Friday, March 10, 2017

March is still a Lion - March 10, 2017

Hello Everyone!

As the title of this post says, yep, old man winter just won't let up.  My day lilies are up more than an inch and this morning it is cold, windy, and snowed overnight.  More snow to come in the day ahead.  I'm so very ready for Spring.  That touch of Spring in February spoiled us all for sure.  Oh well, good day to tell you what was going on this week here in NW PA!

Monday was the day that I got the backing and batting put on the patriotic quilt top.  It turned out to be about 70" square.  Nice size!  I got it all ready to be quilted so it is rolled and sitting on my table as the next project to do.

Tuesday was a trip to Meadville, the "big city" round these parts!! It's funny, it is 18 miles from our house and when you go there, you make a day of it!  You hit every store and have a list for what you need at each store and of course, I go with coupons in hand!!  I love a great bargain.

It began with a trip to Vernon Center a beautiful new two-story facility which houses Meadville Medical Center doctors, YMCA, specialists for everything, and the reason I go, therapeutic massage!  Ah...........  After that appointment I was ready to conquer whatever else Meadville had to offer, oh but first I had to get a small cup of Green Mountain Coffee at the little eatery there at the center.  Then I was off down the hill into the city, stopped at the Meadville Mall, which is a sad excuse for what they call a mall here.  Not very nice stores, Big Lots is the big draw, ha ha!!  Anyway, our eye doctor is in the mall and I had to get my new glasses adjusted.  After that, the only fantastic store in that mall is Foxes Sew and Vac.  Yep, my favorite quilt shop here!  I stopped by and found that they were having a special on machine needles by two packs, get a third pack free!!  Yippee!!

Next on to, Joann Fabrics, as I needed transparent thread for the patriotic quilt.  You use this thread on the top of the machine and then use thread that matches the back of the quilt in the bobbin.  Your sewing tip of the day!!  Just so happened that Joann had thread on sale, buy one, get one free.  Also, had some nice 100% cotton fabric on sale for 50% off!!  With two coupons to use, I came out of there very happy.

Next was a stop at Giant Eagle for some real groceries, since the trucks for GE come from Pittsburgh, it is the best place to get fresh bread, deli, meats, and produce.

Then onto the Humane Society to donate the 16 pads for the dogs and cats housed there.  Made me feel good doing this for them.  Everyone knows how I love animals, especially dogs!!

Now onto Wednesday, Quilting at the center day.  I began working again on the Civil War Reproduction Quilt.  It was basically in small strips and they needed to be made into longer strips and then put together to begin the quilt top called Martin's Pennies.  Here is what is looking like thus far...

Smaller strips not pressed yet!

Looking much better after being pressed.  This strips are Blues, Reds, and Browns

Here is nine of the strips put together, it will become a queen-size quilt for our spare bedroom.

It is coming together nicely.  I'll be working on this a bit later today.  At the center I met two new people who are going to quilt, a husband and wife duo and guess what?  They are from West Mifflin originally and now live in Espyville.  Nice couple I can relate with!!

Thursday I had lunch with my old clerk, Viv.  Nice to get together once a month.  So I missed my Thursday post yesterday, but I'm making up for it today, Friday, snow day and I've already been to the beauty salon for a haircut, etc.  Glad to be home as it is really cold out.

Macy has been helping me sew this past week.  She kinda just hangs out wherever I am, follows me everywhere until Bernie gets home from work then, I'm mud.........oh, or at least until I give her some food, then she's all mine again!!  Ha Ha!!!

She is so stinking cute!!!

Another project I've been working on every evening for an hour or two is the Civil War Cross-Stitch that I've been making for Bryan for umpteen years, it's coming along nicely.  This is a counted cross-stitch meaning it has no pattern on the backing.  You have to count every stitch that you do following the paper pattern for those that have never tried this, it is very time-consuming, but beautiful when completed.  I took this picture of the Union Soldier's pants just so you can see the detail.

Hey Bryan, I'm working on it, SEE............................

So that has been my week in review. Seems that I had a lot to write about this week.

 If I may ask all of you for one favor this week, would you  please pray for one of my best girlfriends, Eileen, who is going to have surgery on March 21st for cancer.  I just found out yesterday and talked to her last night and she sounds fantastic and is very optimistic about the surgery and we are praying for a complete and speedy recovery.   She reads my blog, so I'm sure she won't mind me asking for prayers.   Love ya, Ei!!

Everyone have a fantastic weekend and I hope it gets warmer soon.  Take care and see ya all next week.


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