Friday, May 26, 2017

Wreath Making, Flower Planting, Vegetable Gardening

Hello Everyone,

Can't believe it is Friday already and another post is due.  Let's go through my week.

Saturday was the Bair's Corvette Cruise In Show.  I worked the booth for the Senior Center selling raffle tickets for one of the quilts I made.  Both were given away on Saturday.  I sold quite a few raffle tickets.  Bernie came over at 12:30 and we had lunch at the center which was homemade penne pasta with four meatballs, salad, 2 slices of Italian bread, ice tea or lemonade and vanilla ice cream for dessert for $6.00.  Can't beat that price and it was delicious.

Sunday we made a trip to Pittsburgh to visit Bernie's parents, Mom had just gotten released from the hospital, so it was really nice to see them and spend the morning and most of the afternoon with them.

Monday was my grocery shopping day as well as laundry day since I didn't get them done on the weekend.  I had some time to work on a lamp in the evening, finishing it up.  I still have four more downstairs to work on.

Tuesday began with me baking a cake, it is called a Quilt Cake.  Made from scratch, and then you are supposed to put blueberries and strawberries on top in a quilt pattern.  This was the first time I made the cake, so I figured I better try it out on Bernie before I make one for my quilting lady friends.  I didn't put the berries on it for us to try, I just sprinkled them on before we ate it.  Here is a picture of what it is supposed to look like all completed...........It was on the cover of the most recent "Country Woman" magazine.

Here is what mine looked like....and it passed the test.........we both loved it!!!

After the cake was complete, I began working on the flowers I purchased last Thursday.  I began by planting some for the deck, front porch, and side porch................

Deck - Crazytunia's


Front porch

Front porch - getting ready for Memorial Day

Side porch
This is a bicycle basket that I've had for years and never put it on my bike.  I had thought that I could ride the pups around in it but it never materialized.  So I thought, I'd put a coco mat in it and then fill it with flowers and hang it on the railing on the porch, well since I have a patriotic banner there for Memorial Day, it will have to wait until it's over, then I can move it.

Potted petunias, guess I went overboard on them this year.  :)

Two hanging baskets of petunias ready to put on the shepard's hooks in the yard.

Since I've never done a real garden before, I've only done a tomato plant on the deck, I decided to try not only a grape tomato plant, but also two containers of green beans and one of lettuce.

Green container has some green bean seeds in it and the other is my grape tomato.

Here we have closest green beans and farthest lettuce.  We shall see as we have a baby bunny living under our deck and I'm sure he will love the petunia as well as the lettuce.

Wednesday was quilting day, but I've decided to do something different there.  I have two red/white/blue fabric wreaths that I got last year and never made, so I decided that I should work on those.  It is merely strips cut and then you simply tie them on a wreath form.  Here is a picture............

Here is the one on our front door and the other I'm giving to Bryan and Jess tomorrow when they come for a visit.

Thursday we ate dinner out at the Greenville Perkins.  I had a 20% off coupons,  SWEET!!!  Bernie just had a hamburger and fries which he said was really good.  I had grilled chicken over rice with a white vinaigrette dressing with steamed asparagus!!  It was wonderful!!  We came home and had a piece of cake for dessert.

Since, I didn't get this out yesterday, it is now Friday afternoon.  Today, I went to the Big City of Meadville.  I had a few birthday coupons to use up before the end of the month.  One from Peebles, $20 off, so I picked up a pair of Sketchers slip-on white tennis shoes that are oh, so comfy!!

So that is about it for this week.  Please keep our friends and family members in your prayers!

Til Next Week, Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!!



  1. Love the wreath. I bought some fabric to make one. We'll see how it turns ouy. Hope you have a great birthday

  2. Thank you, Ann, for the gift bag. I am waiting to open it. I sincerely appreciate your friendship. The wreath was so easy to make. I bought them at Fox's last year. Just glad to have another finish for the month.