Saturday, May 6, 2017

Quilting and This and That

Hello Everyone,

This week has been a whirlwind week for sure.  Let's start out with last weekend.

Sat and Sun were days of rest for sure.  Bernie was still laid up with his half-cast on his arm and then Monday we visited the orthopedic doc.  We have some good news!!!  His hand does not have a fracture!!  The cast was taken off, but that proved to be more painful to him than the other hand.  The doctor gave him some NSAIDs for inflammation and sent us for some blood work because he believes that Bernie's arthritis is something more than the Mom and Pop type.  We will know more after we visit the ortho doc again this coming Monday.

Tuesday was errand day and of course a rainy one.  Went to the big city, Meadville!!  That's a joke, of course.  If you blink too fast, you'll miss Meadville.  It is a place on a map though!!  Ha Ha.

Wednesday was quilting day at the center.  I wanted to be able to work on the Bair's Corvette Show quilts, but the fabric was still not in.  It was expected in the mail on Wed afternoon after I left for home, so I worked on my Purplish/Blue/Green King-size "Trip Around the World" I'm making for our home.  I got all the strips sewn and got the tubes ready to be cut then sewn again.  I have 96 of these ready to be cut.

After picking up the fabric at the center for the Bair's Show, I began working on them on Thursday evening for a few hours and again today some.  I need to have them both ready by Wednesday so the other lady can long-arm quilt them and get them back to me to be bound.  This show is on May 20th!!
Not much time.  Here is a picture of the one so far and the second picture is of the license plate fabric for the next quilt.

I wasn't actually very fond of the turquoise fabric around the cars in the top photo.  It was not 100% cotton and was a devil to keep from stretching.  This fabric was probably something that was donated to the center at some time or they bought it at Wal-Mart which in my opinion is junk fabric. It's OK to use as a backing, but not for the front topper.

So that is how far I am, guess I'll be sewing more in my sewing area tonight.

Lamp production has stopped for the time-being since Bernie is laid up!  He had two ready for me before his hands began to really hurt, so I'm stoning them.  He explained to me how to get the wiring ready for the lamps, so I prepared that by measuring the wire and stripping the ends and twisting the wires, 60 of them which is enough for 15 more lamps.  That was all on Thursday.  Here's hoping his hands get better soon.

The lilacs are already dead and now the azaleas are about to bloom and the Lilies of the Valley are in bloom.  Since we are supposed to have SNOW tonight, I thought I'd cut some and bring them in out of the cold.  We are at 45 degrees for a high today and it's rainy again.  It's been raining since Wed. night.  BUT SNOW, SERIOUSLY!!!  It is May 6th!!!!  Where is the spring that I want and need!!!

Friday was spent visiting a friend from our Red Valve days in the 70's.  He is a good friend of Bernie's as they palled around together for a long, long time back then.  He was Bernie's best man at our wedding.  Here is a picture of them together.  His name is Danny!

It seems that my prayer list is growing and that doesn't make me very happy, actually very sad.  I'm asking for prayers again for:

My girlfriend, Eileen, who began her chemo treatments on Thursday and is doing well so far.
Bernie's sister, Joann, her broken wrist is healing, thank goodness, but it's gonna be a while until it is 100% better.
Bernie, thank God that his hand wasn't broken, but his hands need to heal.
and just this week,  Danny, who is not well.

Thank you for your prayers.

Well, that is all until next week!  I'll try to post on time next Thursday.

Have a wonderful weekend.



  1. Well you have had quite the week. Glad to hear Bernie's hand wasn't broken.

  2. All are on my prayer list.