Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Missed another Friday Post - I'm So Bad at This!!

Well, what can I say, another failed attempt for a "Finally Friday" post. You know all week I kept saying to myself, you better get it done, because you know what Friday night brings! Always busy or tired, or whatever, so I've missed yet another post. With out further ado, here it is...................

Home is where your heart is! It's where you hang your hat!! It's always on your mind!!! No, I'm not talking about our house, but where our roots are, where we came from, our hometown, Pittsburgh PA. Although I wasn't in Pittsburgh this past weekend, Bernie was and took this photo of Pittsburgh from the West End Overlook. Yep, this is Pittsburgh. Our hometown, born and raised there both of us, we will always call it home.

So, I wanted to share a picture and tell a little about what you are seeing.

The first thing that you see are the rivers. The one in the forefront is the Ohio River, the one shown going off to the left is the Allegheny River and the one to the right is the Monongahela River. Where the Allegheny River and the Monongahela River meet at the center to make the Ohio is called "The Point". You can see this right where the cluster of tall buildings are. "The Point" is a place to relax, sit by the water's edge and just chill out. You can't drive down there, but have to walk to sit yourself down on the many benches, you can listen to the sounds of the water the hustle and bustle of a big city. Watch the river boats motor by.

The tall buildings are a site itself, the tallest is called the USX Tower, I used to work in that building about 26 years ago. I worked on the 55th floor, for a public relations firm. The scariest part of working that high up was that we could see helicopters flying right outside our windows. When we heard a fire alarm in the building, we had to listen to how many bells would toll. This was the way we knew where the fire was and what floors would be evacuated. If I recall, it was ten above the fire and ten below the fire. Scary to look down and see fire trucks beside your building looking like ants and knowing somewhere there was a fire in the building. I never was evacuated though. Did get stuck in the elevator once for quite a while. The thing wouldn't level correctly, so the doors wouldn't open. Had to have rescue come and get us out. Oh, life in the big city. Fun, Scary, you bet!! but, home!!!

The bridge that you see is the West End Bridge, it connects the west side of the city to the north side. The large building(whitish) right behind the bridge is the new Rivers Casino. Been there, done that, won sometimes, mostly not, but a good time. Very beautiful casino inside and out. Fantastic views from the many restaurants inside. If you look at the bridge you can see a tug boat pushing some barges down the Ohio River, this is a common site in Pittsburgh.

At the rivers edge, slightly behind the casino is a long light colored object in the water, well that is the World War II USS Requiem submarine which is located at the Carnegie Science Center. I hope the link works.

Right behind that is the Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, "Heinz Field" Called that due to the fact that H.J. Heinz was one of the biggest manufacturing companies in Pittsburgh. Yep, a huge ketchup bottle is there somewhere. And if you look right behind that stadium, you will see just the tall lights of PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

From there, the buildings are USX Tower is the tallest, right in front of it with one little antenna is the Highmark Building, where my son works. The one to the right with the little spires it's corners is an all glass building, PPG Place, just a beautiful building. Home of Pittsburgh Plate Glass.

The bridge to the right is the Fort Pitt Bridge, you come through the Fort Pitt Tunnels and as you emerge out of the tunnel the City of Pittsburgh is before you. A truly beautiful site. The roadway along the right side is Carson Street, it runs along the Monogahela River a long ways. This is the road that will take you to Station Square, which is a nice place to visit.

Carson Street leads you to the South Side of Pittsburgh, an eclectic place of shops, eateries, etc. It is a unique place. Sidewalk cafe's, bars, entertainment, etc. South Side during the steel era, was nothing but steel mills all along the river. These have all been torn down and new modern buildings housing high tech businesses, offices, etc. are there now.

Well, I guess I have rambled on about this subject long enough. I hope you have enjoyed visiting Pittsburgh with me. My hometown, My Home!!!

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