near him as well.

I walked down into the yard to take this picture and found a couple other things new today!!  This flower was beside a pine tree, not sure if it is a weed or something that blew there and now is growing.

Also, my lily came out.  First one of this type for the season.

That is about all the pictures that I have for this week, and that is about the week in review.

Hopefully, next week I will have more to write about.

Prayers for our friends, Danny and Eileen!  Also, Bernie's cousin, Julie, who had heart surgery this past Monday and she was supposed to come home already today!  The wonders of modern day medicine!!

Take care!


Thursday, June 8, 2017

June 8th Posting - A few things to talk about this week, not much though............

Hi everyone,

Saturday was a stay-at-home kind of day and it was a nice day weather wise as well.

Sunday was a trip down to Pittsburgh to visit Bernie's parents.  It was a decent drive down, not too, too many cars on I-79 south, but coming back it rained hard quite a bit of the way.  We enjoyed pizza and a hoagie for lunch with them.

Monday and Tuesday were days to do things around the house.   I did get my walking in both days. Both days had rain in the forecast.  Tuesday night I worked a bit on finishing the first half of the Trip Around the World King-size quilt I'm making for our bed for summertime and a few other projects I was working on.

Wednesday was quilting day at the Center and I took the second half of the Trip Around the World quilt there to work on.  Joannie helped me figure out why it was taking so long, welllllllllllllllll,
being the perfectionist that I am, I was pinning each strip on with several pins, she told me that is why it was taking so long.  I pleaded my case about wanting to be sure the seams were perfect and I lost my case to her.  She said I'd be forever doing it that way.  So, she showed me how to pin the top edge, then the bottom edge, stretch the ends and find my center and pin it.  So, only three pins.  Then once it was in the machine at the one end sew a few stitches and go to the middle pin and pull it, find the center of that and hold it with my hand making sure the seams were where they were supposed to be and sew to my fingers!  OMG, this made it so easy.  I worked on it there for two and one-half hours.

Thursday, today!!  It was a pretty day today, sunshine and warmer temps after getting down to 48 last night.  Right now the clouds are coming in, so probably more rain is coming.

I went down to my sewing area a little while ago and finished putting all the strips together, so that I had two identical halves, and then I sewed the two halves together to get this................

Topper without the framing border or border put on.

Colors are vibrant, something I usually don't do.

The fabric to the left of the gold fern was my inspiration fabric, it is a beach scene with tiki huts in gold and palm trees, etc.

I'm loving it so far, now to get some borders picked out and get them on it.  I will then be ready to put some batting and backing on it and get it quilted.  I want to try free-motion, but will need to take a look at it on you tube to see how to do this.

Next, is how is my garden growing??????  Here you can see my lone tomato is doing well and the green pot has a few green beans poking through.  I Miracle Growed them last night and I also have been sprinkling cayenne pepper and garlic powder on them to keep those pesky chipmunks out.  So far it is working, Knock on Wood!!

My beans in the square container are up pretty high and the container to the right is the lettuce.  This is my first attempt at gardening something other than a tomato.  So, wish me luck!!!

Tomorrow is our 40th Wedding Anniversary.  Wow!  Where did the time go!  Hope it is a pretty day as it was the day we were married way back in 1977!!  Here is a flashback Thursday, pic!

Please continue your prayers for our friends, Eileen and Danny, both who are battling cancer.

We had a visitor the other night, Danny, was visiting his relatives nearby and stopped by to visit with Bernie.  He looked fantastic.  He gained 30 lbs back and is doing really well.  Praying he continues to improve and kicks this cancer once and for all.  Prayers do work!

Eileen asked for postcards when her friends go on vacation or even if they stay home with the words "Let's Kick This" on them.  So, she told me I was her first postcard, I sent her a beautiful Pymatuning Sunset!  She is going to collect them to see how many states she can get them from.  If you'd like to send her one, please email me.  Sending her positive thoughts and prayers always!!

Bernie's hands are still hurting, so it is day-by-day.   Praying for him to feel better as well.

