Friday, September 21, 2018

Last Monday of Summer and Last Day of Summer!!

Hi everyone!

Doing much better with the posting, twice in one month.  WooHoo!!!  I finally have enough material to post today so here goes................................

I have quite a few pictures, so I hope I get them in some type of an order.  Last Friday night was just a beautiful evening, so Bernie got out his AMX and we took it for a nice drive.  We tried to get some corn, but corn is pretty much done in these parts, although we found some, it just wasn't good.  Here is a pic of me with the AMX.  Bernie made the comment that it has only been 41 years since I've allowed him to take a pic of me with the AMX and it was about time.

I'm still walking every morning for breakfast, not literally, I just walk for at least 30 minutes each morning and this morning was so nice out that I did over an hour walk.  Where do I walk, up and down the same dirt road, and no!  I don't get bored.  I just put on my music and walk, walk, walk!!

Today, went something like this.............................

I started out seeing a guy on his mowing machine for the township, who I like to call Mow Man!
This guy mows along side our roads three times a year, spring, summer, and fall.  He does a really nice job too!  It just seems to take him forever to complete his mowing.  He's been around our area for three days now!  We do things a lot slower in the country.  Hee Hee!!  The photo on the right is our dirt side road and this is where I walk.  Through the trees on the right is our home.

I also walked down by the new home they are building and I have to say, that I'm disappointed that they didn't brick it.  They used vinyl siding and now the colors are so bland!  Also, they didn't match the barn across the street.  I have this problem with things that are built that don't all match, ask Bernie about that sometime.  Hee Hee!!

So when I was just about finished with my walk, the sky was getting darker, so I looked at the radar, and here comes Hurricane Florence's rain and wind and knew it was about time to head home for breakfast. Who else loves these Cheerios Pumpkin and Spice Flavor?  Also, that is fresh orange juice that my father-in-law made for us, Thanks, Dad!!  It is so good!!

Also, at the end of my walk I passed by some plants in our yard and found a photo op there.There are the marigolds, the new ice plant, and lavender.

  Continuing on with this walk past the front of our home I came across some new flowers and corn.  Yep, I'm getting ready for fall y'all!!!

I love these $ store finds.

The corn wasn't a dollar store find, but from Joann Fabrics a few years back.  Now this corn looks like it's ripe for the pickin!  Hee Haw!!!

Just a few more pics and I'll be finished!  I've been quilting this table topper for a while now and can finally see the light of it being done.  I was making it for the center, but the more I work on it the more I think I will keep it. I've been going to the center on quilting day, but I'm really not enjoying going there much anymore.  I've been busy working on more lamps each day.

So with autumn arriving on Saturday, I think that I'll just finish on this note.  Not only do I LOVE FALL! , but Macy loves it too! 

I would have finished this post on Monday, but since I wanted to add one more thing, it is now Friday, the last day of summer.  Here is what the wait was for:

Stella, my nephew's wife, and I entered a local flower farmers giveaway to win some flowers.  Little did we know that we would both win.  So, Jessica, from Hickory Grove Flower Farm Co. delivered both of our bouquets to me.  Since I've been cleaning out, I only saved one vase figuring I'd only ever receive one batch of flowers at a time, so I had to use an old milk bottle I had on the shelf, so most of the flowers had to go in the vase and only a few in the milk bottle.  So, here is what we won!  Aren't they beautiful???

Til next time............................Happy Fall Y'All!!!!


PS, I'd like to send prayers to my mother-in-law, Joan, who is in the hospital and I hope she is well real soon and also prayers to my good friend, Eileen and her husband, Art.  His sister passed away today.  Blessings to everyone!!

Monday, September 3, 2018

It's September!! Fall is almost here!!!

Hi everyone,

Well, my last post was the end of July, so I totally missed August, and here it is September already!  Labor Day is over and the fall season is nearing which is fine by me!  I love the cooler temperatures, lower humidity, the changing of the leaves, the Autumn decorating that I love to do each year if only for Bernie and I to see!  This time of year means that its time to put up some corn-on-the-cob which I did at the end of August.

Blanching it
I purchased a few dozen ears from a local farmer that has the best corn around, and I blanch it for 4 minutes, then plunge it into ice water to stop the cooking process, cut it off the cobs, put into plastic freezer bags as a hefty 2 servings per bag and freeze.  It's really nice to open up a bag at Thanksgiving and Christmas and even for Valentine's Day and enjoy the sweet taste of home-grown corn.  Here is what my process looked like this year!

