Thursday, January 12, 2017

Second Week of January 2017

Hello Everyone,

Can't believe this is the second Thursday of this month and my second posting for the year 2017 already.

This week has been "taking down the Christmas decorations" week.  The only day so far that I've taken a break was yesterday morning when I went to the center for quilting.

This week I finished the table runner I was making in the colors that I love.  I already have found a place for it.
First completed quilting project of 2017!!  

Found a place for it, right on top of my roll-top desk.  

Worked on my "Explosion" blocks again yesterday.  I added another layer to explode.  I contemplated purchasing the same material in the layer cake, which for non-quilters is 10" squares, but why buy more fabric when I have a large stash.  So, I went to my cupboards and came up with some fern type prints that I felt would work with the blocks I had finished last week.  I added them and this is what I got.

Exploded twice.
I'm thinking that these are now wide enough for me to do something with them.  Since this is definitely not my style for inside my home, I'm thinking that it would make a great little runner for on the picnic table outside next spring and summer.  The colors would work well outside.

Next on the agenda, is a Valentine's Day garden-type flag for my door.  I don't hang flags outside, but Jess, my daughter-in-law, gave me the idea to get a hanger and hang them on the door.  I need to find three other fabrics to contrast with this and then I'll begin working on it.  Similar to the one I made out of blue fabric with snowflakes for the Christmas season.

I'e had this material for ever.  Finally going to become something.

I also found a few UFO's that need my attention.  Oh, UFO's are "unfinished object."  In other words all those projects I began and never completed.  Yes, Bryan, your Civil War Soldiers cross-stitch is one of those, only been working on that one he says for twelve years!!  He could be right!  Anyway, here are a few things I found that I need to do something with.

A few more candle mats that weren't done in time for Christmas.  Will sell at craft show in August.

Looks like a different kind of candle mat I was working on at some point.

So, that is what I'll be working on as soon as the Christmas is all put away.  Too many bins, I need to downsize my Christmas stuff.

At the center yesterday we had Penne Pasta with three Meatballs, garden salad, mixed root vegetables, garlic toast and peach cobbler.  Really yummy!!

We had quite the week beginning with this picture on Sunday morning.  Freshly fallen snow and a beautiful morning.  Today it was 57 degrees and rained an inch or so.  All the snow is gone, but tonight we will be going back into the 20's again.

Something I wanted to share this week was a really cute thank you card from Bernie's aunt, Catherine.  It is handmade and just so darn cute and it's a moose and fits right in with my rustic decor, this is going to get framed.

I've named her Esmeralda Moose, only Peggy will know why!!
Well, guess that is it for this week.  Hope you all enjoyed your visit this week here at Deb's Rustic Quilting!!  Take care!!


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy New Year 2017!!

Hello everyone,

Here it is 2017 already.  Did you make any New Year's Resolutions?  Not me, I can never stick to them anyway, so why stress myself out.  I'll tell you what I'm doing instead at the end of this post.

 I finally got my new machine to run on Jan 3.  I decided to wait until the new year in hopes that the new year would bring me better luck.  So far, so good.  I'm having a little issue with the needle threader as it won't hit the hole in the needle.  Sure an adjustment is all that is necessary.  Hopefully!!!  I've only did a little straight stitching and zigzag on a practice piece thus far.  Plan to jump in tomorrow and finish up the table runner I showed you last week.

Yesterday at the center, I worked on making blocks called Explosion.  These are easy to make and look like this.  The fabric is called Batik, it is an island looking type fabric.  Has lots of fern type prints on it in some vibrant colors.  This is out of the norm for me.  I don't really like brightly colored fabric, but I won this set of charms.  Not sure what I'll do with it when done, but I thought it was good for this experiment block.  I still have to "explode" it again by putting another piece of fabric on top of each block, sew all the way around it 1/4" and then again make a cross in the center and cut on that cross to explode it out further.  I'll show you more on this next week.

Lunch at the center was Beef Stroganoff, garden salad, carrots, and vanilla pudding with Oreo cookies crumbled on top.  It was tasty!!

Also, at the center we are having a quilt raffle for two Steeler quilts.  Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5.  The quilts are 41" x 57".   The two lucky winners will have them before the Super Bowl.  If anyone is interested in purchasing a ticket or six from me, just let me know via email or give me a call.

