Monday, November 20, 2017

A Little Taste of Winter and Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to get a blogpost out to you before the holiday to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Just some of my little decorations on the mantle.  I just love these little ceramic turkeys, pumpkins, and pilgrims.  Here is the lady pilgrim.

And a few other decorations..................

This one is my little Jim Shore Turkey!!

This was a sign from the dollar store from last year after holiday sale that I got for $2.00.  It is a decent black plastic frame and glass.  I just love it.

And this is an old staple that I've had since we first were married.  I purchased a bunch of Stick-ee's for different holidays and this was the Thanksgiving Cornucopia.  I just love how it looks on our sliding glass door going out onto our deck.

Last week was a cold one and yesterday we had a real blast of winter as we got about an inch or two of snow.  It is all but gone today since we have sunshine which is a rarity in these parts this time of year.  So nice to see that big orange ball in the sky!!

Went to quilting last week as I am still not officially employed by the center as yet.  Looks like my start date will be Nov. 30th.  Looks like my days of being council secretary ended today as I won't be able to be on the council when I'm an employee.  Everyone was upset as they love my minutes and wanted me to stay on, but that can't happen.  Oh well!!  I had a council meeting today and just finished up the minutes.

So, at quilting I took my own project to work on which is the tree skirt that I've been telling you about.  I got all the strips sewn together last week at home and this week I took them to the center to cut them as they have a bigger cutting mat than I have and I needed a large one.  Anyway, I cut the strips into the blades, some are one direction, A blades; and the other in the opposite direction, B blades.  My colors once again are the rusts, deep burgundy, forest green, tan, etc.  Known again as MY COLORS!! I believe I mentioned this in an earlier post as well.  Anyway, here is the skirt pieces thus far.

You can see the way the blades are cut. One on the far left is A, then a B, then an A, B and so on.  These are not sewn together as yet, because my next step required me to have something called Quilting Basting Spray.  I am to cut out the batting next and spray on the basting spray which is a fabric adhesive and adhere the batting.  May take me a few days to get this accomplished.  Hope to have more pictures next post.

Well, that is it for this post.  I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!!  I hope you all have family and friends to celebrate with you.  I miss very much the Thanksgivings of when I was a child.  So many relatives at Mom's house and then all the soldiers coming for Thanksgiving dinner as well.  Such fond memories that will last me a lifetime.  I am so thankful for them.  It will just be the two of us this year and I'm making a turkey breast and all the trimmings.  We just love turkey hash after the holiday.  I am thankful for our family and all our friends. 

Only 35 more days until CHRISTMAS!!  Can you believe it!!!


Sunday, November 12, 2017

Brrrr!!! It's Cold Outside!!!

Hi Everyone,

Just a tad bit late on this post, but here I am and here it is.

Just got a cold chill in the air the past few days.  We've had an early Artic blast that has taken us from a really warm fall to a freezing cold chill of February!  We had our first dusting of snow on Friday morning, and we know that there is much more of that coming soon enough!  We are going to warm up a bit this coming week.  My flowers are all done now, as the frost has taken the last bit of life out of them.  Even my porch mums are wilted and looking badly.  That is OK, because we look forward to spring again and the rebirth of life!

This past week was fairly busy.  We began last Sunday with breakfast out.  We went to The Hotspot Family Restaurant.  This is the restaurant that my former rural carrier owns and they have a really good, hot breakfast, reasonably priced.  They are fast too and did I mention the food is HOT!!  get it HOTSPOT!!  Anyway, we did go there again today for breakfast and they also sell OH lottery.  They have a televised game called KENO, which I usually play when we are there.  I spend $5 and that allows me to play five games.  I pick three numbers and if all three come up, they pull 20 numbers, then you win $27.00, and to me that is free breakfast.  I picked last week and won $2, not too good, huh?  Well, today I left Bernie pick the numbers.  He wanted to pick four, but I already had the card prepared for 3, so he went with three.  3-20-30, he wanted 29 too, our birthdays, but I said sorry, already had three filled in.  So, we watched and on the 4th game, after winning nothing on the first 3, he got all three numbers, but the kicker was that 29 came up too and that would have meant he had all four numbers getting us $72.00.  Ugh!!  Why was I so fast filling out the card?  Oh well, next time I'll listen to him and do the card over, right???  It was fun and the meal, great and free!  So a good day out.

