Friday, June 16, 2017

We've hit 90 degrees this week - Whew!!!!

Hello everyone,

I'm a little late posting this week, but really not much going on here in NW PA, my neck of the woods!!

We have finally hit the 90s, temps this week were in the 90s most days and today was no exception.  One day we were at 98 degrees!!  It is hot, but at least the humidity hasn't kicked in yet like it does in the dog days of August.

This week really hasn't been a busy one relatively speaking.  I have primarily been working on lamps this week.  I have four that need to have stones put on and I've been working on that.  I did four sides today and that takes me a good while.

On Tuesday, I went to the center for the Father's Day lunch!  It wasn't any good this time.  I swear it is the first time I had a bad lunch.  They were serving Roast beef sandwich with gravy, mashed potatoes and gravy, carrots, German chocolate cake, milk and coffee.  Our meals come from Meadville via New York somewhere, anyway whoever was responsible for cutting the roast beef cut it wrong and it was as tough as shoe leather.  Needless to say, I didn't eat it!  Glad we had mashed potatoes, because those were good.  Mashed potatoes is one of my favorite side dishes!!  When I moved up here before Bernie came and the house was built, I lived in that little motel in Linesville for six months.  Since I only had a microwave, once a week I would go to the Spillway Inn to get mashed potatoes and gravy to go!  They used to see me coming and knew what I wanted.  Ha Ha!!
Anyway, they had a local radio DJ there for a stand-up comedy show and he was terrible.  Just about as terrible as his radio show!!  I did win a $20 gift certificate for Lakeside Beer Distributor in Conneaut Lake, so we'll have to go over there to see what we can get!

On Wednesday, I went back to the center for quilting and this time the meal was great!!  No complaints.  We told the director that we should have had that meal the day before.  I was going to work on some tablerunners for the Oct. craft show, but ended up helping Joannie work on some quilts for the Octoberfest!  So, I began working on some Christmas explosion blocks and these will be sold at the fest in Meadville.  No pictures of any of it though.  Didn't even think about it.  I didn't take my big quilt because it is actually too big for me to work on there now.  I noticed on the board at the center that I have been nominated for the Senior Center Council.  Not sure what that means exactly, and not sure who nominated me.  They are voting on the 19th, so who knows what will happen.  I'm not voting!!!

Yesterday I went to Greenville to Wal-Mart, Tractor Supply, Aldi's and to the vet to pick up more of Macy's flea and tick meds.

Today, I worked on lamps some more and I also got the first border put on the quilt.  I also went outside and saw the first Baltimore Oriole of the season!  I don't think we saw any the past couple years, but tonight it was flying all over the place outside.  You can see him there in the tree!!  So beautiful!!  The bluebird was flying around near him as well.

I walked down into the yard to take this picture and found a couple other things new today!!  This flower was beside a pine tree, not sure if it is a weed or something that blew there and now is growing.

Also, my lily came out.  First one of this type for the season.

That is about all the pictures that I have for this week, and that is about the week in review.

Hopefully, next week I will have more to write about.

Prayers for our friends, Danny and Eileen!  Also, Bernie's cousin, Julie, who had heart surgery this past Monday and she was supposed to come home already today!  The wonders of modern day medicine!!

Take care!


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