Friday, November 5, 2010

Good Friday Morning!

Just a couple thoughts for the day. Firstly, you made it through the week, now it's sewing time again. The weather here in NW PA is calling for snow tonight and some tomorrow, could get possibly 2", so what to do, SEW!!! I'll be finishing up 7 table runners, possibly cutting out a few more, and then trying to organize my quilting area using ideas I acquired this morning from "Stash Manicure" blog. They have some great ideas there, check them out if you have a chance. Other projects this weekend, hubby is going to work on getting my rolltop desk drawer to slide better. Home Depot has some really nice slides to put on the side of the drawers, so no more of having the drawers drop out of the desk on my toes. These are great projects for a cold, snowy, weekend. Of course, we'll be having Indian Summer next week when it goes back up to 60 degrees. So enjoy your weekend!

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