Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday, Monday!!!!

Good evening everyone!! Today was an overall busy day for me at work and at home. It was my early day to work and the mail we had to sort was unbelievable. You see, we were off for Columbus Day, some times it just doesn't pay to have a holiday! Anyway, I did have my 8 hours in earlier today so I got home and was able to do some sewing. I made a second Christmas runner, all sewn together backing on and I'm ready to quilt it as soon as I have some time again. I plan on making quite a few of these for gifts. I haven't taken any pictures of it yet though, perhaps tomorrow. I'm trying my luck at eBaying a few items, plan on using the cash to make more fabric stash!!! I love fabric and seeing what I can make with it. So, I'll leave you tonight with another picture of Dixie, this time she just woke up and wants a belly rub!! She's just so darn cute!! I don't know how I took the pic and caught her with her tongue out. That won't ever happen again. Til Next Time.......

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