Ice Water to Stop the Cooking

Cutting it off the cob

Ten bags ready for the freezer

We also celebrated on August 25th, two birthdays!

Jess had her birthday on July 28th, Bernie on Aug 20, so we celebrate them together!!
Yummy!!  Cake and ice cream!!!  Love this picture.

Also, wanted to share a finish that I had in the sewing room!  I had to wait until after the birthday celebration to show you the finish.

Here's Jess opening up her new quilted Christmas Tree Skirt.  I think she likes it!  She actually designed it by coloring in a template that I gave her so I would know how to sew the fabric and picked out the fabric from a few choices I showed her online.  It turned out beautifully.  Below are pictures of it prior to our giving it to her.

There are so many birthdays in August in our family.  My sister-in-law, Tess, starts us off with an Aug 8th date, then Bernie's sister's husband, Tom, on Aug. 11, then my sister, Peggy on the 14th, followed by Bernie on the 20th, my niece Angela on Aug 23rd, my brother, Bill on Aug 30 and my cousin, Donna on Aug 31st.  Oh, almost forgot, Macy's birthday is Aug. 17th.    What a month!!!

I'm still walking each day, usually early in the morning before it gets too hot outside and I am happy to say that the weight keeps coming off.  In the past 6 months, as per my doctor at my last semi-annual checkup on Aug 27th, I am down 31 lbs.  Wowzers!!  I'm still not done though, I have 6 to go to be at my super healthy weight and with my BMI in the normal range!  I've got this!! 

So, I have to show you a pictures of a new home being built in our neighborhood!  Supposedly the guy is in his early 30's and either he hit the lottery or he has fallen into some old money!  He bought the farm a few years ago, refurbished the old barn and now began building this huge house.  It is so out of place in our neighborhood which is modest to say the least.  Mostly their are camps for fishing.  I only had one neighbor up to this point across the road and now this.......................  we figure our taxes will go up, but so will our home's value...................

The far left is the garage which they kept, but are remodeling it and the doors now open on the left side as before it was the front, then a breezeway into a little room and then the hugmungus house.  There are two fireplaces we noticed yesterday going up one of the right side all brick and one on the backside behind the highest peak.  So now we are wondering what will be the exterior, brick, stone, or siding.  Heck, if your spending that much money, I'd go with the brick!!!!

Lamping is continuing on.............Bernie is way ahead of me now, I've been a slacker of late.  Not really, but last week I went and did something I said I wouldn't do again.  It went like this, Bernie and I went to a car show at Pymatuning Valley High School over in Andover on Sunday, Aug 19th.  While there I ran into the school secretary that I've known from her coming into the post office.  She asked me how I liked retirement and I told her it was good, then she asked me if I'd like to become a substitute secretary for the district.  She said she would hire me and to stop over at her office.  So, the next day I stopped by, filled out an application, the superintendent approved me and by Wed, I went for my criminal check, that came back within the half-hour and then last Tues-Wed-Thurs was my training.  I went to the high school first, wow! talk about a boring day, the secretary there has two high school student aides each period.  Nothing there for a secretary to do except taking care of substitute teachers in the a.m., answering the phone and then I was handed off to the attendance secretary and now she was a busy lady.  I enjoyed working with her.  The next day I was off to the middle school.  After being welcomed, I was left standing---literally!  The secretary continued what she was doing, not showing me what she was doing or how, I had to keep asking her is this something I need to know, which it was, but.........................  Once again, my day was saved by their attendance secretary who gave me a folder of what to do for her and I was elated.  By the time afternoon rolled around, people were getting friendlier towards me.  Lastly, the primary school!  This was my favorite place out of the three, and probably the least likely place I would get to substitute as both of those secretaries work all the time and never take off.  The kids were great, and so cute.  They are unscathed at this level by all the weird hair, piercings, tattoos, etc! that come with the older kids.  These secretaries were wonderful, showing me their jobs and actually letting me help them with projects for the day.  I so enjoyed this!  Now the training is over, and I'm on call if they need help.  I think this job is more in tune to what I wanted to do.  Not too much work, but yet perhaps a paycheck every now and then.  Wish me luck on this new endeavor!

