Friday, January 20, 2012

I still made my Finally Friday post!! Just a little later than I had hoped for....

Yes, it is 8:30 pm EDT, but it is still Friday, so I guess I'm making my post for today on time. :)

I had every intention of making it this morning, but then I remembered that I had to go into work early to do my stamp stock count and that had to be done before we opened up the window. I had taken what I thought were some pictures of Dixie in the snow in her sweater, and I was going to post them tonight, but since I took them without my glasses on, they ended up being movies and not pictures. To say the least, they were not good. So I have no pictures to post, nothing to write about except that we are supposed to get 3-5 more inches of snow overnight. The best part is I don't have to drive in it tomorrow to work, even though I do have 4-wheel drive. I really don't mind driving in snow. I find it a challenge, the sad part is you have to watch out for the other guy! Now I sound like I'm giving another safety talk, but we can't have enough of them. I give my carriers safety talks twice a week especially during the winter months.

I guess we will be hunkered down this weekend again, fine by me. I have a delightful Yorkshire Terrier dogs puzzle that I got for Christmas from Bryan and Jess (son and daughter-in-law) so I think I'll get it out on the dining room table and begin putting it together. I love puzzles, and seldom have time to do them.

As for the quilting, I'm not really motivated right now to quilt. I think I have so many things I want to quilt that I'm overburdening my mind and can't figure out what to begin with. Someday soon I hope to get back into the groove, and do a little quilting.

So I will leave you with a picture taken earlier in the week by my hubby. I really like it, winter at it's best!! Happy Weekend to all!!

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