Everyone take care until next week.............................


Friday, June 2, 2017

Birthday, Gardening, and Whatever else I can think of.

Hello Everyone,

It is a beautiful Friday morning!  The sun is shining, a bit cool, but oh, so pretty.  Lucky me, I get to get out the Dart and take it for inspection.  I usually drive the Chevy Pickup, I love bigger vehicles and love to sit above all the cars, but the Dart is economical for trips to Pittsburgh, etc.  So that is why I have it.  It doesn't get driven all winter and really not that much at all anytime.  They always look at me funny when I bring it in for inspection and they usually laugh since I don't put any miles on it.  So, I guess I'll get laughed at again!  I think I'll tell them that if they would like my low mileage my Dart that I'll trade it even-up on one of those brandy new Corvette's in the showroom :))   That will make me laugh......
So, I'll be typing fast to get this out before I have to leave for my appt.

Last Saturday, we celebrated my 61st birthday.  As my sister says, "It's only a number."  So, I figured I may as well tell you what that number is since it means absolutely nothing.  My birthday wasn't actually until Monday, Memorial Day, but the kids (Bryan and Jess) came up early for a celebration.  They took us out to dinner at Russell's Restaurant, as most places even to get to by car would have been impossible due to the tourist traffic.  We had a nice dinner and then came home for some birthday cake and opening of presents.  It was a wonderful day and went by too, too quickly.  Here is a birthday pic!  I don't look much older from last year!  Ha Ha.

Sunday, was a quiet day as well as Monday, Memorial Day!  We stayed at home and watched old war movies.  Bill called me for my birthday and I had so many good wishes on Facebook and Messenger from family as well as former co-workers, and friends from high school days.  It was a nice day!

Tuesday, was spent cleaning out closets and getting things ready to donate to the local animal shelter thrift store. I tried the yard sale thing a few years ago and wasted an entire day for pennies.  Donating is best.   I think at my age, I'm getting away from wanting to dust all the time, so lots of that kind of stuff has to go.  I did a fairly good job, but could have done much better.  I also baked the quilt cake from scratch for the quilting girls at the center.  Here it is.................

 It somewhat resembled the magazine cover.
Everyone really liked the cake, so it was a winner!!!

Wednesday, was quilting at the center and I took the purplish, blue, green Trip Around the World that I have been working on there and added more rows.  I am more than half way done with a half of it.  Unlike the Corvette quilts I made, this one takes a lot more time to pin on each row and make sure they are lining up properly and if not, re-adjusting it so it does and then sewing it on.  I'll be working on this for a while.  I haven't worked on any lamps, although I have four waiting in the wings.  I did work in the yard a bit as I bought two delphiniums to plant beside the shed.  I said I wanted more perennials, and figured this will help fill in spaces and I won't have to worry about planting so much each year.  My hopes are to have all perennials within the next few years.

Purple One

Purple Delphinium and some Marigolds to hopefully keep the chipmunks out of the dirt.

This is a more bluish/white one.  I'll have to see better when it opens up more.

Thursday, was a horrible day!!  I had things to do and got out of bed with a stiff neck.  Pains actually running down my neck into my shoulder.  OK, so maybe that 61 number that isn't supposed to mean anything, does mean something!!!  I spent all day in pain and I had a hair appt that I couldn't cancel because I had already cancelled it once before, so I went.  I had to tell her to be gentle.  I survived that and a trip to the bank, post office, got gas, went to Sparkle grocery store for a few things and then made it back home.  It's tough to drive when you have to move your whole body to look to the right before you pull out.  It's so much easier when your neck turns that direction.  When I got home, I put heat on it and then Biofreezed it to death.  The best part is that Bernie bought me a new pillow for my birthday among other things, but I'm always complaining about pillows.  I should have immediately opened it up and put it on the bed, but I didn't.  Had I done so, I might not have woke up in pain.  So the new pillow went on last night, and this morning it doesn't hurt as bad, but still woke up in pain a few times during the night.  I'm going to baby this thing today and get this better.

