Thursday, November 3, 2016

November already! Quilting up a storm!!!! Giveaway for this Month.

Hello everyone,

It's Thursday already, the weeks are going quickly I'm so busy doing things.  Can you believe it is November, we were 72 degrees in NW Pennsylvania yesterday!  Unfortunately, we are much cooler today.  Leaves are so beautiful still, the wind hasn't knocked them all off yet although Bernie had to mow the leaves down last evening.

So here's what I've been up to for the week.  I had two finishes this week in quilting.

My little felt candle mat.

And the second project from the Quilt-a-long

I love how these both turned out, now where to put them...................hmmmmm!!!

We were instructed to make 4 more pumpkins and 12 more leaves for the third and final project of the quilt-a-long.  So, I worked last week to accomplish that.  When Friday came, we got our last instructions on how to finish off another table topper in a larger size.

Having went to the center yesterday only to find out the director has found my Trip Around the World topper, YAY!!!  she went to purchase the framing material, border and binding material and forgot to take the topper with her.  So still no fabric, she swears it will be here next week.  I won't be holding my breath.  So, I worked on this third topper at the center and worked some more on it this morning.  Here is what I have thus far..............

I have to put the strips between the leaves and pumpkins yet, and easy sewing of strips and then I get to find backing, put in the batting, and quilt it and bind it.  Then, I'm completed with that project.

I won't be doing anymore quilt-a-longs as there are a few Christmas presents that I need to work on next to have them ready in time. I'll only be able to show you one of them when it is completed as I know the little recipient is too young to read yet.  Ha Ha!!!

So, what have I been doing in my spare time.   Ha Ha!!  Reading magazines to get them outta here and also this................

A 300-piece jigsaw puzzle.  Took me a few hours to complete spread over three days.  This was a tough one, but just beautiful when it was done and oh,  how I wish I had some of those cupcakes right now!!!
They would be so yummy!!!

Got my walking in most days this week, except for today since it is raining out.  Guess I better go up and down the stairs a few more times.  :)

So, on to the giveaway!  This month will be a surprise giveaway!  Could have a fall item, could have some early Christmas items, all you need do to enter is to follow my blog and leave me a comment on what is your favorite dish on Thanksgiving Day!!  It's that simple.  A random generator will determine the winner and will be announced next Thursday!!

Well, that is it for this post.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!  What have you been working on?????



  1. Just signed up to follow your favorite Thanksgiving dish is my SIL, Sherrie's dressing with cranberry sauce! Yum...can hardly wait.

    1. Thank you for following me, Linda. I have a hard time picking my favorite dish. I think it would be my stuffing and leftovers!!!!

  2. Wow, you've been sewing up a storm. Good job. They all look great.
    Hmm, favorite Thanksgiving dish? I can't pick one. I love them all.

    1. Yes, was just sewing the last of it. I have it layed out with batting and backing. Just need to quilt it and bind it and then done. I can't wait until Thanksgiving. I have lots of time this year to prepare for it.

  3. You do beautiful work, Debbie. Our favorite Thanksgiving dish - well, it has to be the turkey. We buy ours fresh from a humane farm in the New England area, and they are the best we have ever had. If you asked my hubby he would immediately say "Joyce's pumpkin pie".

    Hugs and Happy Weekend.

  4. Hi Joyce, Yep, my hubby would say my pumpkin pie too! He's already asked if I were going to make them. I've never had a fresh turkey let alone a humane farm one. I always just get the frozen Honeysuckle kind. I won't buy any other brand. Thank you for your complement on my quilting.

  5. Love your fall finishes and the pumpkin and leaves... we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, which is a bit sad really, it seems like such a nice holiday to me... xx

  6. Does Australia celebrate another holiday similar to our Thanksgiving? I love learning about different countries and cultures. So nice for you to join inn following my blog and you will be entered in the giveaway, Joy! Enjoy your weekend!!