We are working on lamps this week, we have one ready to go to the owner this week, and I have one in the works, and Bernie is working on putting together a few today.  I had another call yesterday from someone wanting one for Christmas.  I think that we are going to get busy for the holidays.  I just hope they don't wait until the last week or they may be out of luck.

A week ago Thursday, I had an interview at the Active Aging office down in Meadville for the Asst. Director position at our center.  I figure since I'm there often, and help out quite a bit, that I may as well get paid to do it.  Well, I was just told this past Wednesday ,when I was at quilting, that I got the job!!  So, I had to go for a physical and drug testing on Thursday, and passed that, so I'm just waiting for them to tell me my start date.  I'm looking forward to working part-time again doing something that is fun for a change!  I'm not sure what my duties will entail, and will know more once I get started.  I think I'll be doing lots of computer type work which is OK by me.  I love that!  Just as long as I don't have to be a boss to anyone, that is great!!!  So, I'll let you know how things develop.  So, I will be one busy woman, and that is fine with me!!

On Wednesday, I took my completed fall quilt to the center for what we call "Show n Tell."  I had so many people asking if the quilt was going to be raffled or they could just buy it from me.  I kept saying, "No, it's mine!"  Maybe I should be making some of these and putting them on a website to sell.  Gosh!!!  So, I promised to show you better pictures of the finished product, so here it is....

This first picture shows it it on the sofa in our living room.  I had it folded up on the top, but then I decided to move it somewhere else.

This next picture shows the backside of it, which I failed to show you last week.  You can see the stitching that was done on the quilt.  I don't send it out to be quilted by a long-arm quilting machine expert, I prefer to do it all myself.  I did machine quilt it using my Janome with just a stitch-in-the-ditch design.

So I have a couple of these little quilt racks in the home, so this one is in my dining area beside my hutch and it looks very nice there, I think!!

Here is how it looks now.  I hung my rusty star on it.  This star I picked up at the thrift shop a few years ago and it is not a flat star, but has dimension.  I put the sunflower on it with some raffia and had it for sale at a few craft shows I did, but no sale.  Actually, I priced it really high so it wouldn't sell on purpose so I could keep it.  There was a price that I would let it go, but I'm so happy it has stayed with me.  Now, it's NOT FOR SALE, ever again!!

So, that is all the pictures for this week that I can show you.  I can tell you that I'm working on some Thanksgiving projects, that I can't show until after the holiday is over or I'll spoil the surprises for those involved in the finished product.  I'm making nine things, that I'm sure you'll like to see, so I'll sow you in a  later post.

So with that, this week we are having our Thanksgiving Dinner at the center on Thursday, turkey and all the trimmings for $5.00.  That is pretty much all on the schedule thus far this week.  Keep finishing the lamps and Thanksgiving projects.

I want to thank all the veterans for their service to our country.  Thank you to my brother Bill, US Navy, Vietnam; my father-in-law, Bernie, US Army, Korea; my brother-in-law, Dave, US Army;
my cousins, John, US Air Force, and John, US Army.  Also, those in heaven who served us, my brother, Jack, US Army, Vietnam; and my Uncles who were brothers, Adam and John, both US Navy during WWII, also my cousin Lois' husband, Roy, US Army, Fighter Pilot, WWII.  Thanks to all of you for your service and for the freedoms that we have in this great country of ours.  God Bless America!!

Til Next Week, Pray for those afflicted, and I'll be back here in a few days!!


