Friday, February 24, 2012

Good Friday and an Old Quilt to Share With You Today

Happy Friday everyone. This is going to be hopefully a peaceful weekend, but it's too early to tell. They are saying snow is coming in after 4PM today and it is lake effect, which means that they have no idea how much we are going to get even when they say 1-2 and then 2-4 , it's only speculation. Does it matter to me? Not so much, it's the weekend, I am not forced to drive in it on a weekend, not that I mind it much, I love a challenge.

It's the Daytona 500 weekend as well. That means when it is snowing and cold outside, I can sit down and watch the race activities in beautiful, warm, Daytona Beach FL.

Today I'm going to show you a quilt that I promised to show you quite a while back. I finally took some pics. This quilt was given to Bernie and I when we got married, almost 35 years ago. It was given to us by his .grandmother. She made lots of quilts and afghans, doilies, etc. She was quite the needlework person. This entire quilt was made by hand, no machine used. She handstitched each applique on the quilt and the overall stitching was done by hand also. I never asked her how long it took her to make one of these, but I bet it was quite a while. We used to have it hung on the wall at our old home in Pittsburgh, Bernie had made me a wooden wall quilt hanger and then we'd take it down, and put it away for a while. I just got it back out the other day and just threw it on the bed so I could take pictures. I think I'll leave it out for a while. .

So here are the pics.

This is the edging around the entire quilt. Picture isn't too, too good though.

One of my favorite appliques on this quilt, the flower basket.

Dixie wanted in on the pics, so I moved her to the quilt I made and took her picture one morning last week. She had red-eye, I tried to fix it, so it's not real good, but what I liked about this picture and I didn't see it before, but if you look to the left of Dixie, you can see the sunshine coming through the window and hitting the wall. You can see the tree branches in the sunlight.I love when this happens! No sunshine today though!! Have yourself a great weekend.

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