Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday the 24th - Oops, forgot to post yesterday!!

Hi everyone!

Been a busy week here for me this week, I'll explain!!

We have been having such gorgeous weather this past week.  In the 60's most days, today we are to hit 70!  I can't remember the last time that I had the sliding doors open with just the screen across in February, I think I never did!!  We all know too well though what the March weather can be and even into April, but we'll take all the nice weather we can get.  Actually got to go outside and walk this week, burning up some calories outside for a change!

I wanted to show you what my friend, Ann, gave to me for Valentine's Day.  She is such a crafty person and comes up with wonderful ideas.    This was a Valentine's bouquet, with candy, the best kind.  A handmade bag full of more candy and goodies, my favorite is the crocheted heart clip to hold the bag closed.  Love it, Ann.  Thanks again for your kindness and generosity!

I've been working on that snowman puzzle for a week or so and finally finished it up on Sunday.  Here is the finished work.  This was a tough puzzle, as you can see the shapes of the pieces were unusual.  I already took it apart and put it in it's box and will donate it.  I still have four more puzzles in the closet to work on during the March winter ahead!!

Bernie and I went to the center on Tuesday night for a $3 Baked Potato and all the fixins night!  It was very nice and we met some people from Espyville there and had a nice conversation regarding Espyville and also Marienville.

Wednesday was my regular quilting day and I got much accomplished on the patriotic quilt.  I did one more explosion, which is now two and plan on doing at least one more before sashing and quilting.

What I mean by explosion is this, look at the square on the far right,it is easier to see what I'm talking about.  You see the cream color with little flags square, then the first explosion is the triangles in navy blue around the sides of the square, the second explosion is the red star triangles around the nave blue squares.  So I'm going to do at least one more of the triangles around the red star triangles.  Right now each square measure 7-3/4".  These are so enjoyable to do!  I just love this pattern.

Thursday as well as Monday, and Tuesday have been working in the house.  I've decided that with the nice weather that it was time to paint the master bedroom and redesign it.  I'm an avid watcher of HGTV and I just love Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines out of Waco TX.  I've gotten my inspiration from their show.  I noticed they like shiplap and reclaimed barnwood.  Since I have neither nearby, I decided to make my own reclaimed barnwood.  You can see it the upper right hand corner a little piece of what the wood looked like before the process.  It was regular color wood.  Here is what it looks like thus far...

Since the room is far from being completed, let me just tell you that I have most of it painted at this point, I've only had the paint for a year now.  Ha Ha!!  I'll show you more in future posts as we progress.  Need Bernie's help from this point on!  He's got a project for the room up his sleeves too!
Enough on that for now.

Today I'm headed for the center to meet with Rep. Parke Wentling.  Seems our taxation-democratic governor wants to join four agencies together to save the state money.  I don't see how he is going to do that, the four agencies are the Dept of Aging, which involves our senior center, Human Services, Health, and Drugs and Alcohol.  He claims these agencies overlap and that he can save substantial dollars by making them one department.  The Dept of Aging gets it's money from the Pennsylvania Lottery and from what I'm reading only 27 cents on a dollar does this agency get and this benefits programs such as property tax and rent rebates, free transit and reduced-fare shared rides and low-cost prescription drug programs PACE and PACENET, long-term living services.  So if we have to share that 27 cents with three other agencies then our centers could go away and there are 52 in the state.  These elderly seniors need these services and a place to go.  So, we are meeting with the Representative to voice our concerns.  I had to laugh, Bernie asked me where the County Jail was this morning, I asked why?  He said he needed to know where to bail me out after I get arrested at the senior center for demonstrating!  Ha Ha!!

So, with that I'll say, "see ya next Thursday!"



  1. Glad you liked your Valentines goodies.. I'm also glad you explained the explosion block.

    1. I did!! And the explosion is so easy and fun to do. I've used that block twice now! Have a good weekend!