Friday, May 12, 2017

Quilting, Gardening, and a Funny Story!!!

Hello Everyone,

It's Friday and I know, I'm another day late in my posting.

Let's begin with Sunday.  So, I'll start off with a story that Fr. Chris told us at Mass.

There was an old man, his dog, and his donkey walking down a country road.
A guy in a pickup truck who was traveling very fast down this country road ran the old man, his dog, and his donkey off the road into a ditch.
The old man decided to press charges against the guy driving the truck and they were in court and the defense attorney called the old man to the stand and said to him, "This is a yes or no question, did you say after the incident that you were perfectly fine?"  The old man said, "me, my dog and my donkey were............", "No, No, No," said the defense attorney.  "I asked you to reply yes or no only to my question, let's try this again, did you say after the incident that you were perfectly fine?"  The old man again says "Me, my dog and my donkey.......,"  Now the defense attorney is extremely mad and asks the judge to please have the old man answer yes or no to the question.  The judge said what does it matter, let the old man continue on.... the defense attorney wasn't happy, but let the old man continue.  So the old man begins "Me, my dog and my donkey were walking down the road when that guy sitting there was flying down the road in his pickup truck and pushed me, my dog and my donkey into the ditch.  He got out of his truck and saw the dog was hurt and took out his rifle and shot my dog, then the driver looked at my donkey and saw that it had broken it's leg and he shot my donkey, then he looked at me and asked me if I was all right and I said,  I am PERFECTLY FINE!!!!!    Loved that story and wanted to share, sorry it was kinda long.

The lilacs are all gone, the lily of the valley are still blooming though, but the most beautiful thing in our yard are the azaleas.  The red one has been blooming for a while and the flowers are beginning to dry out, but the white one next to the house is just gorgeous!  Here are a few pictures of those...........

I haven't done any weeding yet or raking the leaves from under the bushes as it's been raining more than enough. I also need to clean out all the leaves from the volcanic rock in front of the house. I like to do this when the sun is shining and the weather somewhat warmer than in the 50's.  I'll get to it eventually.

Not sure what this bush is called, they are getting straggly, but the new growth is so pretty in red, these need cleaned out too!!  Below that are a few dianthus that just began blooming.

Macy also enjoys being out in the yard and these photos show her looking for that chipmunk that keeps running around in the yard that she sees from inside the front door.  She is always looking for them.

Lookin for that grinnie!!!
Monday, Bernie returned to the Orthopedic Dr. and the good news is that he doesn't have inflammatory arthritis!  Thank goodness for that, although he is still having pain issues and some minor swelling.  Next will be to give him a nerve test in his hands.  He's back to work though.  We stopped in Greenville and had lunch at a bar/restaurant called The Majestic.  It was pretty neat inside, they had and old chuck wagon, and Roy Roger memorabilia in a case.  Some entertainer costumes from Conneaut Lake Park from back in the band age at the Danceland Ballroom.  Their food fare was limited, but Bernie had two hotdogs, chips and a Cherokee Red, and I had a bowl of wedding soup, a chicken salad sandwich and Root Beer.  We took a couple pics of us sitting there.  You can see the wagon behind me with it's driver.  So many cool things to look at in there.  Up top middle of Bernie's picture is a tuxedo worn by a group member of the Cavaliers in 1962 who performed at Conneaut Lake Park Ballroom.  The lady working there was really nice so it was a nice place to stop.  So, if you are ever in Greenville PA, stop by there.

Tuesday, was the special Mother's Day luncheon at the center.  We had stuffed chicken, mashed garlic potatoes, carrot coins, wheat roll, strawberry shortcake and milk and coffee.  They had live entertainment, a husband and wife duo from Conneautville who I knew from being Postmaster there.  So I got to sit with them at lunch and we had a nice conversation.  She used to be the music teacher at the school and he came in everyday practically mailing out drumsticks.  He plays the accordian and she sings, plays trumpet, guitar and keyboards.  It was fun.

 Sorry, I just took it from my seat and this lady was in the forefront.  They had beautiful lilies as centerpieces.  Nice time.

Wednesday was quilting day.  I finished up the two toppers for the Corvette show and handed them over to Joannie who does the long-arm quilting on them, so I didn't take pictures as they aren't done until I get them back next Wed and then I'll have until Saturday to get them bound.  I'll take pictures of the finished products then.

So, I worked on the Trip Around the World for our summertime bedding.  I just started sewing the strips together.  It's looking something like this right now.

One of the ladies at quilting, Vern, gave me the fabric above.  She hates green, so she knew I love green and she said that the second brown fabric with lettering called "The Ledger" was something she thought I'd like and I love it as well.  More for my stash!!!

Thursday, was a day to work around the house, I had many projects on my list and I am happy to say that I accomplished everything as well as baked a white cake with chocolate icing.  I'm calling it my Mother's Day Crumble Cake.  For some reason, it fell apart in spots.  Not very pretty, but Bernie said it tastes delicious!!  I was to go back to the center for square dancing, but my allergies gave me issues, so I thought it was best to stay at home.

Today is a work around the house a bit, and catch up on some On Demand shows that I've missed three weeks of and of course,  blogging. Writing a blog takes me a while to do, about an hour to get all the pictures and wording and ideas together. What I should be doing is writing each day and then not publishing it until Thursday, maybe I'll try doing it this week and maybe then I'll get it out to you on time.

 It is a cloudy, cool, day outside, not one I want to venture out in.  I put some ravioli in the crockpot, so dinner will be ready when Bernie gets home.

That's it for this posting, please continue your prayers for Eileen, Danny, Joann and Bernie.  Prayers are very powerful and hopefully they will make a difference in each one of their days.  Thank you.

Til Next Week, take care!!



  1. Another busy week for you. Your azaleas are really pretty.
    I like the way that trip around the world quilt is looking

  2. Thanks, Ann. Yes, and today I'm outside since it is a beautiful day, finally getting those bushes cleaned out and all my weeding done. Had to take a break for a few minutes. I love the white azalea, it is so pretty, and I need to work more on the quilt, but when it's this nice outside, I'm there, not inside. :)