Friday, November 11, 2011

Finally Friday!!! Oh My!!

I'd like to start off my post today wishing all the veterans a Happy Veteran's Day. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. I appreciate you!!!

This morning since it was Veteran's Day, and I'm a federal worker, had the day off. I awoke to this!!!


Our First Snowfall of the Season!! I cleaned about 3" of snow from the roof of my truck before I could begin my day of shopping.


As you can see, Dixie wasn't a happy camper when I took her outside. She quickly went out and quickly came back in. She was shivering cold. I'll have to put her sweater on next time. She didn't like it one bit!


So, I ventured out to do some shopping. I stopped by a quilting shop and found this kit. I was so excited. I tried to find this the last time I was at the shop and they didn't have anything like it. I had seen this made up at my local favorite country store and they wanted $26 for it already made up. I looked at it and said I could make this, if only I had a pattern. Lo and behold, there on the counter was a kit. They had just made them up, I quickly grabbed one and made my purchase. It would make a lovely cosmetic or even a large change purse.


Also, at the shop, I found some wonderful fabric that I think my Secret Santa Swap partner would just love, so I purchased four fat quarters. I hope she likes it! There was a small quilt there made out of this fabric and it was so pretty.

I also found this cute little purse tablet with flowers on the cover. I think she will like that too! This is from my favorite little country store.


Last but not least, I stopped in the local hardware because I needed a bottle of Elmer's Glue All, you know the kind that you can use on crafts and when you glue it is white, but it dries clear. I wanted to make a fabric wreath and needed a large bottle. Do you think the hardware would have it? Well, no, I bought the last bottle they had of it and it is 1.25 oz. I doubt that will be enough. I'll need to get more somewhere.


The highlight of my day though was picking up lunch for my hubby and me. I met him at his place of employ, and we sat in the truck during his lunch 1/2 hour and ate an Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich for lunch. Then it was time to head home. I had a fun day today.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Volant PA with a friend, Ann. We've gone there the past two years, it's lots of fun. It's a small, quaint, village of shops, the Christmas Carolers, the strolling band, and shopping galore!! It's a fun day out. Hope you have something planned fun this weekend!!Posted by Picasa

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