Friday, November 12, 2010

Why do I always hit the enter key too early????

I type in the title and hit enter and there it goes, another post with only a title. Some day I'm going to get the hang of this blog thingy! It's Friday night and after a grueling day at work, bombarded by mail and customers since we had yesterday off for Veteran's Day at the Post Office, I finally staggered home and just plopped myself down on the sofa and looked at catalogs all night. I went to my sewing area and picked up a few new fabrics to see what they would match with well, and that was it. So much for sewing tonight.

I'm trying to rest up because tomorrow is my big Christmas shopping trip with my friend, Ann, to Volant PA where they have a whole bunch of specialty country type shops just jam packed full of snowmen, Santas, and Christmas items in general. This is the second year that Ann and I have embarked on this town, and we just can't wait to get there tomorrow morning bright and early when they open. It will be a fun day of laughs, getting craft ideas, buying some presents, and just having a girls day out! No sewing tomorrow, that's for sure, oh maybe on Sunday. Have a great evening and enjoy your weekend.

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