Friday, March 9, 2012

Finally Friday - Hey, Hey, You, You, Get Off of My .........

Cloud!!! Remember that old Rolling Stones tune? Even though the Stones weren't really talking about clouds, I needed a song with the word clouds in it to prepare this post.

Well, on a recent trip to Pittsburgh, there were some strange, yet beautiful clouds in the sky. I had to take a few pictures.

I have to ask you, have you ever looked up at the clouds and found shapes that reminded you of different things, say animals, people, places. I tend to do this a lot. In this picture, I see something with wings, some kind of animal in the blue opening. Down near the bottom left dark clouds I see a child, or perhaps a hockey goalie. I don't know, just my observations. I'd be interested in hearing what you see.

This next picture is just a beautiful overly cloudy sky, but you can see the blue peeking through. This one kind of just reminds me of a surf rolling in.

This picture is of Dixie not overly impressed with my interest in clouds. She prefers basking in the sun. Ahhhhh, "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning", with "Sunshine on My Shoulders." And you thought that Dixie didn't know here tunes!!!

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

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