Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall is Here - Check out the Lake!!

With Fall officially here, I took a few pictures of the lake that I travel across each day on my way to work.  Some days I just have to stop and take some pictures because it is so beautiful and some days so strange.  With the cooling morning temperatures and the lake still warm it creates a mist.  So here are a few pics to check out!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  Fall decorating is in the air for this weekend for me!!!

Lake steam!!!

This is a pull off going across the lake.  Fishermen usually fish from here.

Looking from the Ohio side over to the Pennsylvania side of the lake.  Wish I didn't have that drop of dew on the windshield.

I think I woke up all the seagulls that morning.  Sorry!!!!


  1. Beautiful. What a nice way to begin and end a work day.

    Happy Weekend.

  2. It is a beautiful way!! I love it, if I was only doing something fun and not going to work!! Hee Hee!!