Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hi Everyone!

It's Friday, and am I glad of that!!!  Well, lots have happened since Monday.  Macy is now 13 weeks old today!!  She looks like she has grown a little bit, and she is such a sweetheart! 

Secondly, no more working Saturdays!  Yippee!!  Whoot Whoot!!!!!  My clerk is back.  

Thirdly, since Monday was Veteran's Day and I was off work, I began to change our guest bathroom into a primitive style.  After I began putting everything up, I think I'd like to change the paint color in there to something more homey, soothing, but that will have to wait until after the holidays are over.  No time right now to paint. 

Here is what I've done, and of course, I have some Primitive Christmas items that will be going in there after Thanksgiving.  So here it is:

This star is of distressed black wood.  This was found at the Shakerwoods Christmas in the Woods craft fair in Columbiana OH.

These pictures are from Sturnbridge Yankee Catalog and also online.  They have some awesome primitive items.  They have all four seasons, but I chose to only get the current ones for right now.  The Spring one has a black bunny and the Summer is a beehive.  So cute!!

This is a Kettle Grove cotton shower curtain.  It's basically just calico print type material in tans, ecru, browns and black.  The star and crows are sewn on.  I had to purchase a shower curtain liner for the back in a plain ecru color.  The Kleenex box looks hideous!!  I just saw it there.   I do have a black distressed wooden tissue cover coming.  That will look much better.

Here is a picture of the black distressed box with drawer.  Now what do I put into the drawer?

 And lastly, here is a picture of the fuzzy black rug, I know, I know, not very primitive, but very comfy for our guests!!  Matching black towels and a few little black crow and star towels for accents.  I'm still trying to decide what type of light covers to put on the lights above the mirror.  Also, wanted to put some kind of shelving type unit probably above the toilet and move the pictures to this wall above the towels.  What do you all think?  My flooring is a distressed wood, many shades of wood, and the framing and towel rack are harvest oak.

I'm open for suggestions!!

Well, that is about it for today.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I wanted to wish everyone in the states, a Happy Thanksgiving!!! 



  1. Very nice, so prim. That drawer, maybe you can find or make a few prim hand towels or mini prim quilt. You are so creative, you will figure something out.

    Happy Thanksgiving to the 3 of you.

    Hugs ♥

    1. Thank you for the kind comment. I think it turned out pretty good, of course, the Kleenex cover I ordered came today instead of yesterday. It looks very nice now.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you also!!

  2. Wow, Debbie the bathroom looks great. Love all the stuff you got for it.
    Hooray for no more working Saturdays.

    1. Thanks, Ann. I've been collecting for quite some time. I try to wait until I have everything before I put it all in there, but with being so busy at work and playing with Macy, I had to do it all on my day off last week. I'm happy to be off for Thanksgiving. Have to work Friday though. How about you?

  3. Just popping in to see if you have mailed your SSS gifts yet, I need the delivery confirmation number.