Friday, October 12, 2012

October 12, 2012 - One Friday Late

Fall is Here, the beauty of the changing leaves.
Hello Everyone,

Sorry for my being missing last Friday, to say it has been a whirlwind two weeks would be an understatement.

Since I last was here, I've had two job interviews within the postal service (USPS), went to Pittsburgh for a few personal days, been to Cleveland for a day for the USPS, which was a wonderful experience meeting new people and networking.  Finding out I got one of the Postmaster jobs was the highlight of last week.  I am now in a Postmaster position in Ohio, new District, new people, new challenges.  I've been there now two days and it was a very good move for me.  It has been a hectic two days and will probably be so for the next couple weeks until I learn all over how things are run at this PO.  

I have sewed a few strips in my Civil War quilt.  No pics yet, no time to take them.  

I do plan on a nice and easy weekend though.  I'm going with my friend, Ann, to Shakerwoods in Columbiana OH, which is a huge craft show under the trees with wonderful fall decor, apple cider, caramel apples, food, dip tastings, entertainment ie., singers, cloggers, just a wonderful time we will have.

So I will leave you at that, want to get on to work a little early.  Need to clean up this place, you know dusting, etc.  Looks like it hasn't been done in my office for a while.

Take care, and have a wonderful weekend.  I'll be back next Friday for sure!!

Oh, forgot to mention, my blog is under construction too!  I have a new background and am still working on it.  Can't seem to move that where I got my blog square to somewhere else on my page.  Any help with that would be appreciated.  I still need help with this blogging thing.  :)


  1. Hi Miss Debbie,

    We love your new look - bee-u-tee-ful. Mom says we will help you in any way we can, just e-mail us with what you are trying to do.

    Congratulations on your new job - you will be wonderful, we know that already.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

    1. Thanks, Prudence. The new job is keeping me hopping for sure. It will take a while to get into the swing of things there. New people, new place, new district, new as in where is the tape kept, how about the bathroom? ha ha, I'm having fun. I'll let you know what else I'm having trouble with on my new-look blog this weekend hopefully. Thank you. You're a sweetheart!

  2. Can't wait till tomorrow. Really looking forward to it. Gotta dress extra warm though, it's supposed to be a cold one :)
    I love the new look.

    1. Had a great time, Ann. I knew you would like the new look, it needs some tweaking though, when I get a minute. Ha Ha!!!

  3. Congrats on the new job.

    If you still need help on moving things, let me know and I'll try and help.

    1. Thanks, Sue. I'm just having an issue with the little block over by my blogging list I follow. Haven't had much time to play with it with landing the new job, but hope to over the weekend sometime.

  4. Very rarely do we get to see so many colours in one frame.