Thursday, December 15, 2016


Welcome everyone to the Thursday, Dec 15th edition of Deb's Rustic Quilting.  A whole lot to get to today!  So, here we go................

I hope that a lot of you were able to check out the Virtual Cookie Exchange in my post last week.  There were a lot of great recipes shared by my blogging friends.  Thanks again to Carol S for hosting this event.

"Baby It's Cold Outside!"  You're not kidding!  Right now at 12:20 pm, I'm a little late getting my posting ready, it is a whopping 13 degrees and with the wind chill factor it feels like -4 degrees.  We had some snow again overnight about another 5".  The snow has settle quite a bit, but we still have over a foot on the ground.  Beautiful but cold!!!  The pellet stove is humming downstairs today!

The other day there was so much snow on the roof and then it began to rain making the snow so heavy that it was necessary for Bernie to take some snow off the roof.  Here is an action shot!!

Yesterday, I did venture out and go to the senior center.  Only three of us showed up on such a cold day.  I was able to work on my own projects this week.  Since we decorated the outside of the house in blue icicle lights and my wreath on the porch is blue and silver with blue and white LED lights, and I have snowflakes that light up in each of the four windows on the front of the house.  I didn't have a garden type flag in those colors to put on my door.  I have tons of fabric and decided to make my own.  So I designed this and quilted it yesterday and it's already on the door.  When you close the door it is in the middle of the glass outer door and is surrounded by the snowflake Stickees on that door.  Looks so nice, don't you think?

I've been also making some felt candle mats and quilted table mats, but those I can't show because they are going to be gifts.

I thought I'd show you some decorating here in the house.  Most people don't get to see all the decorating that goes on here at the Meyer Household.  I'm a decorator.  It took me about five days to totally "deck the halls" here.  I have a rule, there must be a tree in every room, decorated and can be lit.  So, there are a total of eight trees in our home.

I'll begin by showing you about half of it this post and will conclude it next Thursday.

I'll begin by showing you our living room tree, an artificial this year. I usually go with red and green and all old ornaments from years gone by, but this year I did the tree in turquoise, deep pink, purple, and a light green, with glass icicles, my Wendell August Forge annual ornaments a gift from Bernie's parents since 1991 and some old time silver icicles.  Love the simplicity of this years tree.   :(
Wendell August Forge is a manufacturing company of aluminum, bronze decorative items.  I've linked their website in my first mention of them.  They are located in Grove City PA, north of Pittsburgh, but south of where we live.

Followed by some of the decor in the room.

The next pic is our mantle.  I've been collecting Jim Shore Santa's, Angels, Snowmen, etc. for several years.  I usually keep them in the kitchen on top of the cabinets year round.  This year, I decided to put several of the Santa's, Angels, that I've received over the years from Bernie's parents, as well as a Nativity that we got last Christmas from our son and his wife, Bryan and Jess, on our mantle.

Something else that I just love about our living room is the family wall.  I have shown a picture of this before in a blog post, I believe, but since I have some new family followers, I'd like to show it again.  For Christmas each picture got a snowflake Stickees on them.  This wall is a wall of family wedding pictures, done in sepia, and placed in Amish made oak frames.  Pictures of grandparents weddings, as well as parents weddings, sibling wedding photos, our son's and daughter-in-law's and ours are displayed.

Next is a picture of a NOEL sign that I have hung on the door.  This was a plastic canvas sign that was the last thing that my Mom was making for her four children before she passed.  I came across them and two were completed and two were in the works.  I completed them and gave them to my brothers and sister one year.  Mom loved making plastic canvas items.  Aso, you can see under our tree that there are plastic canvas houses that my Mom and I made one year.  Mom made the church, general store, big green house, and red house with the green roof.  I made the blue house, and lodge.

Following that are the master bedroom and bath decorations and trees.

Mom's Noel Sign

Blue Cottage by Debbie

Green Mansion by Mom

Lodge by Debbie

Brown General Store and Green Roof House by Mom

Church by Mom

Window Quilted Wall Hanging made by Bernie's sister, Donna.

Debbie's tree

Bernie's tree

My little fake Hummel, which I love!
Master Bath Tree and Primitive Snowman

Above bath cabinet, I made the acorn, pine tree one year.

And this says it all "Merry Christmas"

So, that is where I will end with this week's tour of our home. Lot's more to see next Thursday.

Now for the giveaway winner from the Virtual Cookie Exchange!!!!

The winner of a box of homemade ornaments and various goodies is........................

PAM BECK - she became a follower by email during the Cookie Exchange!  Welcome, Pam and Congratulations on your win.  Please email me your mailing address and I'll get your box right out to you.

See you all next week...........................Oh one more thing, only 10 days left until Christmas!!!

and Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary on December 18th to my brother and his wife, Bill and Tess Miller, seems like only yesterday that we traveled to Memphis TN for the wedding.  Love you!!


  1. Love your decorations and the pictures of your collections.

    Congrats to the lucky winner, that is so wonderful.

    Merry Weekend.

  2. Merry Weekend to you also! I just shoveled a couple hours ago, the sun came out so lovely, I cleaned hubby's car off so he doesn't have to do it, went downstairs to wrap a few presents, come upstairs, and it's snowing again. Ground covered, car covered, sun gone! Woe is me!!!! I love decorating though, Joyce. I've done a little more this year since I'm retired now! Loving it.................

  3. Your tree looks great and so do all your other decorations. You're looking very festive there.
    That wind today has been brutal

    1. I hate that wind! Bone chilling! Stay warm!!!

  4. Thank you so much Debbie!!! It was such a wonderful surprise to get your email. I love all your decorations, such lovely little touches everywhere. Thank you again, blessed be, hugs!!! Pam