Also, quilt wise, I will be participating in another quilt-a-long.  This one has a button at the top of my page as well.  I'll keep you posted on my participation in that.  It is a Christmas themed block a month called Have a Jolly Little Christmas.  If you click on that button, it will take you to SewFreshQuilts blog where you can see what each block will be.  Lorna McMahon from Canada is sponsoring this event.    I love some of the blocks, others, not so much so, I'll only participate in the ones I like and want to learn how to do.  Stay tuned.....................

It's snowing again today.  We had more than a foot and it melted, we had more than a foot, it melted and now it is coming down again.  We did manage to get the Christmas lights off the gutters on Tuesday when we were in the 40's for some strange reason and no snow on the ground.  

I'm still playing Christmas music, I have a couple of instrumentals that I just can't put away yet.  I'm listening to Jim Brickman, pianist, Christmas CD.  Click on his name and hear his music.  Christmas decorations are still up and will be through the Ephiphany.  Then I should have them all down by the 15th.  It takes me a while to get everything put away and then it is so bare.  Ugh!!

Well, wishing you all a great 2017 and I hope that it is off to a great start for you.  Oh, there is one thing that I've decided to do for the new year.  Bullet Journaling "BUJO"  It is something that I came across while viewing Pinterest and since I love to be creative and organized, I decided that I'll give it a try.  I got myself one of the new journals that I had on my shelf waiting for me to use and began making my pages.  I'll be able to keep track of everything I do and want to do in one journal.  I can even write down my tasks for the day, week, month, and mark off when completed.  No more post-it's everywhere and at the end of the year, I can see everything I've accomplished without resolutions!

I'll share more with you on my Bullet Journal in future posts.

Take care and stay warm!!


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Almost 2017 ...............Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Hi everyone,

Can't believe that Christmas is here and gone already and the New Year is creeping up on us.  This is a busy time of year, cooking, decorating, traveling, shopping, eating, gathering together, what a magical time of year, but mostly the reason for this season, the birthday of Jesus!

Even though I've been busy, I do have a few things I can share.  We decided not to quilt yesterday at the center, so we will be back at it next Wed to start off the new year right!!

I began working on a table runner that is non-Christmas related.  I purchased it as a kit, I like to do this as then I have a pattern to make more of them in other types of material.  When I purchase a kit, I usually buy the fabric that will work well in my home.  I love colonial/primitive/country colors, no brights, but lots of Forest/Spruce Greens, Navy Blue, Rust or Deep Dark Red, Deep Gold, etc.

This was one of the most simple patterns to make, took me only minutes.  All I have to do now is quilt it and bind and sew the backing.  I'm loving this one!!

I did all the sewing on this one last week at the center.  I'll explain why!

I have a Brother Sewing machine that Bryan and Jess bought me a few Christmas' ago.  It is a great machine for straight type stitching and I use it to put quilts together.  I began making a Civil War Reproduction Quilt with it and have it set up accordingly and don't want to change the settings until I complete that quilt.

So, for my retirement gift, I got a new electronic Janome sewing machine.  It has a big throat to do all the fancy type quilting.  It has so many stitches and I can even sew names and designs on my quilts now, if only I could get one that works!!!

Yes, that is what I said works!  The first machine I got fried!  I mean it smoked and shut off, never to turn on again.  So, I called the quilt shop and back it went and they ordered me a new one!  So, I used this new one for probably 10 times at best, and guess what.................I got an error message that wouldn't clear!  Kept asking me to lift the pressure foot, raise the needle bar and start the machine again even though it was turned on.  So, I followed the process and nothing.  One day, it works, the next it doesn't.  Called the quilt shop again and had to take that one back, they had another one in stock already, like they knew this one wasn't going to work either.  So, last Tuesday I got my third one of these machines.  Guess what!!  It's sitting on my table and I'm half afraid to turn it on.  Yep, I haven't tried it yet.  I keep saying maybe today, maybe tomorrow, guess I just need to dive in and give it a try!!  They say the third time is a charm, so I'll see.  If not, it's going back and I'll take my money back, thank you very much and go buy myself a Husqvarna Viking or some other brand.  All machines are made in China, Taiwan, nothing is made here anymore.  I'd say that is part of the problem!  Wish me luck!!!

Here it is..................I love it if it works..................................

