Thursday, March 30, 2017

Happy Birthday - Bedroom Remodel - Fire - No Quilting this Week!!

Hi everyone,

I want to welcome everyone back today, on the 38th Birthday of our son, Bryan!!   Here he is at our home on Christmas with his wife, Jess.  

Happy Birthday to You....................
Happy Birthday to You......................
Happy Birthday, Dear Bryan..............
Happy Birthday to Yoooooouuuuuuuuu!!!

Here is what has been happening here at Pymatuning Lake this past week.

Bernie has been home this week, company closed, lack of work, lay off!!   So we have taken advantage of his time off to do some work around the house.

We had wanted to do this remodel of our bedroom wall for quite a while and now that the boards have been made to look like reclaimed barnwood, we got to work on it this past weekend.

The walls were originally eggshell since the house was built ten years ago.  So, I wanted a more calming effect and since we both love green, I painted the walls a sage green.  

Bernie began putting up the wood.  The wood was fencing planks that were tea stained and then coated with a mixture of steel wool and vinegar that I left sit for several days so the steel wool would disintegrate.  This caused the wood to take on the barnwood effect.  Very rustic.

Here is the completed wall with our headboard put back, we were going to eliminate it, but would miss the lighting inside of it as well as the space for the TV remote, etc.  So we kept it.  I'll be making other curtains soon to match the quilt.

We each have one of these dressers that we use as bedside tables, so I just changed the hardware to reflect a more rustic look.  It had just plain wooden knobs on it before.  I was going to paint the chests, but with the oak trim in the room they pull it all together against the darkened wood wall.

Next we put up the two shelves that were cut by Bernie out of wood from one of our trees that was cut down.  I have nine coats of polyurethane on them.

I already filled my shelf up!!

.We had a more than 40 year old solid oak dresser that was outdated and so heavy that we couldn't move it easily, so we opted to get two separate dressers and this is a picture of them above.

This mirror was part of the old dresser, so Bernie made a rustic-looking wood frame and I did my barnwood process on it and it came out great.

This is the finished room.  We are both happy with how it turned out.  I don't think the pictures do it justice.

Tuesday was a rainy day, so we decided today was a good day to burn brush.  The tree guys left us all this brush last fall and we left it all winter long so the birds would have a place to hide.   Here is a great picture of the arsonist, Bernie, and the raging fire.

It really wasn't that big of a fire, it's just because I zoomed in on the above picture.

This is more of what it looked like.

And this is what it ended up like when it was just about finished and you just can't let those glowing embers just fade away and burn out when there are these to be had...........................

Baked potatoes in the hot coals of the fire.  Oh, Bryan, you would have loved these.  We had them for lunch and they were so good!  

Wednesday was quilting day and I worked on my spare bedroom civil war quilt there, but really nothing to show you.  With a clear blue sky and temps in the 50's, I took to walking a bit to get some steps on that Fitbit, and I came across some of these that I couldn't resist picking................

These ones came from my walk down the road.

And these small baby ones were from a plant that Bryan and Jess brought me last year for Easter, little mini-daffodils.  They finally bloomed so I had to pick a few of these.

Looks like Spring has finally arrived.

Today is Thursday and I'll be heading back to the senior center at 12:30, for lesson two of square dancing.  So I'll see how that goes!!

Thanks again for all the prayers for my friend, Eileen.  She is feeling a little better each day.  Please keep those prayers coming.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Talk to you next Thursday!!!



  1. Happy birthday to Bryan.
    The bedroom looks great. You guys did a good job. I like that picture with the fire background.

    1. Thanks, Ann!! I really like that fire pic too. The others are really coll, but this kne looks like he is running away after setting it. Lol

  2. Your bedroom looks great! Can't wait to see it in person. I love the fire pic ... Bernie the arsonist LOL!

  3. Love the wooden shelves, so rustic and fits in so well with the style of the room xx