Well, I thought that I would get this out before I had to leave, but I'm too winded and that didn't happen.  So now it is about 2:00 and I made it back from inspection with flying colors.  The gal who scheduled me in went out to check the odometer, and came in and said you hardly have any miles on that Dart.  "Yes, I know."  After, the inspection she proceeded to tell me that I still had just about all the tread on my tires, so they were really good, and my brakes were excellent, and said I needed nothing but the inspection!!  Yes, exactly what I like to hear!!!  After that was over, I stopped at Wal-Mart, my least favorite store in the world, for a few items and then got the heck outta there!!  Had a nice drive back home.  Oh, by the way, I did check the price on that Corvette Convertible in the showroom, it is only $92,900!!   Let's see, how many Dodge Darts could I have bought with that?????

Please continue your prayers for Eileen and Danny.  Eileen had her second chemo and is doing quite well and Danny has been making some real progress of late.  Bernie's hands still hurt, but he's hanging in there. Joann is now healed from her fall and Bernie's Mom is doing well.

That's it for this week!  Everyone have a very good first week of June!  Enjoy your weekend.  There will be much happening again this coming week.  Take care everyone!!


Friday, May 26, 2017

Wreath Making, Flower Planting, Vegetable Gardening

Hello Everyone,

Can't believe it is Friday already and another post is due.  Let's go through my week.

Saturday was the Bair's Corvette Cruise In Show.  I worked the booth for the Senior Center selling raffle tickets for one of the quilts I made.  Both were given away on Saturday.  I sold quite a few raffle tickets.  Bernie came over at 12:30 and we had lunch at the center which was homemade penne pasta with four meatballs, salad, 2 slices of Italian bread, ice tea or lemonade and vanilla ice cream for dessert for $6.00.  Can't beat that price and it was delicious.

Sunday we made a trip to Pittsburgh to visit Bernie's parents, Mom had just gotten released from the hospital, so it was really nice to see them and spend the morning and most of the afternoon with them.

Monday was my grocery shopping day as well as laundry day since I didn't get them done on the weekend.  I had some time to work on a lamp in the evening, finishing it up.  I still have four more downstairs to work on.

Tuesday began with me baking a cake, it is called a Quilt Cake.  Made from scratch, and then you are supposed to put blueberries and strawberries on top in a quilt pattern.  This was the first time I made the cake, so I figured I better try it out on Bernie before I make one for my quilting lady friends.  I didn't put the berries on it for us to try, I just sprinkled them on before we ate it.  Here is a picture of what it is supposed to look like all completed...........It was on the cover of the most recent "Country Woman" magazine.

Here is what mine looked like....and it passed the test.........we both loved it!!!

After the cake was complete, I began working on the flowers I purchased last Thursday.  I began by planting some for the deck, front porch, and side porch................

Deck - Crazytunia's


Front porch

Front porch - getting ready for Memorial Day

Side porch
This is a bicycle basket that I've had for years and never put it on my bike.  I had thought that I could ride the pups around in it but it never materialized.  So I thought, I'd put a coco mat in it and then fill it with flowers and hang it on the railing on the porch, well since I have a patriotic banner there for Memorial Day, it will have to wait until it's over, then I can move it.

Potted petunias, guess I went overboard on them this year.  :)

Two hanging baskets of petunias ready to put on the shepard's hooks in the yard.

Since I've never done a real garden before, I've only done a tomato plant on the deck, I decided to try not only a grape tomato plant, but also two containers of green beans and one of lettuce.

Green container has some green bean seeds in it and the other is my grape tomato.

Here we have closest green beans and farthest lettuce.  We shall see as we have a baby bunny living under our deck and I'm sure he will love the petunia as well as the lettuce.

Wednesday was quilting day, but I've decided to do something different there.  I have two red/white/blue fabric wreaths that I got last year and never made, so I decided that I should work on those.  It is merely strips cut and then you simply tie them on a wreath form.  Here is a picture............

Here is the one on our front door and the other I'm giving to Bryan and Jess tomorrow when they come for a visit.