Saturday, November 4, 2017

Quilting and Fall Has Arrived!!

Hello Everyone,

I'm a couple days late with my post, but believe you me, I have reasons!

This past week has been a blur!  Seems that the older you get, the faster the days go by and before you know it, the next week is about to begin.

I've been working around the house on various items.  Began by putting away all the summer-type decor from the back deck and front porch.  Had to take down my purple Halloween lights and now just have my candy corn lights lit on the cornstalks until it is time for Christmas lights.  We aren't sure what exactly those will be as we don't feel the need to be hanging off of ladders this year to put up those lights.  We are going to do something different this year.  What that is, well, I'll save that for a later post as we get into the Christmas season.

We are busy working on lamps already.  Went to the lumber yard on Tuesday, and got enough to begin again.  Got set up as a tax exempt at the lumber yard!!  This is good!!  Brought all the wood inside the garage and now it's in Bernie's hands!!  He will perform his magic!! Provided his hands cooperate.  He still has issues with them and has to take it easy  per doc instructions!

Wednesday was quilting day and I managed to get there this day.  I've been working on a fall lap quilt which I'm calling "Autumn Drama," for good reason!  I was supposed to have it done by now, but I got way behind with the Shakerwoods show.  This was an Autumn Jubilee Blog Project, that I participate in each year.  So, I've been working quite a bit on it since Wednesday.  Here is what it actually is, I don't believe I showed you any of it thus far.

Here are the two blocks I had to make.  I made 6 of each one.  I love making fall colored quilts and runners.  My favorite time of the year and favorite colors too!  I used oranges, blacks, golds and off white, some greens too!

After these were sewn together alternating in rows of four, it looks like this.

I just got finished today putting the orange, off-white, and orange acorn borders on.  These were all 3" borders, these end up actually being 2-1/2" because of sewing them together in a 1/4" seam.  The backing is just a brown sheet.  Forgot to take a picture of that for you, but will have the finished product next post.  I just put the backing and batting together on the living room floor, so now I'm ready to go back to the machine and do the actual quilting.  Bind it and then it's completed.  It will be put on my little heart quilt rack in my dining area for the remainder of the fall season!

I went for my allergy tests on the 18th of Oct, and not so good.  They tested me for 32 different allergens.  They used the old tuberculosis tine test, where there were 4 big plates each containing 8 different tines with different allergens on them.  They pushed two of these plates into my skin on each arm.  Then I waiting about an 1-1/2 hours.  The nurse read them and got these little vials out of the refrigerator, here I am thinking I'm done, but NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  Each vial got a little syringe shoved in the top of it and I asked what she was doing and she said that I was going to get an injection from each vial.  OK, she kept putting them in and in, and I said, "Just how many little injections am I getting?"  and the answer was 30!!  THIRTY!!!  Out of 32 possible allergens, I was allergic to 30!!  So, to say I hurt for a few days would be an understatement!  I did find out that I'm allergic to dust, ragweed, and box elder (Maple Trees)!!!  MOSTLY!!!!  Where do I live???  In the woods, full of maple trees!!!  The doc told me the best place to live is Arizona!!  Ha Ha!!  Not moving there!!!!  So, I'm to take Allegra or Zyrtec, or of course, I could have weekly injections!  I think I'll try the meds first.

So, I was still having issues with the breathing, coughing, etc., so got a chest x-ray done, all is good there, and will be headed for a lung capacity test at the hospital in a few weeks.  My doc wants to rule out Asthma.  Not sure why I'm having so many issues with allergies this year, but it is the worst and I hope they figure it out soon what is going on. Oh, they gave me like seven pages of things I can do in the home to help!  First thing is to remove carpeting from bedroom!  Second, launder all bedding, comforters, etc., in hot water every week, not just the sheets!  All of it!!  Oh, and I am to change pillowcases each day!  Great Idea!!!  Bernie said he knows what to get me for Christmas this year!!  PILLOWCASES for every day  of the week!!  Woo Hoo!!!  Also, upholstered chairs, couches, etc, need to be cleaned all the time, or get leather.  I mean the listing goes on and on.  I hope we get a killing frost real soon!!  Bring on Winter!!!

