Friday, March 17, 2017

Top O' The Mornin to you!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone,

What a beautiful day in NW PA.  The snow is still on the ground, melting though, and the sun is shining on this beautiful St. Patty's Day!!!  This week was a snowy one from Sunday through Wednesday, but yesterday the skies cleared and the sun shone brightly!!  Great day to go out and about.

Didn't really do much except quilt and watch Price is Right!!  

Oh yeah, I baked a dutch apple pie one day and today I made a St. Patrick's Day white cake with green icing!! 

 oh yeah, and green jello with pineapple tidbits in it.  All yummy!!!  Since today is a Friday in Lent, Bernie will be picking up fish dinner's from the Fish Fry at St. Philip's Catholic Church in Linesville for supper.

All week, I've been working on the Civil War Quilt and it really looks like something now that I have thrown it on the bed that it was intended for.  I still need to add more length to it with more strips that are in the process of being made, but here it is.  

You can see here that I need to add maybe 5 or 6 more rows because I want to be able to throw it over the bed pillows and tuck in.  I'll put a border around it and then get the batting and backing on and ready to quilt. The patriotic quilt is ready to be quilted too and both will be done back to back.

These pictures just don't do it justice, in the room it looks so nice.  I think I'm going to make the same design for our bedroom in a king size.  This is a queen.

Yesterday, Thursday, was the St. Patrick's Day lunch at the senior center.  This is a special day lunch so it cost us $6.00 to attend the party.  People bring in lots of appetizers, and then there are raffles, games, 50/50, etc.  Lunch was corned beef and cabbage, carrots, boiled potatoes, Irish soda bread and green poke cake, milk and coffee. Very good lunch.

When I got there they were singing Karaoke.  It was interesting to watch, I've never sung Karaoke and I felt it was best not to make my debut in this venue!!  '

This gal sang "I Wrote the Songs."  First time singing and she did really well.  She is also the Tai Chi teacher there at the center.  Never tried that!!

This one the DJ was singing to one of my quilting lady friends, Verne.  She hates the color green and refuses to wear it or even make a green quilt.  So red it is!!!

After this party was finished, I went to WATCH something they were doing, but ended up having my exercise for the day and had fun learning something new.  There will be a total of four classes and here is a hint............  do the words do si do, promenade, grand circle, bow to your corner mean anything?????  Well, they meant absolutely nothing until yesterday!  We were learning square dancing.  They needed groups of 8, since they were short a person and I was watching, I was elected to join in.  It was fun, it was a workout in itself, and I learned so much.  I learned that heeled boots were not the foot attire for this, but I made it through and learned that flat boots are in order for next class.  No, I won't be buying a cowgirl hat or cowgirl boots anytime soon!!!

Well, that was the extent of my week and I hope that you had a nice one.  

Please continue your prayers for my friend, Eileen, Tuesday is her surgery at Magee!  Thanks everyone for your prayers.

Take care and I'll see y'all next Thursday!  Hopefully, with springs arrival it will begin to warm up here.



  1. The quilt looks great. I really like the colors. I remember learning square dancing way back in school. Now I pretty much just have 2 left

    1. Thanks, Ann. I thought I already replied to your comment, but something must have happened. Square dancing is fun, never did it before though.