Thursday we ate dinner out at the Greenville Perkins.  I had a 20% off coupons,  SWEET!!!  Bernie just had a hamburger and fries which he said was really good.  I had grilled chicken over rice with a white vinaigrette dressing with steamed asparagus!!  It was wonderful!!  We came home and had a piece of cake for dessert.

Since, I didn't get this out yesterday, it is now Friday afternoon.  Today, I went to the Big City of Meadville.  I had a few birthday coupons to use up before the end of the month.  One from Peebles, $20 off, so I picked up a pair of Sketchers slip-on white tennis shoes that are oh, so comfy!!

So that is about it for this week.  Please keep our friends and family members in your prayers!

Til Next Week, Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!!


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Quilting Completed, Flowers Purchased, Hot Weather is Finally Here

Hello everyone,

What a beautiful day today is, the sun is shining, there is a nice warm breeze and it is 81 degrees.  There is supposed to be either some showers or a severe storm headed our way depending on which meteorologist you listen too!

Again another busy week for me, retirement is anything but relaxing, but then again, no stress with what I have to do unless you consider the deadline quilting I needed to do before today.

So let's begin with Sunday, Mother's Day.  I hope all the Mother's out there had a wonderful day.  I received flowers from Bryan and Jess on Saturday afternoon.  They are pink roses, pink large carnations and miniature bush red carnations.  Just beautiful!   A beautiful pink card as well.  Thanks again Bry and Jess!!

I have pictures and the cards that come with the flowers for every bouquet of flowers that Bryan has sent me over the years.  I take a picture,  print it out,  put the card with it and I put it under the glass on my desk, where I get to look at them every time I sit there.

Monday was a quiet day here spent playing catch up on On-Demand of my favorite few shows, NCIS, Bull, and of course Designated Survivor.  The only three shows I really ever watch, oh, except for Price is Right!!

 I'm also reading a religious book called Rediscovering Catholicism by Matthew Kelly.  They had them sitting at the back of the church to take and read, so I did.  It is quite interesting.  It talks about being a Catholic in this day and age.

Tuesday, was primary voting day here in Pennsylvania...........

and it was a day of reading, and enjoying the weather outside.  I completed cleaning out all the bushes that I began on Saturday, so now I was ready to put out the bunny statues, gazing ball, etc.
I still have two flower beds to clean out in the back yard.

Wednesday, was of course, quilt day.  I got the two Corvette Cruise in quilts back from Joannie and her long-arm fancies were sewn on there, and I had to sew the binding on the front of each of them.  Then since I'm a back hand-stitcher, I got almost one of them done there and finished yesterday afternoon and then last night spent most of the evening binding the second one.  Here are the finished quilts..............

It was such a beautiful morning that I decided to take the pictures outside as well as inside on these.  I think these "Attic Windows" turned out nice. They are both 48" x 68" and I call the red one, "Little Red Corvette" and the bottom one the "Green Machine."  These will be raffled off on Saturday and I'm going to work the show selling raffle tickets with another lady.  Should be fun!!

Today is Thursday, and I had to take the quilts to the Senior Center so they can get them ready, etc. I also had lunch with two of my former USPS clerks, Karen who worked for me in Conneautville and Vivian who worked at Andover.  It was a nice hour spent with two really great gals.  Next, I went to Linesville to Mom & Pop's Flowers, to pick up some gardening flowers and for the baskets, etc.
This lady is 85 years old, and still grows all the flowers herself, and she has everything imaginable and very affordable.  Here is what I came home with...............

 Here you can see that in the left corner  I got a lavender bush.  I, someday, plan on having only perennials planted in the ground around the house.  I have some dianthus, day lilies, lily of the valley and some other perennials that Bernie's Aunt Catherine gave to me.  I'm thinking this is the only way to go.  I was just going to buy baskets, well, you can see that didn't happen.  I like creating my own planters for the porches as well as hanging baskets.  I also got a grape tomato plant as I have never done a real garden, but I love some of those little tomatoes I pick right off my deck.  Yummmmmm!