Yesterday, was a craft show at a local nursing home called St. Paul's in Greenville/Jamestown area.  It was a really nice show and all the proceeds went to the ladies auxiliary.  I got a couple of cute little gift items and participated in their Chinese auction, which had some really great gift baskets, but didn't win one of them.  The home is really nice inside.  Figure it is probably pretty pricey to get into that one!!

Today, I ventured to the little United Methodist Church right up the road for their little craft show and ended up with nothing but two kinds of soup and some pumpkin and zucchini bread baked by the ladies in their kitchen.  They had like eight kinds of soup, but I got the stuffed pepper and wedding soup.  Should be good for dinner! 

I'm cleaning out the house of items that I no longer use or that have been sitting around.  I donate them to the local animal shelter's thrift shop in Meadville.  I'm trying to get rid of those "DUST" collectors!  Figure it can help my cause!!  Filling up boxes pretty good. 

Please continue your prayers for our friends, Eileen, who is finished with her chemo and radiation!!  Yay!!!  and Danny, who Bernie talked to the other day and he's hanging in there and is feeling good!  Prayers to everyone reading this too!

Well, I guess that is about all that is going on around here.  Until next week.................


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Week Two Results - End of the Show!!!

Hello Everyone,

Just finished up our first................

Was it a success?????  You bet, will we do it again??????  You bet.

Here is what happened.  Bryan and I opened on Saturday at 9:30 with enough lamps, so we thought, to see us through the weekend.  Well, that plan fell short by a lot!!!  We were making sales, practically non-stop, from 9:30 to 1:30, when we sold our last one!  That's correct, we SOLD OUT of lamps!!

Next plan, sell lamp shades.  I had ordered last week 25 more shades and although they weren't something that I made, after talking with the promoter and telling him of my Sold Out status, he said yep, go ahead and sell them since I had to be there on Sunday even without lamps.  If I would have closed up, I probably wouldn't be accepted for next year and after these phenomenal weekends, there was no way I was letting that happen!!!  So, I ended up selling 10 lamp shades making a nice profit on each of those, let's just say enough to cover my room for the two nights I stayed.

Believe I mentioned last post how everyone wanted to purchase my decorations, my wreaths, which were not handmade, my candlesticks that I did paint, my garlands that I made out of jute, burlap, crocheted burgundy snowflakes with rusty bells attached, and my quilts.  So, with nothing left to sell on Sunday but shades, I went ahead and sold off some of my decor.  Only things that I actually had a hand in making.  I sold two of the red quilted skaters and carolers, both of my garlands, and all three candlesticks.  These were shown in the first two photographs in my last post.

I told Bernie that I would sell out and I'm not sure that he thought I would, that it was wishful thinking on my part, but that Miller in me, said "Do It, Debbie, Failure is not an Option" and I did it, with the help of Bryan, of course!  

Bryan is working on a website for the business now.  I have many people already signed up to be notified when we launch the site.  Our website is called  There isn't anything there yet, but we are working on it.  It will be mostly pictures of our lamps and what we have available as far as kinds of shades and lamps.  Not sure how far we will take this, but I have already been getting orders and we are working on them already.  

So, with little to do on Sunday, I gave Bryan off, like a good mother/employer should, but on Saturday we just did what we could with shades and listened to Vanessa Campagna sing!  

