Friday, April 21, 2017

A Day Late Posting - Sorry!!

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for being a day late, and I guess a dollar short is how the saying goes, but it's Friday and I've had a busy week again!

The weekend was a wonderful time.  Bryan and Jess came to our home for Easter Dinner on Saturday and we also celebrated his 38th birthday with presents and cake.  We had our traditional ham dinner with homemade potato salad, green beans and rolls.  We had a really nice visit with them and then they headed home.

Every year since Bryan was a little boy, I have hid both his and Bernie's Easter Baskets, or bags, or boxes, whatever the year brings.  So now I hide three of them, one for Jess too!  Here they are searching the house for their Easter goodies.  I have so much fun watching them.

Jess found hers second in the living room in the coffee table.

Bryan was first to find his Easter treats!!

Don't know how Bernie knew where his was?????????  He did find it behind one of the Easter cards.

The rest of the week has been a blur for me. I've been working on quilts all this week and also lamps.
I didn't have quilting this Wednesday, they were having an event day at Allegheny College in Meadville.  I chose not to participate as the very first thing on the agenda was to listen to a lengthy talk given by the Provost.  I've been in more meetings in my working career to last me a lifetime, so I refrained from attending.

I have two finishes quilt wise this month already.  I strive for one quilt finish a month, so with having at least one each month and two months of having two, I figure I'm good now through June!!  Ha Ha!!  No, I'll try to have a finish still each month.  Here are my finishes for this month.

This first quilt measures 48" x 68" and I named it "Pretty as a Peacock."  I love naming each of my quilts.  Front and back side below.  This particular design is called Attic Window.

This second quilt also measures the same at 48" x 68" and is once again an Attic Window design.  This one I'm calling Hawaiian Delight!!  Front and backsides.

I like to stitch the binding on by hand so that takes me a long time to do, but I think they came out very lovely.

My next endeavor will be for the May Baer's Corvette Annual Car Cruise in Linesville.  It is a mixed brand car cruise, we've taken the AMX there a few times when it hasn't rained, but anyway the majority of the cars are Corvettes.  I will be making one or two of these Attic Windows for the senior center using car material.  These will be raffled off during the cruise.  The senior center hosts a spaghetti dinner the same day as the cruise, so both the dinner and raffles will be a big money raiser for us.  I'll take pictures along the way for these when I begin.  We are waiting on the fabric to arrive, so I'm going to have a short window to get these done.

I'll be working on some table runners primarily from now on.  I want to make some to put under our lamps at the Shakerwoods show in October, and I plan on ramping up my lamp making skills from now on.  We have 26 lamps made and would like to do at least another 25 or more.  I'd hate to run out of them at the show.

Bernie's sister Joann is on the mend with her wrist.  Stitches out already and therapy to follow.
Eileen is preparing for her chemo upcoming the beginning of May.  Please keep both of these gals in your prayers!!

Til next week,


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