 I got some very pretty New Guinea impatiens as well as some potato vines called "Blackies" as they are a very deep, almost purplish black vine.  Thought these would look great in a hanging basket.  Karen told me, she went to the nursery too, that if you take a sweet potato and plant it that this is what you would get.  I'm going to have to try that.  I got some green spikes for the planters I put beside the front door to give it some height.   They are at the top of the impatiens in this photo.
 Dark and Light Purple Petunias as well as white and the keep the animals away favorite of mine, Marigolds.
I had no idea what I even wanted, but it is getting near Memorial Day and I was afraid if I didn't get something that there wouldn't be anything left.  Not sure what is going where yet, but the is the fun of it.

I also got a different type of petunia called Crazytunia Moonstruck.  They look very old-fashioned and I just love them.  Here is the two colors that I got.  Aren't they just gorgeous???  Oops, got my foot in there, sorry!!!

The last picture is of  a full-sun annual plant, called Celosia.  Gosh!  It was just breath-taking and I had to have one.  I hope it gets really big and stays this pretty!  Here it is............

You can see that I got a little off track of a color scheme.  I originally wanted red and pink, but the purples were just so pretty, and the white, orange, pink, I ended up with everything except red.  I usually get red geraniums, but went with something totally different this year.  I'll have pics to show you once I get them all planted.  I need to get to Wal-mart for dirt, some mulch, etc.

Tomorrow we go back to the ortho doctor for a nerve test on Bernie's hands.  Poor guy, still is having some issues with them.  Peppermint Oil is definitely making a difference on the arthritis we both have in our hands.  Luckily mine is only in one finger.  I just take some hand cream and put four drops of the essential oil and let it soak in.  Makes a difference in the morning.

Well, that is it for this week!  Once again, my prayer chain is getting larger.  Bernie's Mom is in the hospital this week, and hoping she will be home real soon.  Also, Joann's hand is healing so she will be able to get back to her job soon.  Bernie is back to work, but hoping his hands can heal and give him some relief. Eileen and Danny both are going through Chemo, so wishing them the best!!  My cousin's husband, John, is also having Chemo, so wishing him well also.
Thank you for your continued prayers, Prayers Make a Difference!

Til Next Week.............
Have a fantastic weekend!!


Friday, May 12, 2017

Quilting, Gardening, and a Funny Story!!!

Hello Everyone,

It's Friday and I know, I'm another day late in my posting.

Let's begin with Sunday.  So, I'll start off with a story that Fr. Chris told us at Mass.

There was an old man, his dog, and his donkey walking down a country road.
A guy in a pickup truck who was traveling very fast down this country road ran the old man, his dog, and his donkey off the road into a ditch.
The old man decided to press charges against the guy driving the truck and they were in court and the defense attorney called the old man to the stand and said to him, "This is a yes or no question, did you say after the incident that you were perfectly fine?"  The old man said, "me, my dog and my donkey were............", "No, No, No," said the defense attorney.  "I asked you to reply yes or no only to my question, let's try this again, did you say after the incident that you were perfectly fine?"  The old man again says "Me, my dog and my donkey.......,"  Now the defense attorney is extremely mad and asks the judge to please have the old man answer yes or no to the question.  The judge said what does it matter, let the old man continue on.... the defense attorney wasn't happy, but let the old man continue.  So the old man begins "Me, my dog and my donkey were walking down the road when that guy sitting there was flying down the road in his pickup truck and pushed me, my dog and my donkey into the ditch.  He got out of his truck and saw the dog was hurt and took out his rifle and shot my dog, then the driver looked at my donkey and saw that it had broken it's leg and he shot my donkey, then he looked at me and asked me if I was all right and I said,  I am PERFECTLY FINE!!!!!    Loved that story and wanted to share, sorry it was kinda long.

The lilacs are all gone, the lily of the valley are still blooming though, but the most beautiful thing in our yard are the azaleas.  The red one has been blooming for a while and the flowers are beginning to dry out, but the white one next to the house is just gorgeous!  Here are a few pictures of those...........