Vanessa did three shows a day, and we never got tired of hearing her.  Here is one of her songs, it is beautiful!    Believe I said she was from Beaver Falls and now lives in Nashville TN.  I talked to her a few times between her shows since my cabin was right there.  She was very nice and will be singing in December with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.  Wish I could go see her there.  Click on Vanessa Campagna to here her sing Hallelujah
She sang one song in particular that I loved and unfortunately it wasn't one she wrote, but written by Maren Morris another country/pop singer in Nashville.  Vanessa sang it just for me during her last set and pointed me out, so that was pretty nice.  I'm not a country fan at all, but this song just spoke to me, so you can find it here, entitled My Church!  Vanessa sang it so much better!!  

Maren Morris – My Church Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I’ve cussed on a Sunday
I’ve cheated and I’ve lied
I’ve fallen down from grace
A few too many times
But I find holy redemption
When I put this car in drive
Roll the windows down and turn up the dial

Can I get a hallelujah
Can I get an amen
Feels like the Holy Ghost running through ya
When I play the highway FM
I find my soul revival
Singing every single verse
Yeah I guess that’s my church

[Verse 2]
When Hank bring the sermon
And Cash leads the choir
It gets my cold, cold heart burning
Hotter than a ring of fire
When this wonderful world gets heavy
And I need to find my escape
I just keep the wheels rolling, radio scrolling
Until my sins wash away

Can I get a hallelujah
Can I get an amen
Feels like the Holy Ghost running through ya
When I play the highway FM
I find my soul revival
Singing every single verse
Yeah I guess that’s my church

Well, I'll be back to posting about what's been happening with quilting, etc., next week.  So, I hope you enjoyed the music.

Hugs and Hallelujah,

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Week One Show Results

Hi Everyone!

I'm sure you are all wondering with bated breath what the results were of our first weekend at "Christmas in the Woods."  To keep you in suspense just a bit longer, I'd like to share some photos taken last weekend inside our cabin.  By the way, we had fantastic weather all day Saturday in the 70's and again on Sunday in the 70's.  It was to rain on Sunday afternoon around 2 PM and you could just see the thickening of the clouds, but it held off until 4:30!  The last half hour was more of straightening up your cabin as people scurried by running from the rain.  It wasn't a shower, it was a torrential downpour.  At 5:00 I closed up and got ready to dash to the truck to bring it a bit closer as the marine battery that I demo my lamp with is very heavy to lug too, too far.  So, I got wet, very wet!

So here are some photos!

This is the right side of the cabin when you come in the doors.  As you can see I had nothing but decorations on the shelving as the lamp didn't fit on there.  Funniest thing though, those three black candlesticks on the right side of shelf, we could have sold them about a 100 times.  Had to keep telling everyone they weren't for sale, just decorations.  We joked that we should have made a few hundred of those!

This is the center front of the cabin above.  Could have sold my quilted table topper a few times as well. 

This is the left side of the cabin, people wanted to buy my tree in the corner with the rag garland on it.  Geez!!! 

This is the back exit door on the right side, you can see the moose wall hanging??  Yep, you guessed it, they wanted to purchase that as well!!


Another shot of the front of the booth.  Outside the window is a Welcome Sign, I even had someone wanting that!!

On the table are the three color stains we have available as well as the two different kinds of stones and also various lamp shades.

This was the display demo lamp right in the middle on the checkered table.  You can see it is lit and sitting higher on the box that holds the battery.  This was our checkout area.

And out the back door again.

Here is my helper taking a much needed break!  Lookin good, Bryan!!  The wind was refreshing outside as it got pretty warm inside especially with wool pants on!! 

Here is my helper on duty!  A busy person he was all day Saturday and most of Sunday as well.

And here I am, Bernie took this picture before Bryan came on Saturday.   

And here we both are.  Eileen and her husband came to visit at our cabin and Art took this picture of us!
We already look tired and it was just Saturday!  No!  I didn't cut my hair, I have it pulled back in sort of a bun as the early settlers wore it.  I like this picture!!!

OK, so with all that being said, we did extremely well!  We exceeded out goal of selling ten lamps each day.  We already have about that already sold for this Saturday, so we are way ahead of the game.  I'm just hoping that we don't sell out on Saturday as I already have a room booked that night that I won't be able to cancel.  Either way, I'm staying!!  This was a very good show for us and the music at the nearby stage was wonderful and I hope that we are able to do it again next year!

