Monday, June 6, 2016

I Am Officially Retired from the USPS!!

So my comeback blog said I'd have some news and here it is............

I am officially retired from the United States Postal Service!!!!

Last week was a whirlwind week for me for sure.  It began on...................

Thursday, May 26, my employees got together and had a breakfast in my honor.  We had homemade Raspberry Cheesecake, two kind of homemade dips with salsa chips, banana nut muffins, sausage/egg/cheesebake, coffee cake, cinnamon rolls, deep fried Oreos, and a Chef Pierre Restaurant Gourmet Chocolate Cream Pie!!.  Also, balloons, Black Diamond Crapemyrtle Bush to plant, a floral arrangement of pink roses, a Crossroads 4-wick Lilac Candle, cards, and I can't remember what else.
It was a wonderful day!

Friday, May 27, was my last day at work.  My boss graced me with his presence to present to me my official USPS Service Award Certificate.

Sunday, May 29th was my 60th birthday, which was a fun time with our son, Bryan, and daughter-in-law, Jess.  They came to visit us and took us out to Montana's Rib and Chop house for dinner.  Then we had cake and I opened presents.  It was a wonderful day!!

Next was Monday, May 30th, Memorial Day, this was my official Retirement Day.  One day after I turned 60.  To say I liked turning 60 would be an understatement!!  I don't feel any older than 59, so what the heck.  The benefits were great!!!  This was a picnic day at my in-laws house.  We had a wonderful time!!

So that was my week, a lot happened and I'm so very happy.  So you ask what do you do when you still feel like you are just on vacation and not retired?  Well, you run around here with projects to do thinking you won't have time to get them done, when you have lots of time to do them.  So today was a take Macy to the groomer day,  Lucky for me the groomer lives right down the road from me, so that was a quick trip, because I have lots to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right now I just took a break from doing this..........................

Yep, sanding the front porch.  I will be sanding all day on this one, and then my back deck will be next.  I will be staining and preserving the decks as well.  Lots to do!!

So, thanks for stopping by!!  Hopefully, someday soon after all these projects are done, I'll be able to get my craft/sewing area cleaned up and get to some quilting!!

Take care!!  Until next week.............................enjoy your week............!!!!


    It all sounds wonderful to me except for the down on your knees sanding. I'm pretty sure I would be hurting after that. :)

  2. Congratulations on retirement!