Friday, January 13, 2012

YES!! It's Friday and I am doing my Finally Friday Post on Time!!!!

Only problem is, that I don't know what to post about. The weather is lousy, it went from 42 degrees last evening to 15 degrees this morning. We have about 3" of snow on the ground, 3-5 more today, 4-6 more tonight, and more lake effect tomorrow. We could end up with over a foot! Wait, we just got rid of the other 8" that we had at our house last week. Oh well, it is winter in NW PA. The worst part this morning is the blowing, blinding snow. The winds have been howling through the trees all night. Kept me awake a bit too! But it is Finally Friday, and a long weekend for me. I am off work on Monday for Martin Luther King Day. Wow! an extra day off to do what, let's see. How about quilt!! I had a few things I intended on having done for this past Christmas that I never got started. I think I will try to make it on Monday, or at least begin it. I'll share it if I get started.

Our tree is still up, and I still have one room totally decorated. These will all be taken down this weekend. Good weekend to stay indoors, looking out at the snow and frigid temps, and keep warm with some hot coffee, some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, under an afghan, pellet stove on, with some piping hot soup for dinner. Yep, I have a plan and it sounds like a good one to me!!

I wish everyone a wonderful pssst (Friday the 13th), I'm not saying that too loud for those of a superstitious nature! Here's hoping for a wonderful, uneventful, peaceful day.

"Let me in Mom, it's cold and snowy out here today and I'm not liking it much, Geez, where is my sweater, my coat, my boots, I am not prepared for this!!!"

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