Thursday, April 6, 2017

One Last Blast of Winter coming up Tomorrow

Hi Everyone!

Well the forecast says that NW PA is in for one, hopefully, last blast of winter coming in after 1 am tomorrow morning.  So far I've heard 2-4" another said only 1".  Anyway you look at it, it's snow and more than I care to see in April.  I moved into our home ten years ago on April 4th!  Can't believe it was that long ago already.  That day we got about 6" of snow!  The movers weren't happy with that at all.  Last year, on April 5th, we had 5", so I guess I should be happy with a 2-4" snow forecast.  Of course, the meteorologists are never right.  It's the only profession where you can be wrong all year long and still keep your job!!  Ha Ha!!

So with that out of the way, let's move on to more fun things.

Last Thursday, was my second square dancing lesson.  I have a new respect for those dancers!  It's not easy to listen to a caller flinging out your dancing orders and eight people trying to understand what he said over the music and remember what dance steps to do.  All in all we are all doing pretty well.  We had a few no-show people and had to fill in with others who missed the week before, but we got it all together and we left happy, sore, but well accomplished.  The next lesson is next Thursday!!

It's been a rainy week this week, so not much done outside at all.  The only really nice day we had was Monday.  I got out there to walk and did 13,662 steps, 5.97 miles in 69 minutes.  Granted, I should have racked up more steps for the length of time, but I'm not a fast walker.  I like to take a look around and bask in the sunshine and admire nature and it's creatures.  The rest of the week has been a bust due to inclement weather.

I went to quilting yesterday.  Great lunch!  We had Chicken Cordon Bleu, with peas, baked sweet potato, slice of wheat bread, and a banana for desert, milk and coffee.  Was well worth the $2.00 spent!!

Yesterday, I was to work on some bistro chair pads for a woman at the center, but she found some online so she cancelled her order.  I was actually glad to hear it because others at the center told me that she was a real stickler and really fussy about her stuff and if it wasn't absolutely what she wanted she'd be nasty.  I prayed, and he answered, the order cancelled.  That will teach me to volunteer.  Well, actually no one else stepped up to say they'd do it, guess because they knew her, so I said sure.
Anyway, I dodged that bullet.

Luckily, I took something else to work on.  By the way, I did finish the patriotic quilt, but will save pictures of that for a later, in the summer, post when I can take some nice pictures of it flying in the breeze outside.

What I worked on is a new lap size or back of the sofa type quilt called Attic Window.  I saw this one and really liked it and thought I'd give it a try.  I cut out the 10" square and 2-1/2" strips at home before going to the center and then just sewed the entire 3-1/2 hours putting it together.  I still need to put a border on it, layer the backing with the batting and quilt it, then bind it and finished.  It was a fairly easy one to do, but I really love the look.  I should have this completed by next post.

I'm not sure why I am gravitating to the brighter colors, perhaps it's because of spring and summer being upon us, or my wishful thinking that they are coming.  I love all green fabric, so of course I'd use that, but this blue is just so vibrant and with the green underside of the flowers and dragonflies, it just spoke to me!!  I love the swirls in this crisp, white fabric as well.  I think this will be just beautiful when completed.  What do you think?

I have another one of these in the works and it is peacocks, same color of blue with some peach, and of course, more green this time a sage color green.  No pictures of that one yet, I just finished cutting the pieces out and it doesn't look like much yet.

It was funny, while I was typing this a person from Active Aging called me to ask me my thoughts on the Lakeland Valley Senior Center where I go.  It was like a survey.  Of course, I had nothing bad to say except that they can stop serving us liver and onions!  Ugh!!  Gross!!

Just want to mention that Bernie and I got into a huge, craft show in Ohio with our lamps in the fall!  I'll blog about that, next week!  We need to get busy on that.  Bernie is back to work this week and Eileen is still on the mend so please keep her in your prayers.

That's all folks!!  Til next week, have a wonderful weekend.  Heard we may be in the 70's next week!!  Yippee!!


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