Thursday, June 8, 2017

June 8th Posting - A few things to talk about this week, not much though............

Hi everyone,

Saturday was a stay-at-home kind of day and it was a nice day weather wise as well.

Sunday was a trip down to Pittsburgh to visit Bernie's parents.  It was a decent drive down, not too, too many cars on I-79 south, but coming back it rained hard quite a bit of the way.  We enjoyed pizza and a hoagie for lunch with them.

Monday and Tuesday were days to do things around the house.   I did get my walking in both days. Both days had rain in the forecast.  Tuesday night I worked a bit on finishing the first half of the Trip Around the World King-size quilt I'm making for our bed for summertime and a few other projects I was working on.

Wednesday was quilting day at the Center and I took the second half of the Trip Around the World quilt there to work on.  Joannie helped me figure out why it was taking so long, welllllllllllllllll,
being the perfectionist that I am, I was pinning each strip on with several pins, she told me that is why it was taking so long.  I pleaded my case about wanting to be sure the seams were perfect and I lost my case to her.  She said I'd be forever doing it that way.  So, she showed me how to pin the top edge, then the bottom edge, stretch the ends and find my center and pin it.  So, only three pins.  Then once it was in the machine at the one end sew a few stitches and go to the middle pin and pull it, find the center of that and hold it with my hand making sure the seams were where they were supposed to be and sew to my fingers!  OMG, this made it so easy.  I worked on it there for two and one-half hours.

Thursday, today!!  It was a pretty day today, sunshine and warmer temps after getting down to 48 last night.  Right now the clouds are coming in, so probably more rain is coming.

I went down to my sewing area a little while ago and finished putting all the strips together, so that I had two identical halves, and then I sewed the two halves together to get this................

Topper without the framing border or border put on.

Colors are vibrant, something I usually don't do.

The fabric to the left of the gold fern was my inspiration fabric, it is a beach scene with tiki huts in gold and palm trees, etc.

I'm loving it so far, now to get some borders picked out and get them on it.  I will then be ready to put some batting and backing on it and get it quilted.  I want to try free-motion, but will need to take a look at it on you tube to see how to do this.

Next, is how is my garden growing??????  Here you can see my lone tomato is doing well and the green pot has a few green beans poking through.  I Miracle Growed them last night and I also have been sprinkling cayenne pepper and garlic powder on them to keep those pesky chipmunks out.  So far it is working, Knock on Wood!!

My beans in the square container are up pretty high and the container to the right is the lettuce.  This is my first attempt at gardening something other than a tomato.  So, wish me luck!!!

Tomorrow is our 40th Wedding Anniversary.  Wow!  Where did the time go!  Hope it is a pretty day as it was the day we were married way back in 1977!!  Here is a flashback Thursday, pic!

Please continue your prayers for our friends, Eileen and Danny, both who are battling cancer.

We had a visitor the other night, Danny, was visiting his relatives nearby and stopped by to visit with Bernie.  He looked fantastic.  He gained 30 lbs back and is doing really well.  Praying he continues to improve and kicks this cancer once and for all.  Prayers do work!

Eileen asked for postcards when her friends go on vacation or even if they stay home with the words "Let's Kick This" on them.  So, she told me I was her first postcard, I sent her a beautiful Pymatuning Sunset!  She is going to collect them to see how many states she can get them from.  If you'd like to send her one, please email me.  Sending her positive thoughts and prayers always!!

Bernie's hands are still hurting, so it is day-by-day.   Praying for him to feel better as well.

Everyone take care until next week.............................


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