Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays.........

Well it's not Monday, but it is raining like cats and dogs out there right now. It's almost time to head off to work for this day, but I wanted to just say that I have 5 followers now. Thank you so much!! I promise to get better with writing to my blog each day. Now for what I've been doing. I have the "Kitty Kuilt" top all finished, all I have to do is put the back on and bind it. I hope to have it completely finished on the weekend. Pictures will follow then. I've been working on building the shelves for our computer room. They were from JCPenney and they weren't supposed to get here until Nov 4th, but what a surprise when I came home from work on Monday and there they were. I built one right away on Monday, and haven't had time to do the second one, but I came home last night and my wonderful husband had built the second one for me. Tonight I'll get them in place and put all my trinkets on them. I'm a collector of Yorkshire Terrier figurines,etc. I'll post some pictures when they are done. So you see, I haven't been slacking, just so darn busy. What have you been up to? Any quilting? Decorating? A rainy day is a good day to get things done inside. Have a wonderful Thursday!!

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