So, how about Christmas sales, any one get any good bargains??  I don't usually go anywhere to get some after Christmas bargains, but we did stop at Dollar General and I got some snowman paper plates and napkins for 50 cents a package.  Also, found some snowflake tins to put my candied walnuts in next year for 50 cents a tin.  Then on my way out, Bernie sees a white Christmas tree outside for 1/2 off, so that meant $10.  It's 6' tall.  So, for that price, I'm sure I can make it look beautiful next year.  I looked at Walmart's white ones before and believe it or not, the dollar store one is more full looking than theirs!  So here that is....................

I guess that is all that is going on, except for a dentist appt that I'm going to in about an hour.  Yay!!!

Just wanted to say that although I post every Thursday, I understand that if you follow via email, that you don't get the email notice until Friday!  So, if you want to view this on Thursday, as in you can't wait until Friday, ha ha!!, then just type into your browser........... and that should get you there faster.

So, I'll talk with you again next Thursday, or Friday, and I leave you with this wish.................

for everyone reading this a

 Very Happy, Healthy, Safe, Prosperous, and Blessed New Year 2017!!

Image result for image of new year 2017

Debbie and Macy Kate too!!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Time is Here, Happiness and Cheer

Fun for all that children call
Their favorite time of the year
Snowflakes in the air
Carols everywhere
Olden times and ancient rhymes
Of love and dreams to share
Sleigh bells in the air
Beauty everywhere
Yuletide by the fireside
And joyful memories there
Christmas time

Happy Thursday!  This has been a very busy week for me.  Monday began as a cookie baking kind of day, more M&M party cookies and more Chocolate Chippers!

Then, Tuesday was our Senior Center Christmas Party!  What fun, we had a pianist playing Christmas carols and everyone was given a song lyric sheet to participate.  Santa made an appearance and handed out Washington State red delicious apples, yummy!!  I helped at the Chinese Auction Table, 50/50 Raffle and Quilt Raffle tables!  The Christmas lunch was ham, mashed potatoes, broccoli, roll and butter and black forest cake.  After that was over, a trip to the big city, Meadville, was in order!!  Groceries, stop at Home Depot and the Quilt Shop, and home again!!

Wednesday, was quilt day at the center so back there again, had time to cut out a new table runner I'm making, very little time to sew though since we had a special speaker from Vorsick's Backyard Bee Farm in Linesville.  This was a very informative talk on how honey bees make honey, how the females rule the hives, how the Queen bee is in charge of the hive and lays all the eggs, and how they determine who the Queen is!  I've linked up their website if you just click on the red Vorsick's link above.  She also sold raw honey so of course, I had to get myself a jar of Japanese Knotwood, my favorite for sweetening my tea in the evening!

We sampled all of the honey and by the time I finished doing that I needed a cup of coffee, no sugar needed!!

After leaving there,  a quick trip to Andover OH was in order.  Had to fill up the truck with gas, it is only $2.29 in OH as opposed to the $2.45 in PA.  Then, homeward bound again!!

So, I promised to wrap up my Meyer Home Christmas 2016 decorations, so here they are!!

Snowman family above cabinets in kitchen

More snowmen

More snowmen Jim Shore collection of them above cabinets

Jim Shore Scottish Santa and German Santa from Bryan and Jess a few years ago.

More Snowmen and small Jim Shore collectibles, and Yes, the phone does work!!

Yet, more Snowmen

Kitchen tree in antique porcelain pitcher!!

Guest bathroom Snowman, gift from Sister-in-law, Joann!

Guest Bathroom Tree and decor

Guest Bedroom Tree

Guest Bedroom display, quilted wall hanging made by my Sister-in-law Donna.

Office Tree

Office shelf with Santas

Office Shelving Decor

Office Decor

More Office Decor

Decorations stay up until around Jan 15!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!!

Image result for yorkie Christmas imagesHugs from Debbie and Macy Kate

Thursday, December 15, 2016


Welcome everyone to the Thursday, Dec 15th edition of Deb's Rustic Quilting.  A whole lot to get to today!  So, here we go................

I hope that a lot of you were able to check out the Virtual Cookie Exchange in my post last week.  There were a lot of great recipes shared by my blogging friends.  Thanks again to Carol S for hosting this event.

