Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012

It's another Friday, and I am so greatful even though another Saturday work day is ahead of me.  Hopefully I can get home at some reasonable hour and still have some what of a Saturday afternoon left.

I've been busy all week again, working late, through my lunches, still trying to get my new office the way I'd like, still trying to find things from the former Postmaster, sorting mail, OMG I've sorted so much political mail that my fingers have been sliced by it in numerous places.  Could they at least make un-sharp edges on the dang things!!!  I'll be so thankful when next Tuesday, Election Day, is over and done with!!!!

Macy Kate Meyer
I am very thankful to come home to this sweet little girl.  Her antics make me laugh.  Her newest thing is that she likes to sit under things with a roof over her head.  Here she is under the coffee table sitting on top of some magazines.  Just this morning she removed one of my little yorkie stuffed animals from a bottom shelf, just threw it away and pulled off the doily and sat her little butt down under the shelving.  She crawls under one of my ladder shelving units which at the bottom is only about 3-4 inches and she lays under there too!  I think she thinks I can't get her under there!!  She plays hard, and already after going outside she runs to the refrigerator for a treat.  We were giving her bits of raw carrots, but now that she has some Mini-Milkbones, she wants those instead.

Not any time for crafting as of late.  Macy's been keeping me real busy at home.  I actually am looking forward to Veteran's Day, a day off for me even though I know what the day after the holiday will be like at the ole PO. Crazy, but I love my job.  Maybe then I'll get that bathroom done.  I hate to start it and then never finish it, so I think that is the day I'll accomplish this.  Actually, I can't wait and then I'll share what it looks like. 

Sorry, I don't really have anything interesting to share or talk about, but you all have yourself a wonderful fall weekend!!  I'm praying to see some sunshine after enduring Sandy for what seems like days and days.  Still raining here!!


  1. Nothing to talk about? What? The story about Macy is precious. Guess she likes a little "house" to crawl into and take a little nappy time. (o:

    Keep these great stories coming, love 'em.


    1. I just never think that I have anything interesting enough to blog about, but I guess my ramblings are appreciated by you. Thanks for the encouragement. Have a good weekend, my friend.