Thursday, December 1, 2016

December is here! Only 24 days until............................

Hi everyone!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We enjoyed our Thanksgiving turkey and trimmings on Friday when Bryan and Jess were able to join us!  It was a very nice time and they visited with us until the next day!

So happenings last week.....................

On Tuesday I was out shopping and when I checked my phone I saw that the Senior Center director had called me.  I initially thought that she had taken me up on my offer to help her clerically with anything she might need done from typing, receptionist duties, etc.  So, I called her back expecting to be put to work and instead I received the most pleasant surprise................. the center had a raffle for a queen size quilt which was a Trip Around the World, like the pink one I was making only it was for Fall.  So, I bought six tickets for $5, figuring it was a donation to the center.  There were 1,000 tickets sold as they were on sale from the beginning of October through November 22nd.  Well, guess what!!  I won the quilt!!!  OMG, I never win anything of that magnitude.  If you know quilts, they go for a lot of money, this is probably at least a $500 quilt, perhaps more...........  So, here is what I won!

Just in time for the kids to come up for Thanksgiving.  I had a lovely quilt to put on the bed in the Guest Room!!  This quilt was done by Joannie Crowley, who is one of my quilting mentors, so I have a "Joannie Original."

I got back my pink Trip Around the World yesterday, but since it was forgotten at home, I had to wait on Joannie's husband to bring it to the center, I ended up working on some candle mats, or mug rugs, whatever you'd like them to be.  So, I ended up bringing the quilt home and just now finished putting the binding on the front side and now all I have to do is hand-stitch the back and it's ready to go back to the center, where I believe it has already been sold!!  Someone wanted it for their granddaughter.  So here it is, with binding on one side...............

I think it turned out lovely!  I'm not a pink person, but I am a green person and love the black and green.

Other than that, if you take a look to the right and scroll up to the top, you will see a big Chocolate Chip Cookie picture/button, and I am participating in a Virtual Cookie Blog Hop!  My day posting is December 8th.  There will be four days of postings of recipes from some wonderful ladies.  My giveaway for December will be another craft box full of Christmas items.  To enter you will have to go over to my Virtual Cookie Blog Hop post on Dec. 8 and follow the instructions there.

To get to the hop, just click on the Chocolate Chip Button/Picture.  You will be directed to Just Let Me Quilt Blog which belongs to Carol, our sponsor of this event.  You will see where it says Virtual Cookie Blog Hop and click there and you will see who is posting each day beginning Dec 5 - 8.  Just click on the different blogs posting each day to get the recipes.  I believe, Carol, is also having a giveaway, not sure if anyone else is, but it's worth a look at the recipes.

I'm busy decorating today, so I'll keep this fairly short, so much to do, so little time................
Happy Holidays!!!



  1. congratulations on winning that quilt. What a great prize. Your pink quilt looks great too

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