Saturday, November 23, 2013

Secret Santa Soiree Happenings Here!

I am participating in a Secret Santa Soiree that Coloradolady is sponsoring.  I've done it before and it's so much fun trying to figure out who has your name.  Anyway, on Thursday I get this postcard in the mail......

So it is a post card of the Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia.  And since I'm a Postmaster I looked at the postmark, looks like iti was mailed from Elkins WV and also was processed through Charleston WV plant.  Hmmmmmm  my Secret Santa must be from WV.

So then to throw me a real curve ball...............I get these two post cards yesterday......

What's this?   One is from the Chattanooga Choo Choo which I'm figuring means Tennessee and the second is from the Wilson's Cheese Shoppe in Michigan..........Hmmmm  now to look at the postmarks, what NO postmarks, my fellow postalworkers have let me down!!  How can I possibly figure out who my Secret Santa is without these postmarks.  I think I need a congressional hearing as to why they didn't postmark these cards!!  Ha Ha!!!

Now is this Santa from WV, TN, or MI!!    I'm still thinking it's?  Oh never mind, I don't want her to know I will figure this out before she is revealed!!

By the way, I collect postcards and I don't have any of these, so thank you very much!!  I'm having so much fun!!!

I've been collecting goodies for my Santa partner as well!!  Still need a few more items to fill the box.  Perhaps a postcard to her will start her a thinking.........Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!  Thank you, whoever you are, for sending me the post cards and the idea to send my partner a card as well!!! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, we are in a lake effect snow warning.  Probably will get some inches of the white stuff tonight into tomorrow as Lake Erie is still very wet and not frozen over.  Once it freezes over, the lake effect will stop but that doesn't usually happen until January.

Wishing everyone in the states a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!  Go Peyton!!  Beat Brady!!!  Sorry, I'm a Peyton Manning fan, Go Broncos!!!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving from Western North Carolina.


    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Joyce!!