The lamping, as I said, is continuing as I worked on some today until a storm passed through shutting down my radio station and causing the lights to flicker on and off.  No tunes, no work!!  Ha Ha, I just used my phone favorites to continue on for a while.  The show in Andover was a decent one for us.  I sold six lamps in two days!  This is good for a small show like this one.  I've been pretty consistent with the sales either 5 or 6.  The show is not as nice as it used to be though, so perhaps next year will be time enough to try another show.  Bernie was kind enough to see the need for me to have a new tent.  I used a patio tent with tarps around the sides for several years, but now that I'm doing more shows outdoors, it was time to have a professional tent he said, with zipped sides to protect us from the rain or too much sun.  I love it!  Thanks, honey!  It does look professional!!!

I did finish up a small Erie stone lamp, but didn't quite finish up the large one, so that pic will have to wait until next post.

With that, I'll say have a Happy September!  Enjoy the changing of the season!!  And hopefully, I'll have more to show you next post.



Tuesday, July 31, 2018

End of July................Already???

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer.  I know that I am, and what a beautiful day we have going on out there right now!  It is a little breezy and was a nice cool morning so I took advantage of it and took a 60-minute walk up and down our dirt side road.  I love walking and listening to the movie "Gettysburg" Soundtrack.  Some of the numbers really make you walk faster!  Here is my favorite song from the soundtrack Gettysburg.  Click on the word Gettysburg!  There are so many great songs on the soundtrack.

It's been more than a month since I posted to my blog.  I've been up to a lot lately.  I guess the biggest accomplishment I have had thus far is that as of today I am 15# lighter.  I began about a month ago watching what I eat and walking and I'm having some success!  This makes me happy.

I finished a Christmas Tree Skirt. 
 And here is the back.

I totally cleaned, and organized my sewing area.  Hey!  It's much better than it looked before. 

 Organized all my fabrics and projects I'm working on are in the top wicker bins.

Fabric neatly wrapped on cardboard and yardage written on it.

My work table beside my sewing machine that Bernie made for me a few years ago.  My rulers used to be strewn about, but now they have their own hooks on the side of the table within easy reach. 

So, I've accomplished a lot down stairs. 

I continue to work on lamps as October is getting closer and I need to have a lot this year to sell. 

I have my first show this weekend and have lamps and quilted items to sell.  This will be the first outing for our smaller version lamps, so I'm hoping that they are a huge success.  My friend, Ann, and I do this show together every year, and it's always a fun time!

Ann and I actually went to Lake Erie yesterday for an outing.  We went and gathered flat stones that can be painted, and decorated, as well as I gathered some small stones from the beach to try on one of our small lamps.  I'll take a picture of that after I complete one.  We walked the beach for a while, and then walked the trail for over an hour.  We acted like tourists, taking pictures along the way, visited the Presque Isle Lighthouse, didn't go in it.  They charge $3.00 to just walk inside the house and if you wanted to climb the 78-stairs to the top, it cost $6.00.  We decided to just take a picture and be satisfied.  I did have to buy a couple postcards though.  I keep them on hand and sometimes mail one out to someone just because!!

I entered a few giveaways in a Christmas in July bloghop and was notified that I won a new book called "Sew Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" by Mary Hertel.  Can't wait to get it.

Other than that, not much else going on.  What is everyone doing this summer? 

I have lots to follow-up with you on next post, the show, hopefully a lamp with lake stones, and more finishes on quilts.

So till then,  Happy August!!!!


Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day! Quilting and Finishes

Hello Everyone,

and Happy Father's Day to all you Father's out there, even those Father's of furbabies!  What a wonderful day it is for you!  Although my Dad isn't here on earth, I remember all the Happy Father's Days we had in the past and all the cards I made for him over the years growing up.  It was always a special day at our home.  Missing you, Dad, until we meet again, love you!!

Much to blog about this time around.  I know, I'm a little late, but time just flies by now that I'm re-retired.  Lol!!  So, here's what I've been up to lately.

Last post was my birthday post.  Since that time, Bernie and I have celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary.  Gosh, time is flying by!!  I received the most beautiful of flower arrangements from him.  Here is a pic for those that aren't on Facebook and didn't get to see them.

These were from a new flower shop in Linesville and from what I have seen of their flowers, they make the most beautiful arrangements for a small town florist.  This arrangement consisted of a purple gladiola with white roses and daisies, both lavender spider mum and regular mums, deep crimson carnations and pink with reddish tipped carnations.  The best part is that I received them the day before our anniversary which was on Saturday, and some of the flowers are still beautiful almost 10 days later today. 

Besides working on lamps, which I am now caught up on, but not for long as Bernie is busy making more as I type this, I began a new journal.  Bryan and Jess got me a journal entitled "Big Ideas" for my birthday.