"Baby It's Cold Outside!"  You're not kidding!  Right now at 12:20 pm, I'm a little late getting my posting ready, it is a whopping 13 degrees and with the wind chill factor it feels like -4 degrees.  We had some snow again overnight about another 5".  The snow has settle quite a bit, but we still have over a foot on the ground.  Beautiful but cold!!!  The pellet stove is humming downstairs today!

The other day there was so much snow on the roof and then it began to rain making the snow so heavy that it was necessary for Bernie to take some snow off the roof.  Here is an action shot!!

Yesterday, I did venture out and go to the senior center.  Only three of us showed up on such a cold day.  I was able to work on my own projects this week.  Since we decorated the outside of the house in blue icicle lights and my wreath on the porch is blue and silver with blue and white LED lights, and I have snowflakes that light up in each of the four windows on the front of the house.  I didn't have a garden type flag in those colors to put on my door.  I have tons of fabric and decided to make my own.  So I designed this and quilted it yesterday and it's already on the door.  When you close the door it is in the middle of the glass outer door and is surrounded by the snowflake Stickees on that door.  Looks so nice, don't you think?

I've been also making some felt candle mats and quilted table mats, but those I can't show because they are going to be gifts.

I thought I'd show you some decorating here in the house.  Most people don't get to see all the decorating that goes on here at the Meyer Household.  I'm a decorator.  It took me about five days to totally "deck the halls" here.  I have a rule, there must be a tree in every room, decorated and can be lit.  So, there are a total of eight trees in our home.

I'll begin by showing you about half of it this post and will conclude it next Thursday.

I'll begin by showing you our living room tree, an artificial this year. I usually go with red and green and all old ornaments from years gone by, but this year I did the tree in turquoise, deep pink, purple, and a light green, with glass icicles, my Wendell August Forge annual ornaments a gift from Bernie's parents since 1991 and some old time silver icicles.  Love the simplicity of this years tree.   :(
Wendell August Forge is a manufacturing company of aluminum, bronze decorative items.  I've linked their website in my first mention of them.  They are located in Grove City PA, north of Pittsburgh, but south of where we live.

Followed by some of the decor in the room.

The next pic is our mantle.  I've been collecting Jim Shore Santa's, Angels, Snowmen, etc. for several years.  I usually keep them in the kitchen on top of the cabinets year round.  This year, I decided to put several of the Santa's, Angels, that I've received over the years from Bernie's parents, as well as a Nativity that we got last Christmas from our son and his wife, Bryan and Jess, on our mantle.

Something else that I just love about our living room is the family wall.  I have shown a picture of this before in a blog post, I believe, but since I have some new family followers, I'd like to show it again.  For Christmas each picture got a snowflake Stickees on them.  This wall is a wall of family wedding pictures, done in sepia, and placed in Amish made oak frames.  Pictures of grandparents weddings, as well as parents weddings, sibling wedding photos, our son's and daughter-in-law's and ours are displayed.

Next is a picture of a NOEL sign that I have hung on the door.  This was a plastic canvas sign that was the last thing that my Mom was making for her four children before she passed.  I came across them and two were completed and two were in the works.  I completed them and gave them to my brothers and sister one year.  Mom loved making plastic canvas items.  Aso, you can see under our tree that there are plastic canvas houses that my Mom and I made one year.  Mom made the church, general store, big green house, and red house with the green roof.  I made the blue house, and lodge.

Following that are the master bedroom and bath decorations and trees.

Mom's Noel Sign

Blue Cottage by Debbie

Green Mansion by Mom

Lodge by Debbie

Brown General Store and Green Roof House by Mom

Church by Mom

Window Quilted Wall Hanging made by Bernie's sister, Donna.

Debbie's tree

Bernie's tree

My little fake Hummel, which I love!
Master Bath Tree and Primitive Snowman

Above bath cabinet, I made the acorn, pine tree one year.

And this says it all "Merry Christmas"

So, that is where I will end with this week's tour of our home. Lot's more to see next Thursday.

Now for the giveaway winner from the Virtual Cookie Exchange!!!!

The winner of a box of homemade ornaments and various goodies is........................

PAM BECK - she became a follower by email during the Cookie Exchange!  Welcome, Pam and Congratulations on your win.  Please email me your mailing address and I'll get your box right out to you.

See you all next week...........................Oh one more thing, only 10 days left until Christmas!!!

and Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary on December 18th to my brother and his wife, Bill and Tess Miller, seems like only yesterday that we traveled to Memphis TN for the wedding.  Love you!!