Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spring Has Flung! Well, at least date wise..............

Hello everyone,

Still having cold weather here, yesterday we were only 22 degrees for a high.  Ugh!!  At least the sun was shining.  We are rebounding a bit today with the temp now at 44 degrees at 1:10 pm and the sun is shining beautifully.  Bring on spring!!!  Looking forward to the days of seeing this................

And since it is now spring, how about a cake I made for the occasion today to go along with those hoagies I ordered at the senior center for dinner tonight!!  Yummy!!

This week there wasn't a whole lot going on in my neck of the woods!!

Well, Saturday we lost Chuck Berry.  What a fabulous musician he was.  I remember listening to him as my brother, Bill, liked listening to his music in the 60's.  I think my favorite tune was, "Sweet Little Sixteen."  I think it was because he mentioned Pittsburgh!!

Monday and Tuesday was spent working around the house indoors of course, still was too cold to go outside.  We lost another one of my favorite entertainers, Chuck Barris.  Wow, both Chuck's, just realized that.  He was funny on the stupid "Gong Show" and did you know that he was a song writer as well.  One of my favorite tunes was written by him and sang by Freddie "Boom Boom" Cannon, "Palisades Park."

Wednesday which would have been quilting day became a trip to the Erie Presque Isle Downs Casino with a group from the senior center.  The one lady I quilt with, Sally, has been after me to go on one of the excursions to the casino since last fall, so I decided to make the trip.  The day began at 8:30 am on a bus ride to the casino.  We went via CATA, which is Crawford County Transportation Authority, bus and it held 20 people I think, yep, it was a short bus!!  Ha Ha!!  It was very nice and cost only $6 roundtrip to Erie.  We took the scenic route through Conneautville, Albion, then onto I-79 from Edinboro to Erie.  There were two buses.

Walked around playing some machines and losing some money,  Ugh!! before I knew it, it was lunch time.  I met a woman, Bonnie, who I knew from the post office in Andover as she owns a business over there, and we had a nice lunch together at The Brew Brothers upstairs of the casino as Sally didn't tell me that she brings a lunch.  I liked it better though sitting down with a nice lady and some lovely conversation while we waited for our meals.  She had fish tacos, which she said were delicious and I had a club sandwich and fries.  We both had lemon water, I'm learning from these gals that you never purchase a drink because that is what makes your bill go up and besides, down on the casino floor you can have all the coffee, pop, iced tea and water that you want and it's free!!  Duh!  That's a no-brainer to me.  So the lemon water was delicious as well as my meal.  When we finished around 1:30 pm, we still had about 2 hours to gamble before the bus came to pick us up.

I always wanted to try my luck at the black jack table, but they started at $10 a hand, a little bit too pricey for my blood, so I stuck to the slots trying to win what I had lost before lunch.  I played 1, 2, 5 cent slots, even tried the 25 cents and $1.00, no good, then I came upon another lady from our group who was sitting at a Wheel of Fortune machine, it was a 1 cent machine, but I sat down beside her and we both began playing.  The next thing I knew we were both winning!  I loved seeing Vanna White telling me to spin the wheel and getting those Jackpot Bonuses!  Only wish I could have done better, but I played down and ended up ahead of the game and stopped playing and waited for the bus home.  So, it was a good day after all.

I did work some more on the spare bedroom reproduction Civil War quilt, and I will probably stop working on that so I can get the patriotic quilt finished since I need to have a March finish and I'm down to only 8 days left to the month.

I want to thank everyone for praying for my girlfriend, Eileen, she had her surgery on Tuesday and is recuperating at home.  I haven't spoken with her yet, but hopefully I will hear from her soon when she is able to talk.

That's it for now, the mail lady just came and as a former USPS employee, I have to run out and get the mail which is something I look forward to every day.  I used to have a couple of pen pals, but they don't write anymore, just email or Facebook.   I don't like that!  There is nothing better than getting a card or handwritten letter in the mail.  I think we should all send a card, handwritten note card or letter to someone today just to say hello and I'm thinking of you!!!  That would make someone's day happy.

Take care and see ya next week!!



  1. Sounds like a fun day at the casino. I'm never lucky at that stuff and the few times I've been to one I had a very small limit that once I lost it I was done

  2. People tend to forget that casinos are in business to make money. So, it is pure luck if you can win, the odds are against you from the get go, but if you have fun, that is all that matters!!!! Have a great weekend!!!