 Guess everyone pretty much knows that I have had many Big Ideas over the years.  I'm always dreaming, and thinking of new things I want to do or try.  Bernie always says that he can tell when I'm deep in thought just by looking at me.  It's true, most nights I have trouble shutting down this brain of mine.  Does anyone else have that problem?  Anyway, I'm using the book to jot down my "Big, and 'Bright', Ideas!" as well as things I need to finish or accomplish.  I have many UFO's, (unfinished objects) that I want to record my completions.  Being a Gemini, I tend to flit from project to project, never staying on course to complete something, so I'm trying to better myself in that respect.  So, after writing down about 10 things that need to be finished, I managed to take care of two of those this past week.  This is a huge accomplishment for me and I'm proud of myself!!

Here they are:

First, my friend, Eileen, sent me a wonderful quilt puzzle for my birthday.  I decided that it would look lovely in my sewing area, so I got Bernie to find me some cardboard and I began working on it last Sunday.  This puzzle is a 1,000 piece puzzle and it is 27" x 35".  Not a small puzzle at all.  I work on puzzles a little at a time.  My rule is if I can't place 5 pieces within 5 minutes or so, then I need to walk away.  I can come back 10 minutes or when I walk by it again and place another 10 pieces or so, before I can't place another piece and go do something else. I've never sat for hours doing a puzzle, I get up, walk away, and come back.  Doing it in this fashion, I had this puzzle completed by Wednesday night!  I had so much fun doing this puzzle.  Thank you, Eileen, love ya!!  I already have  Mod Podged it together on the front and the back is now drying.  I'll have this hung up this week!

Here it is completed. 

My next finish is something that I had been working on for quite a while.  I had this quilt top put all together, but tried to layer it with batting and the backing fabric here at home, but couldn't do it, not enough room even after moving the dining room table and trying to lay it out between the dining room and living room.  I took it to the Sr. Ctr two Wednesday's ago, the ladies and I had to use six tables put together to layer it up and after pinning it, I brought it back home.  I worked on quilting it from June 7 until June 15 off and on bound and determined it would be my second finish for the week and besides it was to be our Spring-Summer Quilt for our bedroom. I did get it done in the Spring, so I met my goal, not only that, but with left over material that I already had sewn strips together, I made two pillows and a small tier curtain for our window.  I like to name my large quilts, so here is finish #2 for the week, "Tropical Island Paradise"!!


Since I've shared my finished objects with you, I think I'll end this blog post for today.  I will have much more to blog about in the coming weeks, gosh!  I love this warm weather, so nice to be outside enjoying it though!  I hope you are enjoying your Spring as well.  Take care everyone! Until next time.....................


Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Happy Birthday to Me Today and Happy Anniversary To Me Tomorrow!

Hello everyone!

Yep, as the post title states, Happy Birthday to me!!  Today marks the 62nd anniversary of my birth!  or as some would put it, my Social Security Birthday!!  I am now eligible to collect SS!!

Today has been a beautiful day here in NW PA!!  The sun is shining gloriously, with a slight breeze and it is 95 degrees!  Ouch!!  Almost too hot to go outside.  The downside of going outside for me though is the pollen/grass count is extremely high and my allergies are acting up terribly today and has so all weekend long.

Bryan and Jess came for a visit to celebrate my birthday on Sunday!  Bernie grilled out some delicious T-bone steaks, cooked to perfection I might add!!  Fresh green beans, corn-on-the-cob, and homemade potato salad.  Also, one of the best birthday cakes I've tasted and fudge-swirl ice cream!!
I had a wonderful day on Sunday.

No plans for tonight though, just chillin with Bernie and Macy.

The weather here has been really nice lately!  Temperatures perfect, except for the past two days with extremely hot days.

In the garden, my lilacs are long gone, but my azaleas are now blooming.  Also, the iris is up a blooming finally.  After many years of no activity, they have finally come alive and how pretty they are.

Here is my Columbine.  I just love the purple color, so pretty.

I ended up purchasing some flower baskets instead of planting in pots which didn't turn out so well last year.  These are the baskets!  I have something going on with purples this year.

Just love the colors in this basket.  I bought three all the same just about.

Next is the wildlife, we've had some deer at the lick this past week and we've been birdwatching too!  This Indigo Bunting stopped by a few days to eat.  We don't see these often enough and they are just beautiful blue in color.

Had to stick the camera out the sliding glass door onto the deck for this shot before she saw me and ran away.

