Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Christmas Table Runner

Since I don't have an actual pattern for the Christmas Table Runner below, I will try to supply you with directions as I progress here. I will tell you in a future post what sizes, quantities, and cutting instructions for the pieces. There are only 3 different sizes to make this. Then as I sew the pieces together, I will take pictures. I can't guarantee that I will be correct in how I do it since I'm a fairly new quilter, but perhaps once you see that you can develop your own way of sewing it. I am currently working on the "Kitty Kuilt". I had hoped to get it done over the weekend, but we made an impromptu trip to our old hometown, Pittsburgh, to visit family, so I've gotten behind. I have begun sewing some fancy stitches on it making an "X" on the green plaid pieces, I'm going to try to get decorative on this one just to see if I can do it. Any suggestions on how to do the center section would be most appreciated. Happy Tuesday!!!

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