Thursday, January 12, 2017

Second Week of January 2017

Hello Everyone,

Can't believe this is the second Thursday of this month and my second posting for the year 2017 already.

This week has been "taking down the Christmas decorations" week.  The only day so far that I've taken a break was yesterday morning when I went to the center for quilting.

This week I finished the table runner I was making in the colors that I love.  I already have found a place for it.
First completed quilting project of 2017!!  

Found a place for it, right on top of my roll-top desk.  

Worked on my "Explosion" blocks again yesterday.  I added another layer to explode.  I contemplated purchasing the same material in the layer cake, which for non-quilters is 10" squares, but why buy more fabric when I have a large stash.  So, I went to my cupboards and came up with some fern type prints that I felt would work with the blocks I had finished last week.  I added them and this is what I got.

Exploded twice.
I'm thinking that these are now wide enough for me to do something with them.  Since this is definitely not my style for inside my home, I'm thinking that it would make a great little runner for on the picnic table outside next spring and summer.  The colors would work well outside.

Next on the agenda, is a Valentine's Day garden-type flag for my door.  I don't hang flags outside, but Jess, my daughter-in-law, gave me the idea to get a hanger and hang them on the door.  I need to find three other fabrics to contrast with this and then I'll begin working on it.  Similar to the one I made out of blue fabric with snowflakes for the Christmas season.

I'e had this material for ever.  Finally going to become something.

I also found a few UFO's that need my attention.  Oh, UFO's are "unfinished object."  In other words all those projects I began and never completed.  Yes, Bryan, your Civil War Soldiers cross-stitch is one of those, only been working on that one he says for twelve years!!  He could be right!  Anyway, here are a few things I found that I need to do something with.

A few more candle mats that weren't done in time for Christmas.  Will sell at craft show in August.

Looks like a different kind of candle mat I was working on at some point.

So, that is what I'll be working on as soon as the Christmas is all put away.  Too many bins, I need to downsize my Christmas stuff.

At the center yesterday we had Penne Pasta with three Meatballs, garden salad, mixed root vegetables, garlic toast and peach cobbler.  Really yummy!!

We had quite the week beginning with this picture on Sunday morning.  Freshly fallen snow and a beautiful morning.  Today it was 57 degrees and rained an inch or so.  All the snow is gone, but tonight we will be going back into the 20's again.

Something I wanted to share this week was a really cute thank you card from Bernie's aunt, Catherine.  It is handmade and just so darn cute and it's a moose and fits right in with my rustic decor, this is going to get framed.

I've named her Esmeralda Moose, only Peggy will know why!!
Well, guess that is it for this week.  Hope you all enjoyed your visit this week here at Deb's Rustic Quilting!!  Take care!!



  1. Your table runner looks great. I have a whole box full of UFO's. That is a really cute card

    1. The card is really detailed, took a lot of time to make that one. I feel like if I don't complete these UFO's that I can't move forward, that includes the cross-stitch picture. Now that my Christmas is finally all put away as of yesterday, I can begin to unclutter, dispose of, complete my ufo's and start fresh this year. Have a great weekend, Ann.

  2. Happy New Year! The year is going by too quickly already... the projects you are working on are lovely! xx

  3. You are right, Joy. I can't believe it is mid-January already. I have quite a few UFO's to get completed this year and that is one of my goals besides completing something new each month. We'll see how that goes!! Thanks for reading my blog and commenting.