Thursday, September 22, 2016

My New Quilting Adventure!!

Many of you know that I had a desire to learn to quilt when I became a Postmaster in a small town here in NW PA.  I found a local group of gals that I would visit on my lunch hour on Wednesdays to learn how to quilt.  I made a small little mat in a log cabin, my very first project.  I was so proud when I finished it something like a month later.  Sewing only during a lunch hour, once a week really didn't do it too quickly and it wasn't perfect to say the least, but I felt accomplished!  My first quilting project in the bag.  Shortly thereafter, the quilting group I attended moved to the newly built, Lakeland Senior Center within five minutes of my home.  I was excited until I heard that you have to be at least 60 years old to attend.  Well, I was only in my 50s then.  I was devastated.  I continued to sew by myself making mistakes along the way.  My seam ripper was my best friend.

Fast forward to July 2016..............I'm 60 and retired, so I joined the senior center last month and some of the same gals are still there sewing every week.  I met some new "young" gals there and I am again learning from the pros!!  One lady is 85 years young and can she show you a thing or two.  Another woman is so very talented in what she makes.  These ladies make quilts like crazy and they donate them to the center and the center sells them to make money for the activities and to buy more quilting fabric, etc.  These ladies also make quilts for Project Linus, Making blankets, quilts, etc. for children in need.

So, the flying geese runner I made is for the center.  I hope someone buys it and the center can benefit from it.

And the fabric I showed you last post, was actually picked out for me by the director of the center, she used to be a interior designer and has a great eye for colors.  This also will be donated to the center.  So, I'm having fun, learning so much, and having a great time with these gals.

So, follow me here on Thursdays, to see the progress on this "Trip Around the World" quilt and whatever else I do on my own at home.
Stop by again next Thursday and have a fantastic weekend!

Happy Fall!!

Debbie and Macy Kate Too!

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  1. sounds like fun. I need to find some kind of group around here to get involved in. Although I wonder when I would find the time to fit it in