Thursday, October 6, 2016

A Little Quilting and the October Giveaway!!

Hi Everyone!  Welcome to my Thursday post!  A little late today, but as my Mom always said, "Better Late, Than Never."

So what I've been up to this week in quilting.  This is the Trip Around the World as of this week.  The two halves have been  sewn together for the Senior Center.  I'm waiting now for the director of the center to choose the borders and binding.  She likes to do this as she was formerly an interior designer.  She does have a way with matching fabric.  I suggested the black and a green, so we'll see what she decides. 

So since that is at a stand still, I continued to work on my own two table runners from last weeks blog.  They are all together now and I got the batting today and will get those finished up hopefully by next week.

I didn't know if I told you that the Senior Center serves lunch for $2 and it's pretty decent.  This week we had a Hamburger on a Wheat Bun, Green Beans, Cole Slaw, and Apple Pie, Milk and Coffee.  Yummy!!  Where can you get all that for the money?  It's nice to sit and relax with the other quilters over lunch.

So next week I signed up for a drawing class.  I am not a drawer at all, but figured maybe I could learn something, so on Tuesday I'll attend that and then again on Wed for quilting again.
I'll let you know how the drawing goes!  Colored Pencils is what I'm using.  

So now that it is October and Halloween is coming soon.  My October giveaway will be a Witch Magnet and a little quilting item!!  Not saying what it will be.

So to enter the drawing, follow-me and then write me a comment on what you think the quilting item could be?  If you are the winner, chosen by random generator, and you get it correct, you'll get a second surprise gift!

Have a wonderful weekend!  

Please Pray for those in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina that Hurricane Matthew doesn't hit them as hard as they are predicting.  



  1. a drawing class sounds fun. I wish I could find something around here to get involved in.

    1. We'll see how that goes. Never knew how to draw, just doodle. I wonder if I have any artistic talent?? See ya tomorrow. Pray for no rain!!

  2. I can't draw at all and have thought of taking a class too. I think a quilting item would be a brush for cleaning out a sewing machine. It reminds me of a broom for a witch.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Kathy. We'll have to see how this drawing class goes! You are entered into the drawing for the witch and surprise quilting item. Good Luck!!

  3. I am a Halloween fanatic. LOVE the witch magnet. And, I LOVE to draw as you can see by my 'art' easel on my blog sidebar.

    I am already following you.

    1. I wish we had Halloween in my neighborhood which only consists of two houses in my immediate area. Living rural is a bust for Halloween, they have it at the community center where everyone goes and hands out candy. Not the same as growing up in a small town where everyone knew one another. Miss those days, I decorate though, for Bernie and I. Ha Ha!! Bernie always provides the chocolate for the occasion.

      We'll have to see how I draw next week. I'll share in what I do, I think!!!!

  4. Hi Miss Debbie,

    Well, I'm a teddy bear and not sure if I can join in the fun....but here goes - I see a little witch head so I am guessing she will have a little body, flying on that broom. Can't wait to see what you have created and who the lucky winner will be.


  5. Prudence, you are more than welcome to participate! Good Luck and thank you for stopping by!! Hello to your Momma!