I haven't done any weeding yet or raking the leaves from under the bushes as it's been raining more than enough. I also need to clean out all the leaves from the volcanic rock in front of the house. I like to do this when the sun is shining and the weather somewhat warmer than in the 50's.  I'll get to it eventually.

Not sure what this bush is called, they are getting straggly, but the new growth is so pretty in red, these need cleaned out too!!  Below that are a few dianthus that just began blooming.

Macy also enjoys being out in the yard and these photos show her looking for that chipmunk that keeps running around in the yard that she sees from inside the front door.  She is always looking for them.

Lookin for that grinnie!!!
Monday, Bernie returned to the Orthopedic Dr. and the good news is that he doesn't have inflammatory arthritis!  Thank goodness for that, although he is still having pain issues and some minor swelling.  Next will be to give him a nerve test in his hands.  He's back to work though.  We stopped in Greenville and had lunch at a bar/restaurant called The Majestic.  It was pretty neat inside, they had and old chuck wagon, and Roy Roger memorabilia in a case.  Some entertainer costumes from Conneaut Lake Park from back in the band age at the Danceland Ballroom.  Their food fare was limited, but Bernie had two hotdogs, chips and a Cherokee Red, and I had a bowl of wedding soup, a chicken salad sandwich and Root Beer.  We took a couple pics of us sitting there.  You can see the wagon behind me with it's driver.  So many cool things to look at in there.  Up top middle of Bernie's picture is a tuxedo worn by a group member of the Cavaliers in 1962 who performed at Conneaut Lake Park Ballroom.  The lady working there was really nice so it was a nice place to stop.  So, if you are ever in Greenville PA, stop by there.

Tuesday, was the special Mother's Day luncheon at the center.  We had stuffed chicken, mashed garlic potatoes, carrot coins, wheat roll, strawberry shortcake and milk and coffee.  They had live entertainment, a husband and wife duo from Conneautville who I knew from being Postmaster there.  So I got to sit with them at lunch and we had a nice conversation.  She used to be the music teacher at the school and he came in everyday practically mailing out drumsticks.  He plays the accordian and she sings, plays trumpet, guitar and keyboards.  It was fun.

 Sorry, I just took it from my seat and this lady was in the forefront.  They had beautiful lilies as centerpieces.  Nice time.

Wednesday was quilting day.  I finished up the two toppers for the Corvette show and handed them over to Joannie who does the long-arm quilting on them, so I didn't take pictures as they aren't done until I get them back next Wed and then I'll have until Saturday to get them bound.  I'll take pictures of the finished products then.

So, I worked on the Trip Around the World for our summertime bedding.  I just started sewing the strips together.  It's looking something like this right now.

One of the ladies at quilting, Vern, gave me the fabric above.  She hates green, so she knew I love green and she said that the second brown fabric with lettering called "The Ledger" was something she thought I'd like and I love it as well.  More for my stash!!!

Thursday, was a day to work around the house, I had many projects on my list and I am happy to say that I accomplished everything as well as baked a white cake with chocolate icing.  I'm calling it my Mother's Day Crumble Cake.  For some reason, it fell apart in spots.  Not very pretty, but Bernie said it tastes delicious!!  I was to go back to the center for square dancing, but my allergies gave me issues, so I thought it was best to stay at home.

Today is a work around the house a bit, and catch up on some On Demand shows that I've missed three weeks of and of course,  blogging. Writing a blog takes me a while to do, about an hour to get all the pictures and wording and ideas together. What I should be doing is writing each day and then not publishing it until Thursday, maybe I'll try doing it this week and maybe then I'll get it out to you on time.

 It is a cloudy, cool, day outside, not one I want to venture out in.  I put some ravioli in the crockpot, so dinner will be ready when Bernie gets home.

That's it for this posting, please continue your prayers for Eileen, Danny, Joann and Bernie.  Prayers are very powerful and hopefully they will make a difference in each one of their days.  Thank you.

Til Next Week, take care!!