Friday, June 2, 2017

Birthday, Gardening, and Whatever else I can think of.

Hello Everyone,

It is a beautiful Friday morning!  The sun is shining, a bit cool, but oh, so pretty.  Lucky me, I get to get out the Dart and take it for inspection.  I usually drive the Chevy Pickup, I love bigger vehicles and love to sit above all the cars, but the Dart is economical for trips to Pittsburgh, etc.  So that is why I have it.  It doesn't get driven all winter and really not that much at all anytime.  They always look at me funny when I bring it in for inspection and they usually laugh since I don't put any miles on it.  So, I guess I'll get laughed at again!  I think I'll tell them that if they would like my low mileage my Dart that I'll trade it even-up on one of those brandy new Corvette's in the showroom :))   That will make me laugh......
So, I'll be typing fast to get this out before I have to leave for my appt.

Last Saturday, we celebrated my 61st birthday.  As my sister says, "It's only a number."  So, I figured I may as well tell you what that number is since it means absolutely nothing.  My birthday wasn't actually until Monday, Memorial Day, but the kids (Bryan and Jess) came up early for a celebration.  They took us out to dinner at Russell's Restaurant, as most places even to get to by car would have been impossible due to the tourist traffic.  We had a nice dinner and then came home for some birthday cake and opening of presents.  It was a wonderful day and went by too, too quickly.  Here is a birthday pic!  I don't look much older from last year!  Ha Ha.

Sunday, was a quiet day as well as Monday, Memorial Day!  We stayed at home and watched old war movies.  Bill called me for my birthday and I had so many good wishes on Facebook and Messenger from family as well as former co-workers, and friends from high school days.  It was a nice day!

Tuesday, was spent cleaning out closets and getting things ready to donate to the local animal shelter thrift store. I tried the yard sale thing a few years ago and wasted an entire day for pennies.  Donating is best.   I think at my age, I'm getting away from wanting to dust all the time, so lots of that kind of stuff has to go.  I did a fairly good job, but could have done much better.  I also baked the quilt cake from scratch for the quilting girls at the center.  Here it is.................

 It somewhat resembled the magazine cover.
Everyone really liked the cake, so it was a winner!!!

Wednesday, was quilting at the center and I took the purplish, blue, green Trip Around the World that I have been working on there and added more rows.  I am more than half way done with a half of it.  Unlike the Corvette quilts I made, this one takes a lot more time to pin on each row and make sure they are lining up properly and if not, re-adjusting it so it does and then sewing it on.  I'll be working on this for a while.  I haven't worked on any lamps, although I have four waiting in the wings.  I did work in the yard a bit as I bought two delphiniums to plant beside the shed.  I said I wanted more perennials, and figured this will help fill in spaces and I won't have to worry about planting so much each year.  My hopes are to have all perennials within the next few years.

Purple One

Purple Delphinium and some Marigolds to hopefully keep the chipmunks out of the dirt.

This is a more bluish/white one.  I'll have to see better when it opens up more.

Thursday, was a horrible day!!  I had things to do and got out of bed with a stiff neck.  Pains actually running down my neck into my shoulder.  OK, so maybe that 61 number that isn't supposed to mean anything, does mean something!!!  I spent all day in pain and I had a hair appt that I couldn't cancel because I had already cancelled it once before, so I went.  I had to tell her to be gentle.  I survived that and a trip to the bank, post office, got gas, went to Sparkle grocery store for a few things and then made it back home.  It's tough to drive when you have to move your whole body to look to the right before you pull out.  It's so much easier when your neck turns that direction.  When I got home, I put heat on it and then Biofreezed it to death.  The best part is that Bernie bought me a new pillow for my birthday among other things, but I'm always complaining about pillows.  I should have immediately opened it up and put it on the bed, but I didn't.  Had I done so, I might not have woke up in pain.  So the new pillow went on last night, and this morning it doesn't hurt as bad, but still woke up in pain a few times during the night.  I'm going to baby this thing today and get this better.

Well, I thought that I would get this out before I had to leave, but I'm too winded and that didn't happen.  So now it is about 2:00 and I made it back from inspection with flying colors.  The gal who scheduled me in went out to check the odometer, and came in and said you hardly have any miles on that Dart.  "Yes, I know."  After, the inspection she proceeded to tell me that I still had just about all the tread on my tires, so they were really good, and my brakes were excellent, and said I needed nothing but the inspection!!  Yes, exactly what I like to hear!!!  After that was over, I stopped at Wal-Mart, my least favorite store in the world, for a few items and then got the heck outta there!!  Had a nice drive back home.  Oh, by the way, I did check the price on that Corvette Convertible in the showroom, it is only $92,900!!   Let's see, how many Dodge Darts could I have bought with that?????

Please continue your prayers for Eileen and Danny.  Eileen had her second chemo and is doing quite well and Danny has been making some real progress of late.  Bernie's hands still hurt, but he's hanging in there. Joann is now healed from her fall and Bernie's Mom is doing well.

That's it for this week!  Everyone have a very good first week of June!  Enjoy your weekend.  There will be much happening again this coming week.  Take care everyone!!


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