Monday, November 8, 2010

It's Monday....Need I Say More?

This is the first full week of November, already? Did you do anything exciting this weekend? My weekend was pretty nice, but not uneventful. First on Friday night Bernie and I got stuck in a blinding snowstorm for about 10 minutes on our way home from Home Depot. Saturday was a clean the house type day, you have to understand, once I get started cleaning, I don't stop, so there went Saturday. Sunday was the best day of all. We went out to breakfast at Kings and then to the grocery store, then came back home.

I finally had a little time to sew, so I got two of my Christmas table runners completed, but I'm not real happy with my corners, can someone tell me what the best way to round corners is? I purchased this Simplicity Bias Tape Machine and I love it, but the corners give me trouble. If you haven't seen one of these machines, you simply cut 2" strips, sew them together and feed them through this metal guider which takes the fabric and folds each side into the center of the strip and then runs it over a hot iron plate and voila, you have a bias strip. All you have to do then is put it around the sides of the piece your making and sew it on, but those CORNERS!!! I need to figure out the best, cleanest way to do this. If anyone knows the proper way to do this, please let me know.

I ended the day on Sunday with a little NASCAR race watching, and then a little football watching, and just chilling out with Bernie and Dixie. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

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