Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fabric for Sue Campaign - Additional Info

First of all, thank you everyone for wanting to help me with sending fabric for Sue. I'm thinking she would probably like fabric of 100% cotton or something similar in the colors of blue, red, or cream colors. Nothing too bright, something countryish, or victorian, as she lives in this type of home.

What I plan on doing is to make up a basket with all the fabric in it with our notes of inspiration with our name, city and state pinned to the fabric. I'll purchase some thread to match all the fabric and include those into the basket. I'll do something creative with the spools of thread, maybe make flower stems.

Since I have a PO Box at the Post Office where I work, I'll have all the fabric come there and then I can assemble the basket and I'd like to get it give it to her by Dec 15th. She will be having four chemo treatments spanning 12 weeks. By that time she will have had two treatments and will need some cheering up!

Here is my PO Box address: Debbie Meyer PO Box 33 Conneautville PA 16406-0033

I was going to use my home address, some of you may already have that and it is fine to send it there, but I figured my PO Box would be better to use out here in blogland.

Thank you all so much for helping me with this! She is going to be so surprised. Quilters are the best! Don't forget, I'll be entering your name into my giveaway as my way of thanking you for helping me cheer up Sue. Please say a prayer for her recovery!!

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