Thursday, February 9, 2017

Second Week of February, more snow!!! Ugh!!!

Hello Everyone,

After the other day's balmy temps, all the snow melted, well last night it began again and we got about 2" and then another 2" today, had to shovel yet again!!  That darn groundhog!!!  With that being said onto my quilting.

Yesterday, was quilting day at the center.  I began a new quilt project using patriotic material that I've had for a while.  I'm once again going to do the explosion block that I did on the Batik picnic table topper.  I really like this block.  Here is the beginning of it.  I only got the first explosion done for all the blocks yesterday and the fabric cut out for the second block that still needs sewn on.

Lots of reds, white, and blue, with some vintage looking tans too!  Love all this fabric!  We'll see how this one turns out.

On Saturday, I completed Jess and Bryan's tv table runner and I mailed it to them and they got it on Monday!  They already have it on their TV stand! 

On Monday, I completed the Batik Picnic Topper.   So keeping with my goal to finish one project a month, I have already completed three.  So I'm off to a really great start!!

At the center yesterday, we had Tuna Salad on two slices of wheat bread with lettuce and tomato.  A cup of broccoli cheese soup, and an orange.  All was really good and once again, only $2.00.

I will be attending the Valentine's Day lunch next week on Tuesday.  I won't be quilting next Wed though as I have an appointment scheduled in the morning.  So, I'll let you know all about the Valentine's Day lunch.

Around the house, I found an old comforter that I was going to throw out as it had been washed so many times that the batting inside was kind of torn about and clumpy, so I got an idea to cut it up into 16 squares/rectangles and I thought I'd sew the edges and then bind them and make pads to donate to the local Crawford County Humane Society.  I got one done this morning and then I thought, what if I go through all the trouble of making them and they don't want them.  So, I called them and they will happily take the donation from me.  So, I now have another project of sewing the other 15 of them.  I made different sizes for the dogs and cats.  Here is what I am doing with those.

I'm always happy to help out the animals.  There is also a Second Chance Thrift Store in Meadville that I donate to regularly items that I no longer want.  Everything they sell the money goes to the Humane Society.

Today is National Pizza Day, so I called Pizza Hut and since Bernie is able to come home through Conneaut Lake today, he is picking it up!!  

Other than that, nothing else new in my neck of the woods!

Everyone stay warm and see ya next Thursday!



  1. I like the colors for the new quilt project. Good idea for the comforter

  2. That's such a nice thing to do for the shelter animals.

    1. I was so glad when they said that they could use them. I have about 5 sewn thus far and have another 11 to go. Once I finish them all, then I'll take and donate them. I'm only working on getting them done now, then I'll work on another project.