Thursday, April 27, 2017

It has been a week already? Some of this, and some of that.

Hello everyone,

I'm beginning this post on Thursday night, and I may not have it finished until sometime on Friday, so I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm gonna be late again.  Sorry.............:(

This past weekend was a celebration in Pittsburgh.  We visited Bernie's parents who celebrated their 65th Wedding Anniversary on April 19th.  We just had a little get together of their kids, us spouses, and Bryan and Jess.  It was nice to see everyone!

This week the lilacs were in bloom and my cistena plum is also blooming...........

Cistena Plum

Purple Lilac
White Lilac

This is the best year for our lilacs.  Last year the frost got to them and I only had a few blooms on the purple one.  This year they are from top to bottom.

Wednesday was a quilt day at the center.  I was to begin the corvette quilts, but the fabric wasn't here yet so it was a good thing that I took something of my own to work on.  I decided to make a king-size quilt for our bed for spring/summer.  By the time it's done it will be summer.  :)

I'm going with some fabric choices and colors that I wouldn't normally go with, but I'm starting to like it.  A bit different I must say.  It will be done in the Trip Around the World design, which is the same as the little pink quilt I made for the center a while back that they raffled off.  Here are the colors/fabric I chose.

The first thing that everyone said was why the brownish/red with palm leaves print, well if you look to the right of it you see the green palm tree with the purple/pink sky and blue water beach print?  Well, the palm tree trunks are the same color as this fabric, there are also little tiki huts of the same hues as that print.  Should be interesting.  I also chose to the right of that beach print, an Ombre print.  This will make the quilt interesting as well as you can see it goes from light purple to very dark purple.  Can't wait until I get it started.  I'm still in the process of taking one 4" strip and sewing all twelve of the different fabrics together.  I have to make six of these. Then I'll be making them into tubes and cutting 2-1/2" fabric strips.  I'll try to remember to take pics as I continue on.  So that's it for quilting.

Then comes today............Bernie has been saying his hands hurt so bad for more than a week now.  They always hurt, but not like recently.  He's been coming home from work every night and icing them down.  I know he hurts when he doesn't make it to the garage.  So, today he went to work and came home this morning in pain and swelling in both hands.  So, here is where we ended up...........the emergency room.  After X-raying both hands, he has very bad arthritis in both hands, but he also has a scaphoid fracture.  Funny part is, he doesn't know when he did it.  We won't find out more until he goes to his regular doctor tomorrow, and then he will need to see the orthopedic doctor hopefully next Tuesday. We will know then if it will be just a cast for a while or if surgery will be recommended.   So, that is it for today!  

So with that I will leave you now.  Please continue the prayers for my girlfriend, Eileen, who will begin chemo next week, to Bernie's sister, Joann, who has a fractured wrist due to a fall earlier in the month and is recovering at home from surgery, and now Bernie.

Everyone, please take care.  Til next week..................