It was so nice to see Eileen and Art and Ei looked fantastic!  You've got this thing licked, Ei!!  Love ya!!!

I'll take a few more pictures this weekend, if I'm not too busy, and maybe a video of Vanessa Campagna singing some wonderful Christmas Songs!!  She was selling CD's at the show in between her performances.  She was originally from Beaver Falls PA, but now lives in Nashville TN!!

Tonight is the Baked Potato Buffet at the Senior Center, a huge baked potato, chili, all the fixin's for the potato, dessert and drink for $5.00.  Gonna take Bernie out tonight!!  :) 

Take care everyone and wish us luck this weekend!  I'll have some other things to blog about next week besides the finale of the show.


Thursday, October 12, 2017

It's Showtime!!

Hello Everyone,

The next post I'll be talking about hopefully how well we did at the "Christmas in the Woods' first weekend!  The weather is supposed to be spectacular, so the crowds should be coming out.

All the lamps are ready, my costume is ready, my helper is ready, the booth is semi-ready, I'll be there bright and early on Saturday AM to put the finishing touches on it and then at 10:00 am it is GO TIME!!!

I'm excited and nervous, seeing some familiar faces should help ease that nervousness!  I know I'll be seeing some of you one of the days we are there.

Wish us luck!!!

Besides getting ready for the show, I have some other things that are going on or went on this past week.

Yesterday was a Senior Center outing to the Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad, where you ask?  Titusville PA, From the Valley that Changed the World!! It was to be a nice foliage tour, but it poured down rain!  To say it was fun is really stretching it!  Our lunches got wet, the ticketing was a fiasco from the get go as we were told to board at one place and our tickets were at another.  Instead of just sending the tickets to that station for boarding, they made all three buses, 72 people, move to the other station.  When we got to the end of the 13 mile line, with nothing to see but rain, green leaves, and oil creek, with no wildlife or anything happening in the rain, we stopped for a 20 minute break.  They had 4 porta-johns, 2 women, 2 men, for let's see, our 72 people, plus about 5 other cars with the same amount of people.  Ridiculous!!  Worst thing that happened was that when the engineer was moving the engine to the opposite end of the train, he bumped the car so hard that people fell, thankfully not from our group, nor was anyone hurt very badly, but we had more than an hour delay at the stop so they could fill out accident reports for like 18 people who fell in the open air car.  They did have two ambulances waiting at the station when we returned.  Not sure what happened then.

We didn't get to see the railroad museum, or walk around the grounds of Drake's Well.  Told Bernie I'd go again, not for the train ride, but to visit the museum.  I was more interested in the history than the scenery!

The most interesting thing for me on the train was we could walk around to the other cars and I visited the Railway Post Office (RPO) it is the only one of its kind still operating in the US!  It was built by Pullman Car Co in 1924 for the Chesapeake & OH Railroad.  The care is steel construction, wooden floor, 75 feet long and weighs 708 tons.  It is the only railroad car anywhere in America where mail is still hand cancelled.  Of course, they sell snacks and post cards that you can mail right there in the car.  It was a good thing there were interesting things to see inside the train, because outside was a bust!!!

Entrance at Perry Station

Mailbox inside the RPO car where you could mail post cards!

Forgot to mention the Wabash Cannonball car!!  It is the first-class car for anyone wanting a smoother ride and pay more $$$$.

Here is the Railway Post Office - My favorite car!!  

These were the seats, interestingly is that the seat back moves forward and back so they could change it for the direction that you were traveling.  One of the volunteers told us that the engine always faces north.  Not sure that this is a fact.  I remember living near the railroad tracks, that engines were facing every which way.  Hmmm!!  Will have to Google that one!!

