Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Welcome Surprise

As I've mentioned before, I'm a Postmaster and when I moved here for my work, I didn't know a soul. I asked the people at work if there was a quilting club in the town where I worked or nearby where I could learn to quilt. Lo and behold, one of my rural carriers told me that his wife, Sue, belonged to a quilting group. Anyway, Sue, took me under her wing and began to teach me how to quilt. She first had me make just a small hot pad using the log cabin design. It turned out quite well if I do have to say so myself. So my next project was two small pillows also using the log cabin. After that, I skipped the log cabin and did my own thing, it was Dixie's quilt "Dixies by the Dozen" and now my largest project on record the King-Size Quilt "Nestled Beneath the Pines." I want to personally thank Sue for all her help and guidance as I begin this wonderful adventure. I truly love quilting and it's because I have the best teacher. Thank you so much, Sue.

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