Thursday, March 2, 2017

March Came In Like a Lion Yesterday!

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday was the first day of March and to say that it came in like a Lion is an understatement.  Our weather was atrocious!  We had rain and high wind gusts over 50 mph, some of those were sustaining winds that never seemed to stop.  Trees were down across the roads, limbs down in the yard, I had to pick those all up and thankfully nothing hit the house, so we are good.  It rained and then the sun shone, only to have our temps go from 58 degrees to a 21 degrees over night.  We awoke to snow on the ground, although just a dusting which is all melted now.  The bright thing about it all today, I took Macy out and what did she have to chase, A ROBIN!!!, the first robin I've seen for this year.  It was sitting in the yard and she thought she could catch it, but it flew into the tree and then away.  I'm just so darn happy to have seen one, spring is just about here!!!  YIPPEE!!

This week has been a pretty uneventful week.  I've still been making new wood look like reclaimed barn wood, this is a slow process, but I'm happy to say that I'm down to my last four boards then I still have to take the headboard down, paint behind there and then the fun of cutting and arranging the wood on the wall will begin.  We will probably begin that process over the weekend, we'll see.

Yesterday, was quilting day at the center and I took the patriotic quilt to work on.  I began putting the blue with beige star sashing between each of the blocks.  I have strips sewn on vertically and still am working on doing the horizontal sashing.  I may put a border around the entire piece after I see just how large it will be.  It looks like this now!  I've had lots of compliments at the center for the colors of this quilt and the design.

Here you can see the sashing between the blocks, I finished these two last evening.

I skipped lunch at the center yesterday since it was Ash Wednesday and they were serving baked fish, and I'm really not a fan of fish anyways unless of course I'm out in Seattle where fresh fish is so much better.  Iver's has the best Alaskan Baby Prawns down on the Waterfront!!  Right, Peggy?  So instead, I walked on the treadmill and watched the Pittsburgh news on KDKA!  Then stopped at the grocery store and then home.

Today has been a mish-mash day of things to do.  I put out all my shamrock tablerunners and did some housecleaning in the process.  Then, I put away my snowman plates that are hung on the wall, enough winter, hey!!  I saw a robin!!!  Makes you just feel better all over!!!

I'm still working on organizing fabric as well.  I have a lot of fabric, so the process is slow.

It's coming along.   Also, I got some of this.................

This is white-flannel fabric, 2 yds of it, and what I will use this for is to make a display wall or board.  Since cotton fabric sticks to the flannel, if you hang it up on a wall you can put your quilting blocks on it so you can see what the quilt will look like before you finish it.  I wish I would have had it for the patriotic quilt as it was difficult to see how the design of the finished quilt would be viewing it flat.  All I need do now is figure out where it should go in my sewing area.

I may go downstairs to quilt some more of it tonight since the downstairs is warm and toasty because of this....................

It is so nice to have a pellet stove in the basement.  It is so warm there even when the temps are in the teens outside, you only need a tee-shirt to be comfortable.  I fired it up this morning again after having it off for several days.

I have one more picture to show you of a puzzle that I did two-years ago of five yorkie terriers.  I framed it and it looks really nice in my sewing area.

So, I have to confide how stupid I really am!!  I glued each piece individually with Elmer's Glue to cardboard so I could make this picture.  I was talking to Jess, my daughter-in-law, over the past weekend, and she told me that I can buy puzzle glue that you just spread over the face of the puzzle and it oozes down into the puzzle-piece cracks and binds it, and even dries clear so you don't see it!  OMG!!  What an ingenious idea!!  Why have I never heard of this!!!  She said she then flips it over and does the same to the opposite side and it's ready to frame.  Got to get me some of this before I continue the gluing of my button puzzle for the sewing room.  Thanks!  Jess!!!!

I also want to say a very Happy Birthday to my father-in-law, Bernie, who was 86 this past Monday.  We all loved celebrating with him over the weekend!!

Til Next Week,

Take care and wish for spring!!!!