Thursday, May 18, 2017

Quilting Completed, Flowers Purchased, Hot Weather is Finally Here

Hello everyone,

What a beautiful day today is, the sun is shining, there is a nice warm breeze and it is 81 degrees.  There is supposed to be either some showers or a severe storm headed our way depending on which meteorologist you listen too!

Again another busy week for me, retirement is anything but relaxing, but then again, no stress with what I have to do unless you consider the deadline quilting I needed to do before today.

So let's begin with Sunday, Mother's Day.  I hope all the Mother's out there had a wonderful day.  I received flowers from Bryan and Jess on Saturday afternoon.  They are pink roses, pink large carnations and miniature bush red carnations.  Just beautiful!   A beautiful pink card as well.  Thanks again Bry and Jess!!

I have pictures and the cards that come with the flowers for every bouquet of flowers that Bryan has sent me over the years.  I take a picture,  print it out,  put the card with it and I put it under the glass on my desk, where I get to look at them every time I sit there.

Monday was a quiet day here spent playing catch up on On-Demand of my favorite few shows, NCIS, Bull, and of course Designated Survivor.  The only three shows I really ever watch, oh, except for Price is Right!!

 I'm also reading a religious book called Rediscovering Catholicism by Matthew Kelly.  They had them sitting at the back of the church to take and read, so I did.  It is quite interesting.  It talks about being a Catholic in this day and age.

Tuesday, was primary voting day here in Pennsylvania...........

and it was a day of reading, and enjoying the weather outside.  I completed cleaning out all the bushes that I began on Saturday, so now I was ready to put out the bunny statues, gazing ball, etc.
I still have two flower beds to clean out in the back yard.

Wednesday, was of course, quilt day.  I got the two Corvette Cruise in quilts back from Joannie and her long-arm fancies were sewn on there, and I had to sew the binding on the front of each of them.  Then since I'm a back hand-stitcher, I got almost one of them done there and finished yesterday afternoon and then last night spent most of the evening binding the second one.  Here are the finished quilts..............

It was such a beautiful morning that I decided to take the pictures outside as well as inside on these.  I think these "Attic Windows" turned out nice. They are both 48" x 68" and I call the red one, "Little Red Corvette" and the bottom one the "Green Machine."  These will be raffled off on Saturday and I'm going to work the show selling raffle tickets with another lady.  Should be fun!!

Today is Thursday, and I had to take the quilts to the Senior Center so they can get them ready, etc. I also had lunch with two of my former USPS clerks, Karen who worked for me in Conneautville and Vivian who worked at Andover.  It was a nice hour spent with two really great gals.  Next, I went to Linesville to Mom & Pop's Flowers, to pick up some gardening flowers and for the baskets, etc.
This lady is 85 years old, and still grows all the flowers herself, and she has everything imaginable and very affordable.  Here is what I came home with...............

 Here you can see that in the left corner  I got a lavender bush.  I, someday, plan on having only perennials planted in the ground around the house.  I have some dianthus, day lilies, lily of the valley and some other perennials that Bernie's Aunt Catherine gave to me.  I'm thinking this is the only way to go.  I was just going to buy baskets, well, you can see that didn't happen.  I like creating my own planters for the porches as well as hanging baskets.  I also got a grape tomato plant as I have never done a real garden, but I love some of those little tomatoes I pick right off my deck.  Yummmmmm!

 I got some very pretty New Guinea impatiens as well as some potato vines called "Blackies" as they are a very deep, almost purplish black vine.  Thought these would look great in a hanging basket.  Karen told me, she went to the nursery too, that if you take a sweet potato and plant it that this is what you would get.  I'm going to have to try that.  I got some green spikes for the planters I put beside the front door to give it some height.   They are at the top of the impatiens in this photo.
 Dark and Light Purple Petunias as well as white and the keep the animals away favorite of mine, Marigolds.
I had no idea what I even wanted, but it is getting near Memorial Day and I was afraid if I didn't get something that there wouldn't be anything left.  Not sure what is going where yet, but the is the fun of it.

I also got a different type of petunia called Crazytunia Moonstruck.  They look very old-fashioned and I just love them.  Here is the two colors that I got.  Aren't they just gorgeous???  Oops, got my foot in there, sorry!!!

The last picture is of  a full-sun annual plant, called Celosia.  Gosh!  It was just breath-taking and I had to have one.  I hope it gets really big and stays this pretty!  Here it is............

You can see that I got a little off track of a color scheme.  I originally wanted red and pink, but the purples were just so pretty, and the white, orange, pink, I ended up with everything except red.  I usually get red geraniums, but went with something totally different this year.  I'll have pics to show you once I get them all planted.  I need to get to Wal-mart for dirt, some mulch, etc.

Tomorrow we go back to the ortho doctor for a nerve test on Bernie's hands.  Poor guy, still is having some issues with them.  Peppermint Oil is definitely making a difference on the arthritis we both have in our hands.  Luckily mine is only in one finger.  I just take some hand cream and put four drops of the essential oil and let it soak in.  Makes a difference in the morning.

Well, that is it for this week!  Once again, my prayer chain is getting larger.  Bernie's Mom is in the hospital this week, and hoping she will be home real soon.  Also, Joann's hand is healing so she will be able to get back to her job soon.  Bernie is back to work, but hoping his hands can heal and give him some relief. Eileen and Danny both are going through Chemo, so wishing them the best!!  My cousin's husband, John, is also having Chemo, so wishing him well also.
Thank you for your continued prayers, Prayers Make a Difference!

Til Next Week.............
Have a fantastic weekend!!



  1. Pretty flowers. I suck at gardening so I dont bother with flowers.

  2. Thank you!! I love flowers, but I'm leaning more to perenials.

  3. Debbie I'm enjoying your blog and your talent with the quultmaking. They are gorgeous. Flowers are beutiful and so is your foot, lol.
    Hugs, Donna

  4. Debbie I'm enjoying your blog and your talent with the quultmaking. They are gorgeous. Flowers are beutiful and so is your foot, lol.
    Hugs, Donna