Then there was this chippy!  These are everywhere this year.  Digging holes all over the place.

and the finches!  Always so beautiful in yellow.  I purchased a sock of seeds at Dollar General last week and hung it up because it said it attracted finches and buntings and since I'm trying to keep that Indigo bunting here, I hung it up and here we have so many finches this year unlike years past.  There were five of them on the sock of seeds at once.  Just beautiful!!

I had good intentions of completing this blog post on my birthday which is now the day after my birthday, but I'll go with it anyway and since it is now May 30th, I'll have to say Happy Anniversary of my Retirement from the USPS Today!

Gosh!!  It's been two years already since I officially retired from the Postal Service.  Time sure does fly by now.  

So, what am I up to today!  Trying to get over these allergies for sure is #1, I was told to double up on the Zyrtec!  Seems that our pollen count is a tad better today than yesterday, but I'm staying in just the same.  Didn't go to quilting today either.  Haven't worked on any quilting either.  Today was a lamp working day.  I got to work on five lamps today so that was a good day.  Hopefully, next post will have some quilting in it.

I just want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday, the cards, the presents, the phone calls, it was a great day!  Thanks again.  Until next week, enjoy the remainder of this week and talk to you again soon!


Monday, May 14, 2018

Almost Three Months later and yes......things have changed!!!

Hello everyone,  February 26 seems like a long-time ago and that is when my last post was.  Things have certainly changed since that time.  Let's see if I can catch you up!!

First of all, I hope that everyone had a very Happy Mother's Day!!

On Feb 13, I began running the Senior Center, on my own, and did so until April 9th.  Next came that I had to train the new person that began that day.  Did that for a month and then knew it was time to go.  If you can imagine someone talking more than me, ha ha, well this gal had me beat by a long shot!!  She never shut up!!  Literally!!!!  She knew everyone, everything, connections for this and that and was just annoying to the max!!  And cell phone usage!!  When did work ethic become a thing of the past.  Used to be that if you had a job, and were being paid, you worked, not text on your cellphone all the time.  So with that being said, I went in on May 9th, after talking with my higher up boss early that morning telling her today was it, I was quitting, I went to work to inform the new gal.  Once there, I was told to call the high up boss again and well, they got me to stay out that week, and then begged me to give them another week to find someone and so I could handle the Mother's Day Lunch on May 10th.  So, I officially RE-RETIRED, last Friday, May 11th and I couldn't be happier and did they hire anyone yet???  Nope!!!    I told Bernie that if I every get the silly idea of working again to " hit me up along side my head."  For anyone else who might be retiring and then get that notion to return to the work force, I would tell you to forget it and enjoy your first Retirement!!

I'm now getting ready for the upcoming craft shows in Aug and October and am busily finishing up the lamps that Bernie has made thus far.  I just got finished working on some a few minutes ago.  Now I am getting ready to make dinner and take Macy to the groomer.  She really needs a haircut!  Here is the after photo!  So much better and she's decked out for Memorial Day with her new scarf!!

Spring has finally sprung here.  It actually was snowing here on April 28th!!  My gosh!!!  This was incredible!  I am so sick and tired of the cold and snow!!  Finally, we are in the 60's and 70's and it is wonderful.  The flowers are all confused!  My lilacs began to bloom before this last snow, and now they are hardly blooming at all.  I have only three shoots of purple and the white bush did a little better on the top.  Guess there is always next year!!

The azaleas which usually bloom before the lilacs are just now budding, so I still have those to look forward to and the day lilies and hostas are now up and looking good.  I still have a lot of work once the rain quits getting the leaves out of all the front bushes including the azaleas.

I am back to quilting at the center and don't have anything to show as yet.  I'm working a couple tree skirts there.  I still haven't finished the brightly-colored purple/green/blue quilt.  The top is done and I just have to layer it all and then take it to my machine to finish it up.  That is on my short-list to get done.  It's too big for me to take to the center to work on.

I still have the Civil War Reproduction Quilt to get a border on and then finish that up as well.  Hope to have that one finished in the not too distant future.

Once these two big quilts are done then I'm going to focus on some tablerunners that I can sell at the August show or perhaps on our lamp website.

Bryan has been working feverishly on this website for us over the past several months and we are just about ready to launch the site.  If you haven't signed up for an email to be sent to you when we launch you can do so by clicking here  I will be having other things on the website as well such as items to compliment our lamps.

So, I guess that is enough for this post, but I wanted you to know I'm back and will be posting more regularly again!

Thanks for sticking with me!