Friday, July 28, 2017

Happy Friday, July 28th, Happy Birthday, Jess!!!!!

Hello everyone,

It's Friday already and it's our daughter-in-law, Jess' birthday today.  So Happy Birthday, Jess!!!

We went out to breakfast with them last Sunday and visited with them at their home in the morning.

 This is Bryan and Jess' home.  It is so lovely.  Jess really outdid herself with her plants and front porch looking so lovely.

And this is Sock.  He is just chilling out.  Macy just loves to visit the kitties!!  He was the only one we got a picture of this day.  We had a little birthday celebration with Jess since we knew we wouldn't see her today.

 I'm just glad she has a sense of humor and liked her bag of gifts.
I couldn't ask for a nicer, prettier, daughter-in-law!!  Love ya, Jess.

Next was Monday and I did a little shopping at the grocery store and I took some pictures of my crops!  Ha Ha!!  I actually got to eat some of my grape tomatoes and Bernie and I and of course, Macy, had a little dish of green beans.  They were very good!!

Tuesday was a work on the lamps and I did some quilting on this day.  Finishing up one of the runners for the Oct show. This moose will look great underneath one of the lamps with a moose shade, don't you think?

Next was Wednesday, quilting day at the center.  Today I worked on a bench cushion and two pillows for the center entry.  One of the gals volunteered to make them and then volunteered me to help her!  Thanks, Vern from Wilmerding originally.  I told her I'm going to call her Wilmerding from now on!!
Sorry, no pictures, maybe I'll take them next week, I completely forgot.  Anyway, she made the quilted cover using scraps and I ended up sewing it together, stuffing it, and sewing around it and taking it to the bench to tie it down.  The pillows the same, I finished them off and hand-stitched the closure.  That took up the entire time there.

We did have a really great meal for $2 this day.  We had meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, wheat roll and butter, and mandarin oranges.  Yummy!  They had leftover mashed potatoes, and of course, I couldn't pass them up.  So, we enjoyed them with our dinner that day.

On Thursday, I walked in the morning for an hour, seems that the two days before that I walked weren't recording on my Fitbit!  I hate that when it happens!  At least it is working again.   After I finished walking, I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

Then I worked on stoning lamps and began another runner for the October show.

Today, Friday, I have just about finished that runner.  I just have to hand sew the binding and another finish for the week.  Here it is:

This time it is a duck.  Colors didn't come out real good here because of the light, but that is actually rust colored fabric with green.  Trust me, it does match very well.

I forgot to show you something that I found last week at the Perry Monument in Erie.

It is a painted rock and says "Angels Are Your Protector."  On the back, it said #ErieRocks.
So after inquiring what it was, I was told that if you find it you are to take a pictures, glad I did that, and then move it to somewhere else.  So, that is what I did and as we waited for the boat, I saw a little girl pick it up and move on.  I went to Erie Rocks online and saw about this.  Next thing, I knew, my niece, Caro, and her kids were making them and doing the same thing in Pittsburgh.  So, I guess it is going on everywhere.  I liked the idea.  So, if you are out and about and find one of these, you will know what to do with it!!

Last Saturday we were invited to Billy and Stella's camp for a picnic.  We had a great time there.  We visited with not only them, but my nephews' George, Jeremy and Jason, as well as Stella's daughter Stormy and her son, Ethan.  What fun, playing games, talking and watching Ethan fly that awesome helicopter and of course, eating.  Billy did a great job grilling those dogs and hamburgers.  Stella made a fantastic pasta salad, and I never come empty handed, I brought rigatoni since I had just made homemade sauce a few days before, and since Bernie came home with a chip of green beans, we had those with ham, and I baked, cheated and used Betty Crocker, chocolate cake!  I think everyone had a great time!!

Please continue your prayers for Eileen and Danny and all those who need us to pray for them.

Til next week, have a great weekend!



  1. Happy birthday to Jess. Hope she had a great day

    1. Thanks, Ann! Sounds like she enjoyed it!!

  2. Awe thanks for featuring me on your blog for my birthday! Glad you got some nice pics of the hanging flower baskets because all the pink flowers died and fell off. I'm so sad now. We had your homemade sauce on pasta for dinner tonight and it was delicious.

  3. I'm glad you liked it, Jess!! Aw, don't be sad about a few flowers, I killed all of mine, just about. I replaced some with geraniums and they are doing great! Bad year for petunias, I say!!