Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday, September 21

Today is really a day of not much to say.  I've been working 11-12 hour days all week and continue that through next Sat, oh yes, I'm working a half-day tomorrow and next Sat too!!  I basically come home cook dinner, do dishes, and get ready to hit the hay.  I'll be glad when I'm finished with this on the 29th.

I did manage to work a bit on the Harvest Quilting Project I showed you last week.  Last night I was bound and determined to do something on it, so I embroidered three leaves.  Woo Hoo!!  At least I felt like I got something done.

So, having no pictures of my project to share today, I thought I'd leave you with two pictures from Boston.  Here is one of me in the gazebo at the hotel.  These flowers were so fragrant, they were those lilies that are a beautiful pink.  Can't remember the name of them, is it Asiatic Lilies?  

 And I found this one interesting, a teapot, in downtown Boston, the Boston Tea Party!!  Have a wonderful weekend!!  Make it fun!!


  1. Good Morning,

    Be careful that you don't get yourself run down with a nasty cold or flu.

    Put a big red circle around next Saturday on your calendar and look at it everyday. (o:


    1. I thought I replied to your comment, I'm so sorry if I didn't. I have my calendar marked, only today and tomorrow to go, well maybe Monday will have to be a long day as well to finish up all the paperwork, but I see the light in the tunnel now! Have a great weekend!

  2. Not fun having to work all those long hours and then to have to work on Saturday too. Hope the time at least goes by quick and you can get back to a normal schedule.
    My vacation is almost over and it's back to work on Monday

    1. Hope you had a good vacation, Ann. Don't they always seem to go so fast, but when your working the days drag on forever? Go figure.