 I'll show you  our porch decorations for fall and Halloween.  Although we don't get any Trick-or-Treaters, I still love to decorate.

Front Door - Love those Stick-ees!  Have had them for years!!

Front Porch

Front Porch lit up at dusk!

Front Porch at night.  Hard to see put I have purple lights all around the top of the porch roof and a spider web in purple lights to the right side behind the cornstock.  I have these set up that when Halloween is over, I remove the purple lights and the orange candy corn lights remain until Thanksgiving or whenever the Christmas Lights are put up.

Well, I did have a couple finishes this past week, some more crocheted snowflakes and a tablerunner that I made for Eileen.

Blurry picture, OUCH!!  I have 72 of these made. For what?  Who knows!!!

Tablerunner for Fall for Eileen!!

Take care everyone!  Until next post, which may be sooner then next Thursday if all goes well!! 


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

This and That

Hello Everyone!

I begin with a tribute to one of my favorite musicians, RIP - Tom Petty.  Click on one of the highlighted links to listen to "Free Fallin" or "Refugee"  while viewing my blog.  You just have to click back on my blog to listen and read. 

Once again, I'm late in the posting!  Missed last week all together.  To say I've been busy is an understatement. 

The Christmas in the Woods show is now only 11 days away, and am I ready?  NOPE!!!
I'm getting there though. I have only three more lamps to finish at this point.  Will have those done this week for sure.  The signs are already to go.  I used my concoction of steel wool and vinegar to distress the wood.  I made one that says Welcome, one that says No Photos, Please, one that says Hearthwood Lamps, I still need to put some wooden sticks on this one, and one that says Thanks for Visiting Us at Hearthwood Lamps!

I dug through my Christmas decorations and found some rag garland I made years ago that I still use on our trees.  Also, some pine boughs, and I'm going to make a couple pinecone swags. Thanks, Peg.   I just want it to look like a cabin inside, not too much, but not empty either.

Went to quilting last Wed.  Worked on some Christmas quilts for the center.  I found a beautiful quilted tree skirt on Craftsy, and I have a Christmas themed jelly roll, for those that don't know what that is, it is a roll of fabric, pre-cut into 2-1/2" strips.  You basically sew them together long wise in whatever order appeals to you and then you cut it on the horizontal.  In then gives you a strip of all the different fabric.  This will be my next project.  I still have two bed size quilts in my UFO pile, Unfinished Fabric Objects!!  Ha Ha!!  Not sure if that is correct, but that is what I call them.  I also cleaned three sewing machines at the center a few weeks ago, so now they are all running beautifully.  I think I'll work on my tree skirt tomorrow.

Last Friday, I worked at the Oktoberfest at the Meadville Senior Center.  I sold raffles on a fall quilt, an apple crate, and the lamp we donated.  The lamp brought in the most money!  I was happy about that. 

This week, thus far, I've been working on fall type things.  I chopped down all the hostas yesterday.  Once they get yellow they are ugly.  Also, picked up some big mums for the front and side porches for only 5 bucks.

Side porch

Front Porch - the log was one of our cut downs that I polyurethaned a gizzillion times and then put a multi-colored solar light in the top.

Also, my cornflower is blooming so pretty as well as the new guinea impadiens!


The other day where I got my mums, I also bought quite a few Gala apples.  So, my first attempt at making applesauce.  I only made a little just to see if it merited me making more or just making Apple Crisp or an Apple Pie instead.    Well, Bernie and I sampled last night at dinner and it's a go!  I made one bag and froze, so today I plan on making more once I get the cornstalks up on the front porch, lights put out there and totally decorated for Fall, my favorite time of year.

Here's the sauce!


Done!  Yum!!
That's it for this week, guess I'll leave you with a few more of fall decorations.

Wreath I made years ago on front porch.

Flower Arrangement I did on the hearth of fireplace.

Prayer list this week for Eileen, Danny, and Barb! 

Happy Fall Y'All!!!