Monday, March 5, 2012

My My, It's Monday!

Once again, I missed my Friday blog post, and I was doing fairly well getting it together on time. I actually did plan this one for Monday though due to my uncle's death last week. He was my last living uncle and he was 94 years old. He taught me how to ice skate many years ago. He was my Dad's youngest brother, and a bachelor his entire life. He lived a wonderful, long life, living on his own the entire time. I'll miss you, Gus! (I was never allowed to call him uncle, he said it made him feel old). R.I.P.

Here is Gus and I on Chartier's Creek, where he taught me how to skate. Actually, in this picture, I could already skate fairly well. He taught me when I was very, very young. He always had the ice ready for all us kids. Cleaned off of snow and debris from the trees, fire going so we could put our skates on by the fire. He had a seat there by the fire for putting on your skates. A radio was always on to music, because it was more fun to skate to the music. Winters were more bearable when you could skate through them!!!

Hope everyone has a wonder week ahead!!

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